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Onkyo -- R-811RDS

Pfaff -- 1035
Sewing machine

Samsung -- SCH-3500
Mobile phone

The SCH-3500 DBDM(Dual Band Dual Mode) phone functions as both analog phone working in AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service) mode and digital phone working in PCS (Personal Communication Service) mode.

Grundig -- P 37-4101/12 MV/SAT

Spraque Electric Company -- TCA-1

1.1 Purpose and Usefulness. The TCA-1 was designed specifically to enable design engineers, inspection departments ana service engineers to test all types of capacitors (electrolytic, film, and ceramic) used in transistor circuits without harm to the capacitor regardless of voltage rating. It incorporates in one compact instrument a multirange capacitance and power factor bridge, an insulation resistance checker for film, paper, mica and ceramic capacitors, and a leakage current test cir ...

Kenwood -- SP-520

INTRODUCTION Kenwood's TS-520 is a solid-state, amateur band single side band transceiver which uses only three vacuum tubes in the exciter and final stages. The TS-520 incorporates many sophisticated and modern features which make it a very useful transceiver. The information included in this service manual is intended to complement the technical data supplied in the operator's manual. For example the operator's manual includes pictorial parts displays, voltage tables, o ...