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Icom -- IC-F3GS

Supports multiple signalling and flexible selective calling CTCSS/DTCS encoder/decoder, and DTMF, 2/5-tone encoder with user programmable CTCSS, DTCS capabilities, are built-in. The optional UT-96’ (for 2/5- tone), or UT-108’ (for DTMF) allows decode with ANI functions. In addition, special tone code, for group, and individual calls, and more features are available to support flexible, perfect selective calling operations, • 7-digit code can be used as the 5-tone · Direct individu ...

Datron Instruments -- 1061A
Digital multimeter

The Datron 1061, 1061A and 1071 AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring instruments featuring exceptionally high stability and systems capability. The basic instrument provides full DC measurement capability, computation facilities, self check routines and calibration memory. In the AUTOCAL 1061A, operation of the Input Filter key extends the display to 6½ digits to provide extra resolution to 100nV.

Philips -- HP 4842
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 230 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1600 Watts Attachment : Styling nozzle Settings : 3 Cord length : 1.8 metres Colours : Housing : Sea fog purple Attachment : Pastel Parchament Features : Hanging loop

Philips Medical Systems -- SureSigns VM Series
Monitoring System

The SureSignsTM VM4, VM6, and VM8 Patient monitors are for monitoring, recording and alarming of multiple physiological parameters of adults, pediatrics, and neonates in healthcare environments. Additionally, the monitor is intended for use in transport situations within a healthcare facility. The monitors come with several configurations and optional features. Major features include: • Battery operation for portability • 8.4” or 10.4” color screens • A navigation whee ...

Knight-Kit -- RF-Probe

The KNIGHT RF Probe extends the working range of a VTVM to 250 megacycles. A multiple purpose head permits the probe to be used for both RF and DC measurements by merely rotating the head of the probe. The probe is shielded and the connecting cable is flexible and shielded.

Singer -- 11w4
Sewing machine