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QSC Audio -- USA 1300

Grundig -- ST 72 – 864 FR/DOLBY

Grundig -- VIVANCE GV 3200 VPS

Kenwood -- TR-2500

Christian Schwaiger Gmbh -- DSR 430
Cable receiver

Receiver Maße in mm (B × T × H) 285 × 170 × 48 Gewicht in Gramm Receiver 1020 g Fernbedienung 80 g (ohne Batterien) Eingangsfrequenzbereich 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz IF-Bandbreite 55 MHz/8 MHz (unter 5MS/s) Stromversorgung LNB 13/18 GS, 0,30 A max. Spitzen Überlastungsschutz LNB-Steuerung 22 KHz ± 2 KHz, 0,6 V pp ± 0,2 V DiSEqC-Steuerung Version 1.0, Version 1.2, Tone-Burst A/B Symbolrate 1 ~ 35 MS/s Eingangsgeschwindigkeit Max. 15 Mbit/s Fehlerkorrektur (FEC) 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 ...

Marconi -- 2382
Spectrum analyzer

FEATURES The 2382 is an exceptionally versatile general purpose Spectrum Analyzer for use from 100 Hz up to 400 MHz. Although simple to operate it has many functions which make it an indispensable tool in research, development, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It analyzes signals by separating them into their frequency components and the power or voltage level of each is displayed as a function of frequency on a CRT screen. Facilities such as the display of ...