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Philips -- PM2554
Analog multimeter

The Philips AC millivoltmeter PM 2554 is a sensitive and accurate measuring instrument suitable for floating measurements from 50 ┬ÁV up to 300 V in the frequency range from 2 Hz up to 12 MHz. The instrument can be powered by mains. By the very great bandwidth and sensitivity the instrument has a width range of applications, e.g. measurements on LF and HF amplifiers, carrier-wave telephony, electro-acoustical as well as for measurements on transducers and measuring-transformers, etc. ...

IFR -- FM/AM-1200A
Communications Service Monitor

The FM/AM- 1200S/A is a processor controlled, digitally synthesized FM/AM/SSB receiver and generator, with an integral oscilloscope/ spectrum analyzer. The receiver is a triple conversion superheterodyne receiver capable of receiving signals from 250 kHz to 999 .9999 MHz. The signal generator is capable of producing modulated or unmodulated RF signals from 250 kHz to 999.9999 MHz. A function generator will produce six functions with ranges from 10 Hz up to 10 kHz and one function up to ...

Fluke -- 27
Digital multimeter

Mitsubishi -- V25++
TV chassis

Sony -- DCR-TRV410

Tektronix -- FG 503

The FG 503 Function Generator is designed to operate in a TM 500 series power module. Low distortion sine, square and triangle waveforms from 1 Hz to 3 MHz, are available at the front panel. A +2.5 V square wave trigger also is available at the front panel. Variable dc offset of =5 V is provided. A custom timing switch position is provided. This allows the user to install a timing capacitor for custom tailoring the frequency range of the FG 503. A voltage-controlled frequency (VCF) input ...