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Kenwood -- KR-5150

1. 2-FET and 4-gang tuning condencer super-sensitive front-end. 2. 2-IC and mechanical filter IF stages for superior selectivity and low 2.0 dB capture ratio. 3. Inter-station muting circuit suppresses inter-station noise. 4. New FM/AM signal strength meter and FM zero-center tuning meter for perfect tuning. 5. FM stereo indicator light. 6. 2 pairs of magnetic phono input jacks for 2 sets of record players. 7. Step-type tone controls with BASS and TREBLE. 8. 3 pairs of stereo speaker o ...

Hewlett Packard -- 8672A

Acer -- TravelMate C300 Series

Features This computer was designed with the user in mind. Here are just a few of its many features: Performance Intel® Pentium ® M processor with 1MB L2 cache Intel® 855GM chipset CD ROM, DVD, DVD/CD-RW combo, DVD or DVD-dual drive High-capacity Enhanced-IDE hard disk Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) power management system

Grundig -- Chassis CUC 2030 F

Icom -- IC_2700H

Sansui -- QRX-9001