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Cardioline -- ar600adv
Monitoring System

ar600adv combines generous levels of performance in a portable electrocardiograph with all the features of eliability, modularity, versatility and upgradeability that characterise the latest generation of CARDIOLINE® electrocardiographs. ar600adv is a portable electrocardiograph with dual power supply, (mains and rechargeable internal batteries), which in the basic configuration will: record an ECG exam in automatic, manual and timed mode; reproduce the ECG signal on 60 mm paper ...

Compaq Computer Corporation -- LTE 5100

The Compaq LTE 5000 Family of Personal Computers introduces a new generation of performance notebook computers with advanced modularity, Pentium processors with 64-bit architecture, PCI local bus graphics, and extensive multimedia support. This full- function family of notebook computers allows desktop functionality and connectivity via an optional expansion base.

Allied Radio -- T-60

YOUR NEW KNIGHT-KIT T-60 IS THE GREATEST VALUE in a phone and CW transmitter kit available anywhere. It contains all the most-wanted features asked for by Novices looking for a first rig — plus sufficient power and frequency coverage to make it an excellent transmitter for the Technician as well as the Advanced Amateur who wants a "standby" transmitter. YOU'LL BE PROUD OF YOUR KNIGHT-KIT T-60 TRANSMITTER. Expertly engineered by a skilled staff of kit specialists a ...

Philips -- PM2525
Digital multimeter

The PM2525 offers a complete DMM with every standard measuring function that can be expected from a general purpose instrument. A whole range of extra unique functions, makes the PM2525 extremely suitable for measurements in digital micro processor circuits.

Panasonic -- EB-GD92C
Mobile phone

Yaesu -- FT-101

The FT-101 series of transceivers appeared initially in the USA in small numbers in late 1971, and gained almost overnight approval of amateur radio operators for their quality of signal, flexibility of operation and the professional attention given to workmanship and design. Each transceiver shipped is normally accompanied by an instruction manual, a set of accessory plugs, a high impedance (50K) dynamic hand mike, and two cables; one for AC operation, the other for DC power hookup. T ...