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Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- COS6100

1.1 Description Kikusui Model COS6IOO Oscilloscope is a universal-type portable oscilloscope which is capable of 5-channel 12-trace display. It employs a 6-inch rectangular type cathode-ray tube with red internal graticule'. The COS6IOO oscilloscope is sturdy, easy to operate, and extremely reliable. This scope has many convenient features and special functions which make it an ideal instrument for diversified types of research and development of electronic equipment. It can ...

Siemens -- 900 C

The Servo Ventilator 900 C/D/E consists of two separate units. The pneumatic unit comprises the gas conduction system with two pressure transducers, two flow transducers and two servo valves. Each transducer, continuously delivers its actual value to the electronic unit. The servo valves are used as CONTROLLING ELEMENTS for the control of inspiratory and expiratory gas conduction. The electronic unit comprises three controlling systems, two for regulation of inspiration and one fo ...

Singer -- 15-31
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 15, central bobbin, for manufacturing purposes, are made in several varieties as described below. They can be driven either by mechanical power or by foot power. Machine 15-31, drop feed, is intended for .general work in light weight fabrics such as are used in dressmaking and the manufacture of infants’ wear, etc.

Zebra -- Z4000

Keithley -- DMM6500
Digital multimeter

JVC -- C-14T1