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Adret Electronique -- CS 303

Leader -- LSG-11

The Leader LSG-11 is a versation and handy wide-band signal generator designed for the radio experimenter, hobbyist, service technicans and for instructional purposes. It covers a very wide band of frequencies, 120Kc to 130Mc on fundamentals and up to 390 Mc on harmonics. Among the many features incorporated are the large easy to read dial, marked spot frequencies at 455Kc, 4.5Mc and 10.7Mc, two audio frequencies, provision for crystal oscillator operation and coaxial cable output. The ...

Sennheiser Electronic -- M 101

Das Mischpult M 101 ist für den professionellen und semiprofessionellen Einsatz entwickelt worden. Es eignet sich besonders für Außenübertragungen, Reportagen und für kleine Übertragungswagen, da es sehr handlich und leicht transportabel ist. Die vier Eingänge erlauben sowohl den Anschluß von dynamischen Mikrofonen als auch von Kondensator-Mikrofonen. Für Transistor-Mikrofone mit Tonaderspeisung nach DIN 45 495 kann die Stromversorgung dem Mischer entnommen werden. Die Stromv ...

Singer -- 11w6
Sewing machine

Machines llw6 and llw8 are fitted with hand driving attachment, have a rotary hook and make the lock stitch and are intended for use in cotton mills for joining the ends of tape or canvas belts which drive the cotton winders and twisters on the spinning frames. The joining of the ends of the belt is done by lapping one end of the belt over the other and sowing the two ends together with several short parallel lines of stitching which are made lengthwise of the belt and uniformly spaced ...

Philips -- HP 4634
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 300 Watts at 230 V Attachment : Shape bristle brush Shape style brush Retractable bristle brush Settings : 0 - 1 - 2 Cord length : 1.8 metres Colours : Motor unit : Pink Attachments : White

Philips -- 52PFL5604H