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Kyocera -- FS−5800c

Hewlett Packard -- 140B

The HP Model 140B is a general purpose plug-in Oscilloscope. The deflection amplifiers are of the plug-in type and the Oscilloscope contains only the power supply, calibration, and CRT circuits. The plug-in amplifiers operate directly into the CRT, therefore the Oscilloscope characteristics depend upon the plug-ins used. Presently available plug-ins make possible high sensitivity, wide bandwidth, and single, dual, or four trace measurements in combination with normal, single, or delayed ...

Cornell Dubilier Electronics -- AR-22-220

The control unit was designed with one knob control for easy and simple operation. A 360° rotation of the knob on the control unit corresponds to a complete rotation (360°) of the antenna. The end of rotation on the knob corresponds to the end of rotation on the Rotor. The knob will rotate 360° between ends of rotation and can be set in any of the 60 positions on the control unit dial, each representing 6° rotation of the antenna. When turning the knob thru an angle greater than ...

Mitsubishi -- WD-60738

SPECIFICATIONS • Power Input : AC 120V, 60Hz • Light Engine : DLP™ (1080p) • Light Source : 156W • Antenna Input : RF 75Ω unbalanced • Tuning : NTSC/ATSC/QAM : Analog Cable - 1~125 Digital Cable - 1~135 • Speakers : 10W x 2 (V43C, V43, V43+) : 2W x 16 (V43++) • Analog Input : Composite/Component Level (RCA Type) Y/Video: 1.0 Vp-p, Cr, Cb: 700mVp-p 75Ω unbalanced : AUDIO IN JACK (RCA Type) -4.7dBm 43kΩ unbalanced • Analog Output : AUDIO / SUBWOOFER OUT JACK L ...

Bose -- 1600VI

The Bose Model 1600VI Professional Stereo Power Amplifier is a two-channel, installed/portable amplifier made for professional sound applications. The 1600VI is rated at 240 Watts into 8 Ohms and 325 Watts into 4 Ohms. In the bridged-mono setting it can deliver 700 Watts.

Brüel & Kjær -- 2706

The Power Amplifier Type 2706 has been designed to drive small vibration exciters, particularly the B & K Vibration Exciter Type 4809. By switching to the 1.8 Amp. RMS output current limit, it is possible to drive the Mini Shaker Type 4810 safely at fu(I rating. Power capacity of Type 2706 is 75 VA into a 3 0, load. The overall votage gain is 40 dB, and input attenuators allow to adjust the level at a desired value when no level adjustment is available on the signal source, which m ...