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Icom -- IC-3220A

Philips -- Azur 4200 GC4218

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Color : Lilac - Careeza soleplate - Steam output (40 gram/min) - Shot Of Steam, SOS (95 gram/min) - Vertical SOS - Spray feature - Tank capacity (350 ml) - Cord winder - Cord length (2.4 m) - Drip stop feature - Anti-calc feature - Self clean feature

Acer -- TravelMate 6492 Series

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Operating system • Genuine Windows® VistaTM Capable • Genuine Windows® XP Professional (Service Pack 2) Note: Windows® VistaTM Capable PCs come with Windows ® XP installed, and can be upgraded to Windows® VistaTM. Platform and memory • Intel® CoreTM2 Duo mobile processor supporting Intel® 64 architecture and Intel® Virtualization technology • Mobile Intel® GM965 Chipset (Northbridge), ...

Proxxon -- DSH/E

The PROXXON mechanical scroll saw is a very solid and robustly designed device. The heavy base made of cast material, item 12, forms a solid basis for the expensive mechanism of the machine which can work vibration-free, precisely positioned and driven by an electronically controlled direct current motor 13. The areas of application are multifaceted. Your DSH/E is particularly suitable for mould construction, precision engineering model building and toy manufacture. For this reason, it ...

Grundig -- ST 70-875 DPL/FT

Philips -- HX 2745
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION Tooth brush - Gum Protection System : The brush automatically fl exes back when too much pressure is applied. Because of this signal, the user will develop a safe and effi cient brushing technique. - Active tip : Removes plaque between the teeth - Colours : White / grey - Timer / charging light : The pilot light blinks green during charging. When the brush time of two minutes has passed, the pilot light blinks red. - Waterproof : yes - Anti rolling strip : To prev ...