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The Gramophone Company Ltd. -- S5
Car Radio

Philips -- PM 3067

Icom -- IC-2350H

Tektronix -- TDS 640A

The TDS 620A, 640A, & 644A are portable, four-channeldigitizing oscilloscopes suitable for use in a variety of test and measurement applications and systems. Key features include: • A maximum digitizing rate of 2 GS/s on each of the full-featured channels (four on the TDS 640A and 644A, two on the TDS 620A) simultaneously with an analog bandwidth of 500 MHz. • Four input channels, each with 8-bit vertical resolution, and each with a record length of 2,000 samples and 8-bit ...

Siemens -- C35
Mobile phone

Angelantoni Industrie -- 550 SH