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Okidata -- Okipage 18

Sony -- CDX-CA900
Car CD Tuner

CD player section Signal-to-noise ratio 90 dB Frequency response 10 – 20,000 Hz Wow and flutter Below measurable limit Tuner section FM Tuning range 87.5 – 107.9 MHz (US, Canadian Model) 87.5 – 108.0 MHz (E Model) Antenna terminal External antenna connector Intermediate frequency 10.7 MHz/450 kHz Usable sensitivity 8 dBf Selectivity 75 dB at 400 kHz Signal-to-noise ratio 66 dB (stereo), 72 dB (mono) Harmonic distortion at 1 kHz 0.6% (stereo), 0.3% (mono) Separation 35 dB a ...

Siemens -- S2588
Mobile phone

Wiltron -- 6609A

The 6600A Series (Figure 1-1) is a family of microprocessor-based, pushbutton-controlled, GPIB-capable, broadband signal sources that generate swept and CW frequencies from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. This ever-expanding family of sweepers presently consists of 29 models. These 29 models are divided into single-band and multiband sweep generators, depending upon the number of internal bands used for frequency-range coverage. Singleband models use one YIG oscillator to span their range, whereas mul ...

Sony -- CCD-TR315E
Video camera

Video camera recorder System Video recording system 2 Rotary heads Helical scanning FM system Audio recording system Rotary heads, FM system Video signal PAL color, CCIR standards Usable cassette 8mm video format cassette CCD-TR315E/TR415E/TR425E CCD-TRV16E/TRV26E/TRV27E/ TRV27EP : standard 8 CCD-TR515E/TR516E/TR713E CCD-TRV36E/TRV46E : Hi8 Recording / Playback time (using 90 min. cassette) SP mode: 1 hour and 30 minutes LP mode: 3 hours Fastforward/rewind time (using 90 min ...

Wandel & Goltermann -- SPM-12
Level Meter

Der Pegelmesser SPM-12 ist ein Überlagerungsempfänger mit hoher Eingangsempfindlichkeit und großer Pegelmeßgenauigkeit. Sein Frequenzbereich erstreckt sich von 200 Hz bis 4,5 MHz so daß Messungen im Niederfrequenz-Kanal und an Trägerfrequenz-Systemen einschließlich V 960 möglich sind. Das Gerät eignet sich für breitbandige und selektive Pegelmessungen, sowie aufgrund seiner hohen Eigenklirrdämpfung auch für Klirrmessungen oder zur Analyse von Frequenzspektren. Die Standardau ...