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Philips -- HP 4813
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 110V, 220V, 230 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1200 Watts Attachment : Styling nozzle Settings : 2 heat speed settings Cord length : 1.50 meter Colors : Housing : Ocean blue Nozzle : Ocean blue Automatic overheating : If the product is overheated, the automatic overheating protection device protecting device switches off the product automatically. After it has cooled down for a few minutes, the hair dryer can be used.

ADi Communications -- AF-46

ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations -- Alpha 89

It is extremely important to thoroughly review Installation and Operation sections of this manual before attempting to use the ALPHA 89. Failure to do so could result in serious damage not covered under warranty. The ALPHA 89 is capable of 1.5 kW continuous RF output on all commonly-used modes and on any authorized amateur frequency from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz. The ALPHA 89 is compatible with all popular amateur HF transceivers and exciters. It requires approximately 50 watts peak RF drive fe ...

Sony -- FWD-42PV1A

Philips -- HP 4649
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Element : PTC Voltage : 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 330 Watts at 230 V Cord length : 1.8 meters Colors : Aqua minerale Attachments : Shape brush Round brush Features : 3 heat / speed settings : Slide switch : Steam shot : 0.2 gr. steam on demand : Push button : Detachable water reservoir : contents 8 ml : Fastest heat up time : 2 minutes : Conditioning lotion, which improves the moisturization of the hair and gives shine and body

Allied Radio -- R-55

The new Knight-Kit R-55 is an outstanding general coverage communications receiver. Its up-to-date circuitry makes it an excellent choice for the newcomers to ham radio, shortwave fans, and technician licensees. Tuning range is from 530 Kc to 36 me with a separate range for the 6-meter Amateur band. All amateur bands from 80 to 6 meters have electrical bandspread individually calibrated to read frequency directly in megacycles. Deluxe features include—2 IF stages for high sensitivi ...