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Rohde & Schwarz -- FSP3 1164.4391.03
Spectrum analyzer

Fluke -- 5720A

The Fluke 5700A is designed to cover the widest portion of today's calibration workload - a wide variety of DMMs from all manufacturers. It delivers direct voltage to 1100V and alternating voltage from 220 μν to 1100V at frequencies from 10 Hz to 1.2 MHz. Cardinal point resistances range from 1£1 to 100 ΜΩ in x1 and x1.9 decades, including a short. Direct and alternating current are provided to 2.2A, and frequencies for alternating current range from 10 Hz to 10 kHz. One option ...

Kyocera -- F−2200S

Icom -- IC-M11

Beautifully designed, compact, light and easy to use, the IC-M11 is equipped with the following advanced features: • 6W of high output power • Splash-resistant, dust-tight case with molded frame design • All marine channels pre-programmed • Icom's new TRI watch function • 24 user-programmable memory channels • 3 separate scan functions

Tektronix -- MTS400 Series

The MTS400 Series MPEG Test Systems provide a comprehensive and integrated suite of real-time and deferred (offline) analysis tools. The tools include TS (transport stream) compliance, buffer, PES, MPEG2, and MPEG4 video and audio elementary stream analyzers. Also included are an editor and a multiplexer to create stream content, and test and error-stressing streams. Standards compliance is ensured though built-in customizable scripting, which supports a broad range of ratified and evolving DT ...

WRL Electronics -- Globe V-10

INTRODUCTION The V-10 consists basically of a seven band, electrically, mechanically and thermally stable variable frequency oscillator to be used in conjunction with CW, AM, or SSB transmitters. It provides a stable output for 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters, covering all portions oi each band. 2. DESIGN Considerable time and effort were spent in the engineering of the V-10 to accomplish the most favorable arrangements of electrical, mechanical, and thermal designs. A mo ...