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Grundig -- Vertiga UMS 5100
Audio system

Philips -- Air styler HP 4600
Hot Air Brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 220-240 V; 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 200 Watts at 230 V Attachment : 1 x ; fixed to air styler Settings : 0 - 1 Cord length : 1.8 metres Colours : Blackberry wine

Leader -- LDM-810
Level Meter

The Leader LDM-810 Grid dip meter has been designed for quickchecking of circuits and components in radio receivers, transmitters, antennas, in the range from 2 to 250Mc/s. It features a large 310 degree calibrated dial, edgewise indicating meter, nuvistor tube, internal modulation, six pre-adjusted plug-in coils, and an attractive two-one finished strong steel case.

Philips -- Specialist FC9132/A
Vacuum cleaner

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Colour /A : Wine berry - Maximum air displacement : 38 l/sec. - Maximum vacuum water column : 310 cm - Power consumption (IEC) 230 V : 1800 W - Duststorage capacity : 3 L - Type number dustbag : FC8021 - Cord length (depends on version) : 7 metres - Filter system : Paper dustbag : Exhaust AFS air filter : Motor inlet filter - Dimensions of cleaner : 460 x 315 x 270 mm - Dimensions of packaging : 595 x 395 x 295 mm - Net weight : 5.88 kg - Gross weight : 9.13 ...

Fluke -- DTX-LT
Network Analyzer

The DTX CableAnalyzer’s powerful features, speed, and superior accuracy make your crews more efficient and productive – and you can see the results on the bottom line. It’s all about time – and no other tester delivers like DTX. • Increase productivity from day one. Intuitive interface means your techs spend less time in training and more time testing. • Zero to certified in 12 seconds. This unheard-of Cat 6 test speed lets you move from link to link three times faster t ...

Hewlett Packard -- LaserJet IIID