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Icom -- i706MK G

Dymar Electronics Limited -- 1785

The Dymar AM/FM Modulation Meter Type 1785 is an all solid state instrument for the measurement of depth of modulation or frequency deviation of transmitters. It is operated either from A. C. Mains or from its own rechargeable battery and as much is equally suitable as a laboratory instrument or as a portable field servicing equipment. The frequency range covered is the whole of the V.H.F. band and extends into the U.H.F. band to include the mobile band of 470 MHz. The sensitivity over ...

Icom -- IC-F3S

Hitachi -- CS-203
Car Radio cassette

Singer -- 27w1
Sewing machine

MACHINES OF CLASS 27W are designed for plain ruffling. They make the lock stitch with one or two needles, and have vertical rotating hooks. They have a drop feed. Any of these machines may be fitted at an additional charge for a great variety of ruffling on skirts, aprons, curtains, upholstery and other types of ruffling and other combined operations . MACHINE 27W1 has one needle and one hook. MACHINE 27W20 has two needles and two hooks, and is made In gauges from 1/8 to 1 Inch. MACHIN ...

Blaupunkt -- Audi Concert 7 646 248 380
Car Radio