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Dräger Medical -- Isolette C450 QT

The forced air circulation system of the incubator permits stable temperature control, uniform heat distribution, humidification, effective isolation of the infant from airborne contaminants, and control of oxygen concentrations. An access panel, access doors, and iris entry ports provide accessibility to the infant. When the access panel is open, a curtain of warm air flows from beneath the front edge of the mattress toward the top of the access panel opening; this air curtain minimize ...

Akai -- PDP4273L

Racal Dana -- 9300F
Analog multimeter

Kenwood -- TS-50S

Kyocera -- F−1010

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- COR5561U

Kikusui COR5500U series Oscilloscopes are available in eight models, with different combinations of frequency bandwidths and a digital storage function to best suit your applications. The eight modes are: COR5501U: 100MHz oscilloscope, with 20MS/s digital storage COR5500U: 100MHz oscilloscope COR5561U: 60MHz oscilloscope, with 20MS/s digital storage CORS560U: 60MHz oscilloscope COR5541U: 40MHz oscilloscope, with 20MS/s digital storage COR5540U: 40MHz oscilloscope COR5521U: 20MH ...