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Medical Research Laboratories Inc. -- MRL Lite
Monitoring System

The MRL PIC System is an extremely flexible device that incorporates an ECG monitor, defibrillator (manual or semi- automated), external pacer, pulse oximeter, and a non-invasive blood pressure/respiration monitor. The PIC System's small and lightweight design makes it ideal for transport situations or for use in and out of the hospital. All MRL PIC products include a 6.4” VGA display and an annotating chart recorder. An integral paddle tray/AC supply, shown on the MRL Lite, is ...

Philips -- HDI 5000
Ultrasound Equipment

The HDI 5000 Ultrasound System is a general-purpose, mobile, software-controlled, diagnostic ultrasound system. Its function is to acquire, process, and display ultrasound data The operator can measure anatomical structures and generate reports for health care professionals. The primary users are physicians and sonographers in clinics and hospital departments that provide diagnostic ultrasound services. The system has a basic set of imaging modes and measurement tools. There also are mo ...

Philips -- PM 2422
Digital multimeter

Sony -- HVL-F42AM

• A compact flash that provides a flash output with a maximum guide number 42 (105 mm position, ISO 100 • m). • Can be used with compatible lenses to enable ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) flash metering, which is not affected by the reflection rate of the background or subject. • Enables High-speed Sync. • Provides many functions such as bounce flash, manual flash, etc. • This flash unit supports flash coverage to a focal length of 16mm by using the built-in wide panel w ...

Panasonic -- AUDI Concert CQ-LA1923L
Car Radio cassette

AM/FM/RDS RADIO with Stereo Cassette Tape Player / CD Changer Control

Philips -- SW3000

75Watt Active Subwoofer.