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Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- PLZ 153W

The PLZ-3W Series Electronic Loads are featured by performance reliability and safety. Each Electronic Load incorporates a current control circuit and renders highly stable operation and rapid response. It is a microprocessor-based instrument and provides advanced functions and ease of operation. The Electronic Load can be remote-controlled via a GPIB, RS-232C, or MCB (Multi-channel Bus) interface (optional), thereby making them applicable to various purposes. Typical applications are f ...

Sony -- RMT-808

Icom -- IC-2GXE

JVC -- AV-G210T

Sorensen Company -- DCR-10-40B
Power supply

Designed for either bench or rack use, the typical DCR-B power supply provides a highly regulated, precise d-c output, adjustable over a wide range. It operates from a nominal 115 Vac (208/220/230-Vac inputs are available as options) and exhibits a rapid response to transients, both load and line.

Radio Shack Division -- SK-1