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Lost Manuals

Has this happened to you? You want to use your old record player after a long time. And now it's broken, nothing works. What are you doing now? Maybe only a little thing is broken. But without a guide you can find no error. Perhaps there is a hint in the manual. Or you had a wiring diagram for the unit? But now you can't find any manuals. The unit is very old, the manufacturer no longer exists. Where can you get help?
Lost-manuals.com tries to help you. We have a large selection of different manuals. You can download your lost manuals for your equipment. And you can help us to complete our archive. If you have instructions you can easily upload them to lost-manuals.com.

Interesting Manuals

Hitachi -- VT-F660E(U KN)(N AV)
Video cassette recorder

Kenwood -- KR-7060

Racal -- 9082

INTRODUCTION 1.1 The 9081 and 9082 are synthesized signal generators designed primarily for the testing of radio communications equipment. Although providing the precision of a synthesizer system locked to a high-stability frequency standard they retain the versatility of analogue-type tuning. RF TUNING 1.2 A major feature of the instruments is their 'single-knob' tuning allied to a channelized mode of operation. This enables the instruments to be tuned in steps according to ...

Tensai -- TVR-202
Video cassette recorder

Weinmann -- MODUL CapnoVol WM 22440

MODUL CapnoVol is a device for measuring respiratory parameters on exhalation. The following are shown as figures: • tidal volume (TVe) • minute volume (MVe) • respiratory frequency (AF) • ratio of inspiration to exhalation (I:E) • carbon dioxide concentration at the end of exhalation (etCO2) The following is shown in the form of a graph: • current carbon dioxide concentration (capnogram). MODUL CapnoVol can be used in a permanent location or on a mobile basi ...

Kenwood -- TS-690S

Overview The TS-450S/690S series consists of the following models: • TS-450S with AT (For HF) - TS-450S without AT (For HF) • TS-690S without AT (For HF plus 50-MHz band) (An optional AT can be built in.) The receive frequency range is 100kHz to 40MHz for the TS-450S, and 100kHz to 60MHz for the TS-690S. (For the performance guarantee range, see the ratings.) The local oscillator system uses a DDS (direct digital synthesizer) with a 1 Hz resolution and the stability of ...