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Sansui -- A-5

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLA 526-M

Allied Radio -- R-55

The new Knight-Kit R-55 is an outstanding general coverage communications receiver. Its up-to-date circuitry makes it an excellent choice for the newcomers to ham radio, shortwave fans, and technician licensees. Tuning range is from 530 Kc to 36 me with a separate range for the 6-meter Amateur band. All amateur bands from 80 to 6 meters have electrical bandspread individually calibrated to read frequency directly in megacycles. Deluxe features include—2 IF stages for high sensitivi ...

Telequipment -- S51B

Datron Instruments -- 4800

The Datron Models 4800, 4805 and 4808 are high-precision Multifunction Calibrators which feature exceptionally high stability and full systems capability. They are characterized by wide-range coverage of DC Voltage, AC Voltage, DC Current, AC Current and Resistance functions in a single unit. The 4800 and 4808 calibrators consist of a mainframe to which various output options may be added. The 4808 has a higher specification them the 4800 and has an additional AC Voltage 'Spot Fr ...

Icom -- IC-502A

Congratulations on the purchase of the IC-502A portable 6 meter SSB transceiver. The IC-502A was designed to be operable anywhere like most portables, but we also included features found in . most base sets like a very effective noise blanker, RIT, S&RF meter, CW monitor, and a full 3 watts output on USB. A highly stable VFO allows operation between 50 MHz and 51 MHz. The aluminum die cast frame provides a very strong yet light housing for the 2 circuit boards, and the aluminum sides snap ...