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Boonton Electronic -- 72C
Level Meter

The Model 72C Capacitance Meter provides instant, direct reading, three- terminal and differential capacitance measurements from 0.01 to 3000 pF. This coverage is divided into eight ranges, selected either by the front- panel switch or remotely, arranged in a 1 - 3 - 10 sequence. The solid- state design and crystal-controlled signal source contribute to the high stability and excellent reliability of the instrument. The 100 kHz test signal is held to a level of 15 mV, r.m.s., allowing t ...

Icom -- IC-45E

430MHz FM TRANSCEIVER INCORPORATING A MICROCOMPUTER CPU control with ICOM's original programs provide various operating capabilities. No-backlash dial controlled by ICOM's unique rotary encoder circuit. The band-edge detector and Endless System provides out-of-band protection. There are no variable capacitors or dial gears, ensuring problem-free use. The IC-45A/E can accomodate FM, coverage in the 430 ~ 440MHz (IC-45A: 440 ~ 450MHz) frequency range. MULTI-PURPOSE SCANNING The ...

Sansui -- 9090

Grundig -- XENTIA 72 M 72-420 DOLBY

Voltcraft -- IR 500-12S

harman kardon -- EQ8