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Lost Manuals

Has this happened to you? You want to use your old record player after a long time. And now it's broken, nothing works. What are you doing now? Maybe only a little thing is broken. But without a guide you can find no error. Perhaps there is a hint in the manual. Or you had a wiring diagram for the unit? But now you can't find any manuals. The unit is very old, the manufacturer no longer exists. Where can you get help?
Lost-manuals.com tries to help you. We have a large selection of different manuals. You can download your lost manuals for your equipment. And you can help us to complete our archive. If you have instructions you can easily upload them to lost-manuals.com.

Interesting Manuals

Grundig -- Chassis CUC 2080 N

Mitsubishi -- CQ-JB6160L
Car Radio

FEATUERS • PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. • 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) • FM One-tuner diversity. • Electronic control of power and sound. • 4ch × 3 points Fix-Equalizer. • CD random, repeat function. • CD-CH, MD-CH control.

Philips -- City Line Barcelona FC8402
Vacuum cleaner

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Electronic controled motor rpm - Cordwinder build-in with flat cord - Dustbag-full indicator in dustcover - This product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. - After the product has been repaired, it should function properly and has to meet the safety requirements as officially laid down at this moment.

Aeroflex -- IFR 2968
Test Set

Philips -- Fan Heater de Luxe HD 3522/A
Fan heater

Hewlett Packard -- 620B

DESCRIPTION. 1-2. The Hewlett-Packard Models 618C/620B SHF Signal Generators (Figure 1-1) provide RF signal output in the frequency ranges of 3800 to 7600 MHz, and 7000 to 11,000 MHz respectively. At least 1-mW power output is available over the entire frequency range. The output frequency is indicated on a direct-reading dial. The RF output power is adjustable by an attenuator that is calibrated in µV and dB. 1-3. Five types of modulation are available: internal pulse modulation, ...