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Tektronix -- SW503

The SW 503 is a TM 500-Series plug-in that provides a swept frequency of 1 MHz to 400 MHz with variable sweep rate, width, and output level. Crystal-controlled harmonic oscillators provide comb markers with 1 MHz, 10 MHz, or 50 MHz separation. When used with a DC 502 Option 7 Digital Counter, a frequency markerdot can be positioned anywhere within the frequency range of the SW 503 generator, and the frequency of the marker can be read directly on the counter. In the Manual sweep and CW m ...

Fluke -- 8000A
Digital multimeter

1-2. The Model 8000A is a compact and light-weight digital multimeter (DMM). It features a 3Vz digit display, push-button selection of range and function, auto polarity, self locating decimal point, self zeroing to eliminate offset uncertainties, and overload protection for all ranges. Several options and accessories are also available for use with the 8000A. 1 -3. Push-button controls allow the selection of five ac and dc voltage ranges, five ac and dc current ranges, and six resistanc ...

Sony -- KV-32FS100

Introducing the FD Trinitron WEGA ® Features Some of the features you will enjoy include: FD Trinitron Flat CRT — Technologically advanced tube delivers a picture with uncompromising accuracy and outstanding image detail. Y, PB , P R Inputs — A component video input connection for a superior picture quality (480i only). Surround — Simulates theater quality sound for stereo programs. Parental Control (V-Chip) — A tool to help parents monitor what their children watch on TV by ...

General Radio Company -- 1564-A

The Type 1564-A Sound and Vibration Analyzer, Figure 1-1,is a portable instrument for the frequency analysis of voltages having components between 2.5 cps and 25 kc. The high input impedance of the analyzer permits the direct connection of piezoelectric transducers for the analysis of high- level acoustical spectra. For low levels, the analyzer can be operated in conjunction with a sound-level meter or a vibration meter. Designed for either manual or automatic tuning, the analyzer can be ...

Ricoh -- A212 SERIES

Roland -- S-10