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Drake -- TR-4

The R. L. Drake model TR-4 is a single sideband transceiver designed for the transmission and reception of upper and lower sideband signals on the 80 through 10 meter amateur bands. AM and CW capabilities are included. Its compact size makes it ideal for both fixed station use in conjunction with our model AC-3 120 volt AC Power Supply, or for mobile installations using our model DC-3 12 volt DC Power Supply. The 300 watt P.E.P. input on SSB enables the TR-4 to give an excellent ac ...

Akai -- X-360D
Tape recorder

Acer -- Aspire 3680

Teac -- X-3
Tape recorder

Cornell Dubilier Electronics -- CDE HAM II

The Ham II Rotor System is designed to acmodate amateur antennas with a maximum of 7.5 square feet of wind area. The Ham if provides a full 360° range of rotation and a meter scale read out for accurate position indication. The Ham II Rotator is built along the general lines of the original CDE Bell type rotors. The weight of the upper mast and the antenna is carried directly in line with the lower supporting mast. The motor, radial and thrust bearings, electrically operated wedge bra ...

Philips -- PM 6305
Level Meter