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Saba -- Ultracolor T 6772

Fluke Biomedical -- INCU

The INCU Incubator Analyzer is a portable device designed to verify the proper operation and environment of infant incubators. This unit records parameters important to the care of infants over time, such as airflow, sound level, temperature (four individual measurement probes), and relative humidity. Event markers can be placed on the recording to identify certain activities or periods. The rechargeable battery allows the unit to be placed within the incubator chamber for up to 24 hours ...

Sanyo -- R410A
Air Conditioner

Philips -- FW-C155
Audio system

Datron Instruments -- 1271
Digital multimeter

Standard and Optional Measurement Facilities Basic Configuration When purchased without options, the 1271 is an enhanced high quality DC Voltmeter. The basic configuration offers the following measurement capabilities: • Selectable 5 1/2 to full 8 1/2 digits resolution at high read rates. • DC Voltage in five ranges from lOnV to 1100V. • External trigger. • Flexible and easy to use Menu Control. • Extensive Math, Limit testing, Specification and Max/Min computation ...

Singer -- 19w1
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 19 w have one needle and a rotary hook and are designed for making eyelets In cloth or leather. They can be fitted to make eyelets having an Inside diameter of 3/52, 7/G4, 1/8, '9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32 or 1/4 Inch as desired. Unless otherwise ordered the machines will be fitted to make eyelets having an Inside diameter of 9/64 Inch and extra spurs for 1/8 and 5/32 Inch eyelets. The machines are equipped with a rotating ball bearing feed and presser foot. MACHINE NO ...