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Pentax -- MZ-3 Quartz Date 27370

Osker Block -- SWR-200

The SWR-200 is an easy to use and high sensitive standing wave ratio and power meter for practical use by radio amateurs. It is designed for measuring the forward and reflected power of standing waves caused between a transmitter and an antenna and also monitoring the impedance matching of an antenna for a transmission line. The two meters balanced mechanically and electrically, one for the forward power and the other for the reflected one, read the standing wave ratio directly without ...

Canon -- A-1

Grundig -- XENTIA 55 ST 55 – 400 NIC/DOLBY

Tektronix -- TCPA300

The TCPA300 and TCPA400 current probe amplifiers let you use one probe to simultaneously measure AC and DC current. The amplifiers convert the sensed current into a proportional voltage signal that you can measure directly with an oscilloscope. The TCPA300 and TCPA400 current probe amplifiers provide better linearity than other current measurement systems because of a current feedback process used with the probe. DC measurement capability and high bandwidth allow the amplifiers to accuratel ...

Saba -- Chassis FF086