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Haier -- HP42BB

Philips Medical Systems -- HeartStart MRx M3536A

Central Electronics -- 100V

Electronic Navigation Industries -- 2100L

■ Model 2100L is a broadband solid state Amplifier covering the frequency range to 12 MHz. Up than 100 watts of RF power can be produced at the output, with low harmonic and demodulation distortion. Up to 300 watts saturated power can be produced with distortion products.

Fluke -- 895A
Digital multimeter

The 895A DC Differential Voltmeter is half-rack size, and is equipped with resilient feet and tilt-up bail for field or bench use. A single instrument may be mounted in a standard 19 inch rack with metal handle-rack adapter kit 881A-102. Two half-rack size instruments may be mounted side-by-side with metal handle -rack adapter kit 881A-1Q3. The 895A can be used as: (a) A conventional voltmeter for rapid determination of dc voltages from 0 to ±1100 volts to within ±3% of range setting ...

Yaesu -- Yo-901

The YO-901 is a high-performance monitoring instrument, designed for use with the FT-901DM series of amateur equipment. Built around a high-performance oscilloscope, useful for countless station measurements, the Y0-901 includes a two-tone generator, provision for both RX and TX monitoring, and automatic remote switching of monitoring modes. An exciting option for the Y0-901 is a band scope, which allows instant determination of band conditions and activity. Interface to the FT-901DM is ...