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Philips -- HD 3271
Fan heater

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage / frequency 50 -60 Hz : 220 - 230 V Power consumption : 2000 Watts

BK Precision -- 2615A
Spectrum analyzer

General The spectmm analyzer permits the detection of spectrum components of electrical signals in the frequency range of 0.15 to 1050 MHz for Models 2625 and 2630 and 0.15 to 500 MHz for Models 2615 and 2620. The detected signal and its content have to be repetitive, in contrast (o an oscilloscope operated in Yt mode, where the amplitude is displayed on the time domain, the spectrum analyzer displays amplitude on the frequency domain (YD. The individual spectrum components of “a sign ...

Ricoh -- FT2012

Loewe -- alphaTel 3000 DT

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLAGRAMS 554-GA

Sony -- SA-WP890

AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS (US model) POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION: With 6 ohm loads, from 28 – 200 Hz; rated 120 watts, minimum RMS power, with no more than 1% total harmonic distortion from 250 milliwatts to rated output. Speaker system Active subwoofer, Bass reflex, Magnetically shielded Speaker unit 8 inches (200 mm), cone type RMS output 200 W (US model) 190 W (AEP and UK models)