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Philips -- HP 4812
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 110V, 220V, 230 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1000 Watts Attachment : Styling nozzle Settings : 2 heat speed settings Cord length : 1.50 meter Colors : Housing : green Nozzle : green Automatic overheating : If the product is overheated, the automatic overheating protection device protecting device switches off the product automatically. After it has cooled down for a few minutes, the hair dryer can be used.

Tektronix -- DM 501
Digital multimeter

The DM 501 Digital Multimeter measures DC and AC voltage and current, resistance and temperature. The AC functions respond to average values, and display RMS values. A single front-panel control selects all functions and ranges. A push button selects front panel input or rear interface connector input. Temperature measurements are made using a TEKTRONIX P6058 Probe (Part No. 010-0260-00) or other suitable sensing devices. Option 1 instruments are shipped without the P6058 probe. Front- p ...

Fluke -- 410B
Power supply

The Fluke Model 410B High Voltage DC Power Supply is capable of providing an output of 0 to 10, 000 vdc at 0 to 10 milliamperes. The output voltage is selected by four decade switches and a vernier potentiometer. The instrument may be operated with either positive or negative output terminal grounded, as selected by a front-panel switch. Overcurrent protection is provided to return the supply to standby operation in the event of excessive load current. 1-4. The Model 410B is a hybrid des ...

CBS Laboratories -- Audimax III S

The new solid-state Audimax III, Model 444, like its companion piece, Volumax is a tool to help the broadcaster achieve maximum program power within appropriate modulation limits. Incorporating all of the features of its famous predecessor, the Audimax III also provides additional gain and versatility. Designed for use wherever high quality automatic gain riding is required Audimax ITT offers a unique method of audio control for AM, FM, and 'IV Broadcasting, recording, motion pictur ...

Icom -- IC-281A