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Ameritec -- AM5XT 30-0033 XT
Communications Test Set

The AM5XT 30-0033 and 30-0033XT Signaling Adaptors are packaged within the cover (lid) of the AM5XT Voice/Data Transmission Test Set. These units provide for Loop Start, Ground Start, DID and Types I, II and III E&M signaling. Each unit is powered externally by connection to a 115VAC source and contains a selectable 24 or 48 volt battery supply for emulating CO operations.

Hewlett Packard -- 4934A
Communications Test Set

The HP 4934A is a wideband (20 Hz to 110 kHz) Transmission Impairment Measuring Set (TIMS). The transmission impairment measurements which can be made are listed below. Level Frequency Noise Noise with Tone Signal to Noise Impulse Noise P/AR, (Peak to Average Ratio) Noise to Ground The HP 4934A can make measurements directly on leased lines or on dial-up lines. It has loop holding capability, a monitor speaker and butt-in connection (useful for talking to the far e ...

Yaesu -- FT-8800R

Wavetek -- 2001

The compact WAVETEK MODEL 2001 Sweep/Signal Generator offers programming, versatility and an exceptionally wide frequency range {1 to 1400 MHz) in a ruggedized inexpensive instrument. Its unique adaptability promotes sophisticated laboratory applications, as well as automatic production testing. Each of its three frequency ranges (1-500 MHz, 450*950 MHz, and 900-1400 MHz) may be used in 3 modes of operation; start-stop, Af or CW, It can be swept from end-to-end, up-or-down, at any rat ...

Marantz -- model 170DC

Wavetek -- 145-S-620