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Icom -- AT-120

The AT-120 HF AUTOMATIC ANTENNA TUNER was developed using both current commercial communications technology and ICOM’s own advanced, state-of-the-art computer technology. It was designed primarily to be used with the IC-M700 series HF SSB TRANSCEIVERS. ASSISTANCE Two separate versions of the AT-120 have been designed for use in the GENERAL and FRANCE: the AT-120 and AT-120E, respectively. The AT-120E is designed for use with the IC-M700/F HF SSB TRANSCEIVER and it has a separated em ...

Samsung -- UN65ES8000F

Icom -- IC-402

Congratulations on the purchase of the IC-402 portable 70cm SSB transceiver. The IC-402 was designed to be operable anywhere like most portables, but we also included features found in most base sets like a very effective noise blanker, RIT, S & RF meter, CW monitor, and a full 3 watts output on either USB or LSB. Two built-in crystals and the stable VXO allow operation between 432.00 and 432.40MHz. If you wish to expand the range of the IC-402, we have also provided 2 spare crystal sockets ...

Samsung -- SGH-S105

Harvey-Wells Electronic -- T-90

The Harvey-Wells T-90 Bandmaster is a versatile VFO and crystal controlled, bands witching transmitter designed for use in mobile, portable or fixed installations. It provides RF output on all amateur frequency bands from 3« 5 to 29.7 mcs , inclusive. The maximum input to the PA stage is 90 watts, CW-ICAS, or it may be operated phone with an input of 75 watts maximum«. The RF section consists of an oscillator stage followed by two amplifier-multiplier stages which provide excitation to ...

Moog Music -- Liberation 338BX