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Tektronix -- TM504
Power supply

Description The TEKTRONIX TM-504 Power Module is a mainframe for the TM 500 Series of Modular Instrumentation. It accepts up to four independently functional plug-in modules to form a compact versatile and low cost instrumentation system. The TM 504 is a basic power source and provides an interconnecting scheme for the other members of the TM 500 Series family. Factory options allow customer modification using signal access at the plug-in module/power module interface to provide rear pa ...

Lafayette -- HA-1200

The Lafayette Model HA-1200 is a compact, self-contained transceiver specifically designed to provide consistent communications on the 2-meter amateur band. This band includes frequencies used by the radio amateur as well as by Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS), Civilian Defense (CD), and Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The universal power supply makes the unit ideally suitable for operation as a 12 volt DC mobile unit or fixed station operation from a 117 volt, 50/60 cycle AC power source. ...

Sansui -- A-7

Grundig -- GV 900 SV/2
Video cassette recorder

Yamaha -- LMY2-ML

Good Will -- GDS-806