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Schiller Medical SA -- FRED Easy

Device operation FRED easy® is a battery-operated semiautomatic defibrillator that provides biphasic defibrillation pulses. Defibrillation takes place by means of single-use adhesive electrodes through which the ECG signals required for the analysis are also collected. Adhesive electrodes are available for children and adults. The device recognises the type of electrode applied and selects the defibrillation energy values accordingly. The user is provided with written and audio instruc ...

Philips -- Essence II HD7632/01
Coffee machine

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 100 V, 120 V, 220 - 240 V Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1400 W Coloursetting : White / vapour dusk Contents : 1200 cc

Marconi -- 2022D

FEATURES The 2022D is a light-weight synthesized signal generator having a frequency range of 10 kHz to 1 GHz and providing comprehensive amplitude, frequency and phase modulation facilities with an RF output level range of -127 dBm to +13 dBm. It is designed to cover a wide range of RF applications in development, production and maintenance. Output frequency is phase locked to an internal or external frequency standard and frequencies up to 100 MHz can be set to a resolution of 10 Hz, ...

JVC -- PC-55LD
Radio cassette recorder

Philips -- Maxi Cucina HD7536/54
Coffee machine

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Voltage : 120 V - Frequency : 60 Hz - Power consumption : 1025 W - Contents jug : 1800 cc - Coloursetting : White - Filter size : 1 x 4 - Thermostat switch-off temp : 162 °C - Fuse cut-off temp : 240 °C - SAP coding : HD7536/54

Angelantoni Industrie -- CHALLENGE

The inner chamber is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and is welded to make it steamproof. The external structure and the base of the chamber are made of epoxy-painted steel. The chamber is insulated with special CFC-free polymer- ized polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/cu.m. The door has a heated inspection hatch; the inner surface is made of stainless steel, the external surface is made of shockproof plastic. The chamber is lit by an incandescent lamp on the ceiling. Each ch ...