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Boonton Electronic -- 190-A
Level Meter

The Boonton Radio Corporation Model 190-A Q Meter operates in the vhf range, giving direct-reading measurement of Q values. A front-view photograph of the instrument appears in Figure I1I-1, showing the indicating meter, connection terminals and operating controls. Both the capacitance of the measuring circuit anti the operating frequency are dial-indicated, making possible the calculation of various values of X, R, L, and C of a component under test. A summary of the characteristics and ...

Hitachi -- VT-F640E(NA)
Video cassette recorder

IFR -- IFR-1900 CSA Option
Communications Service Monitor

This manual contains instructions for operating the CSA option for the IFR-1900 and is intended to be used in conjunction with the IFR -1900 Operation Manual (1002-3402-200). The CSA option is a Dual Mode / Tri-Band Cellular System Analyzer for the IFR-1900 Communication Service Monitor. The CSA option, referred to as the CSA, provides the ability to monitor, simulate and test Base and Mobile Stations utilizing EIA/TIA-553, ΕΪΑ/ΤΙΑ-627 (formerly IS-54B), IS-136 (Rev. 0) and NT400© ...

Philips -- EXP431
CD player

Angelantoni Industrie -- BBR 700/7

Valhalla Scientific Inc. -- 2101

Valhalla Scientific Models 2100 and 2101 Digital Wattmeters are accurate, low-cost In­ struments to aid engineering, production test and quality assurance departments in the determina­ tion of product power consumption from DC and AC power lines. The instruments feature dual, in­ dependent digital displays. One display provides a continuous indication of True Power in Watts. The other display is sw itch selectable between Amperes (True RMS) and Volts (True RMS). 1-3 The Model 2100 a ...