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Sony -- KP-57WS500

Technics -- SU-VX820

Schlumberger -- 7140
Digital multimeter

INTRODUCTION The 7140 Digital Multimeter (DMM) combines the advantages of a compact and versatile multimeter with the precision and convenience of a digital instrument. Automatic range selection and polarity decision give rapid readings. The complete absence of range switching enables the user to concentrate on the task in hand and apart from selecting the actual measurement mode required all other measurement decisions are undertaken automatically, so reducing the risk of damage ...

Datron Instruments -- 4808

The Datron Models 4800, 4805 and 4808 are high-precision Multifunction Calibrators which feature exceptionally high stability and full systems capability. They are characterized by wide-range coverage of DC Voltage, AC Voltage, DC Current, AC Current and Resistance functions in a single unit. The 4800 and 4808 calibrators consist of a mainframe to which various output options may be added. The 4808 has a higher specification them the 4800 and has an additional AC Voltage 'Spot Fr ...

Sencore -- TC28
Test Set

Numerous solid-state devices are finding increasing application in television and other home entertainment equipment. These devices are also being used in conjunction with a multitude of tube types to produce the hybrid sets. To be effective in the field service of these units, the service technician is faced with transporting a rather cumbersome and costly array of test equipment. The Sencore engineering staff is aware of the problems and needs encountered in the service industry. I ...

Icom -- IC-475A