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JBL -- ES150P

Drake -- SP75

The SP75 Speech Processor is designed to provide an increase in average power and readability of a single sideband voice signal during weak signal or high interference conditions. The SP75 is connected between the microphone and microphone input of the single sideband transmitter, thus requiring no modification of the existing transmitter or transceiver. A front panel switch allows the processor to be switched in or bypassed as conditions warrant. Two additional inputs, such as a tape pl ...

Galaxy Electronics -- RV550

The RV550 Remote VFO was designed to be used with the Galaxy GT550 transceiver.

Samsung -- VP-L330
Video camera

AKG Akustische und Kinoger├Ąte GmbH -- BX 15

he AKG - BX 15 is designed for use in small studios, mobile studios for professional musicians and is particularly suitable where small space, transportability, robustness and simplicity of operation is required. Two mechanically and electrically separate and isolated channels make it possible to handle two independent signal sources with different decay times, treble and bass settings and reverb intensity.

Grundig -- DAVIO 37 P 37-2201 FR