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Sony -- HCD-BX6AV
Audio system

Rigol Technologies Inc. -- VS5000

RIGOL VS5000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes offer good waveform view and measurements in a compact, lightweight package. VS5000 series are ideal for production test, field service, research and design and all of the applications involving analog circuits test and troubleshooting, as well as education and training. Product features: Dual Channel, Bandwidth: 200MHz (VS5202, VS5202D) 100MHz (VS5102, VS5102D) 60MHz (VS5062, VS5062D) 40MHz (VS5042, VS5042D) 25MHz (VS5022, VS5022D) A true ...

Fluke -- 8520A
Digital multimeter

THE 8520A DIGITAL MULTIMETER The John Fluke Model 8520A Digital Multimeter is designed for use in an automated test system or as an independent device. The 5~lA digit instrument can be operated locally from the front panel or remotely via an IEEE-488 1978 interface. The 8520A can directly measure dc, ac, and ac+dc voltage; resistance (both 2 and 4 wire); and conductance (the reciprocal of resistance). While the range of measurement can be manually selected, air functions except conduc ...

Quadtech Inc. -- Guardian 5000

The Guardian 5000 Safety Analyzer combines four critical safety tests into a single instrument, these being AC hipot, DC hipot, insulation resistance measurements and ground continuity test. The hipot test can be programmed over a voltage range of 0.1 to 5KV AC and 0.5 to 6KV DC with a min/max leakage current detection range of 300μA to 40mA AC and 20mA DC. Insulation resistance measurements are possible to 10GΩ at programmable DC test voltages between 100 and 1000V. A ground contin ...

Icom -- IC-2iA

Panasonic -- DMC-TZ3EF
Digital camera