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Fluke -- 1953A
Frequency counter

The 1953A is a systems counter with a wide array ot options allowing you to select just the capability you need. The 1953A can provide a variety of measurements: frequency, frequency ratio, period, period averaging, time interval, and gated totalizing. Trigger level controls allow selection of a preset level (OV dc), or adjustment to suit conditions. DMM output jacks and LED status indicators help the user to set the trigger levels properly. Signal conditioning switches permit the operat ...

Philips -- 190S6FG/93

Tektronix -- 1741C

Philips -- PM 6668
Frequency counter

The PM 6667 and PM 6668 are microcomputer based frequency counters, spanning a frequency range of 10 Hz ... 120 MHz (PM 6667) and 10 Hz ... 1 GHz (PM 6668). The use of the microcomputer allows a new approach in frequency measurements, that eliminates the traditional ±1 cycle error. By making a multiple period measurement and computing the reciprocal value, these counters perform high resolution frequency measurements on low frequency signals. Another microcomputer feature in these count ...

Ricoh -- Aficio 1232C

JBL -- 6290

The JBL Model 6290 power amplifier has been designed to meet the most critical professional sound requirements. It Is rugged and road-worthy, conservatively rated, and can handle reactive loads with ease. The engineering design approach stresses the optimization of each stage, allowing high slew rate and relatively low loop gain. Overall feedback has been held to a minimum and is employed only to stabilize the gain and the operating point. This design approach results In an amplifier w ...