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Kenwood -- TH-55AT

Hewlett Packard -- 5383A

The HP Model 5383A is a direct-counting frequency counter that has a range of 10 Hz to 512 MHz. Nine display digits provide a resolution of one Hz per second for inputs up to 512 MHz. Front panel controls allow a selection of gate times, input impedances, and attenuators. A rear panel connector and associated selector switch allow either an external time base oscillator input, or monitoring of the internal time base oscillator. When the optional temperature compensated crystal oscillator ...

Ricoh -- JP730

Whirlpool -- ADP 553 WH
Dish washer

Dimension Height 85.0 cm + 1.5 Width 59.8 cm Depth 57.0 cm Weight 56 kg Succession of programs Programs see program diagram Succession P300 Prewash P304 Eco 50° P303 Normal 50° P302 Daily 65° P301 Intensive 65° Datas Energy Label Energy Performance B Cleaning Performance C Drying Performance D Reference program P304 Eco 50° Specification/ PI-Expression Program Eco 50°C Water consumtion 17 l Energy consumption 1.42-1.34 kWh Program duration ~ 80 min Noise level - with ...

Emtron -- DX-3

The Emtron DX-3 Linear Amplifier is a 3000 watt average output power, for the 160m through 10m amateur bands (9 bands), housed in a desk-top cabinet with self-contained power supply and cooling system. It utilises a single high performance tetrode, type GU78B (4CX3000A), a ceramic metal tube with a plate dissipation of 2500W. The tube is air cooled by a commercial grade forced air turbine blower system under the chassis and a computer type fan sucking air and positioned above the tube. Both ...

Polaroid -- FXX-321C