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Philips -- EXP325
CD player

Samsung -- SP-420
Audio system

Sansui -- AU-G77X

Whirlpool -- ADP 941 WH
Dish washer

Dimension Height 85,0 cm Width 59,5 cm Depth 60,0 cm Weight 56,7 kg Decor plate Thicknes max. 4 mm Width 584 mm Height 595 mm Weight max. 1,8 kg Specification (normal program) Capacity 12 standard setting pl. Water consumption 22 l Energy consumption 1,5 kWh Program time ~ 82 min Noise level 52 db (A) Detergent consumption 25 ml Salt consumption by 21° dh <20 g Hot water connect. up to 60 °C Alarms Refill rinse aid Refill salt Program information Start indicator Ne ...

Marantz -- 2216

Philips -- HX5251
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Smartimer Automatically sets the brushing time to 2 minutes. After these 2 minutes the product switches off automatically. If you wish to pause, or stop brushing during the 2- minute cycle, press the on/off button. When you press the on/off button again, the Smartimer will pick up where you left off. - Easy-start The brushing power will gently increase to full power over the first 12 brushings. The Easy-start feature is active if you hear 2 beeps immediately ...