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Grundig -- CUC 1826
TV chassis

Keithley -- 2700
Test Set

Model 2700 features Model 2700 is a 6 1/2-digit high-performance multimeter/data acquisition system. It can v measure voltage (DC and AC), current (DC and AC), resistance (2- and 4-wire), temperature (thermocouple, thermistor, and 4-wire RTD), frequency and period, and test continuity. The Model 2700 has two slots that will accommodate Keithley Model 7700 series switching modules (Table 1-1). Each channel of a switching module that is closed or scanned is measured by the Model 2700, ...

Lenovo -- FLEX 3-1480

Rohde & Schwarz -- FSH 1145.5850.26
Spectrum analyzer

harman kardon -- TU915

Analogic -- 2103

Description The Model 2103 A Electronic Load is a self-contained modular DC load which provides a flexible cost effective solution for many power test applications. Combined with a programmable AC source and some supervisory software/PC computer, it becomes a “mini-tester” for multiple output switching and linear power supplies. The 2103A contains a sophisticated new control and measuring system which may be operated via the front panel or reported over the GPIB bus with an option ...