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Kenwood -- KA-8100

A DC amplifier that provides amplification down to zero frequency without any phase shift, independent power supplies for low transient crosstalk distortion, and outstanding signal to noise ratio of 85dB for 2.5mV input should make the K A 8100 the best performing integrated amplifier available today at any standard. The DC power amplifier, first to be incorporated in an integrated amplifier by Kenwood engineers, has now been accepted as the ultimate in amplification of the audio signal ...

Gould -- K105-D
Logic Analyzer

The Gould Model K105-D Logic Analyzer (Figure 1-1) is a precision, high- performance test and development instrument that monitors input logic signals generated by the user’s external microprocessor-based equipment· The K105-D accepts data inputs from 32 (or optional 64) Main Input channels and 8 (or optional 16) High-Speed Input channels. The Main data inputs are driven by 8 externa! clocks; High-Speed data inputs are driven by 2 externa! clocks. All inputs are applied via pod/probe ...

Grundig -- ST 72 - 864 DOLBY

Icom -- IC-707

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- TOS5052
Test Set

TOS5052 Overview The TOS5052 is a 5 kV AC/100 mA withstanding voltage tester which functions output voltage presetting, output frequency selection (50/60 Hz), and the rise time control function which can control the rise time up to the preset voltage. Features 1. For test complying with major industrial standards Each of the TOS5052 allows you to conduct withstanding voltage tests (dielectric strength tests) of electrical and electronic devices and components, complying with major in ...

Hewlett Packard -- 3455A
Digital multimeter

The Model 3455A Digital Voltmeter makes ac volt- age measurements with five digit resolution and dc voltage and resistance measurements with 5 or 6 digit resolution as programmed by the user. The 3455A employs an automatic calibration (AUTO CAL) feature which automatically corrects for possible gain and offset errors in the analog circuitry to provide maximum accuracy. A removable reference module permits external calibration of the dc voltage and resistance functions. The reference modu ...