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Sony -- ICD-SX78DR9
Voice recorder

Grundig -- P 37 - 843 FR

Audio System

Tektronix -- TDS7000B Series

The TDS7000B Series’ unique combination of superior measurement fidelity, unrivaled analysis and uncompromised usability makes it the ultimate test machine to simplify and speed the design of high-speed, complex systems. This family offers the industry’s best solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing and debugging sophisticated electronic designs. They deliver up to 7.25 GHz (typical) true analog bandwidth, down to 43 ps ris ...

Marconi -- TF 2337A
Level Meter

The TF 2337A Automatic Distortion Meter enables rapid and accurate measurement of both level and distortion,factors of audio frequency signals. The need to tune tor fundamental frequency rejection is avoided, thus operation simply consists of the selection by push button switches of the input voltage range, distortion range and fundamental frequency. The instrument measures distortion in the conventional way, that is, by filtering out the fundamental component and comparing the residual ...

Boss -- HC-2
Effect Processor