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Philips -- Infraphil RI 1521
infrared lamp

Kenwood -- AT-940

ARP Instruments Inc. -- Pro DGX 2720

The Pro Soloist is a hybrid of digital and analog circuits. The internal flow of the audio signals is, in most respects, quite similar to any of our other synthesizers. That is, a raw signal (pulse or sawtooth wave) is processed through a voltage controlled filter and a voltage controlled amplifier to the output of the instrument. Two envelope generators (ADSR and AR) are available to control the VCF and VCA to determine the attack and decay characteristics of the instrument. In addition ...

Icom -- IC-R2

Akai -- GX-650D
Tape recorder

A close look at performance specifications will confirm your opinion of the sound quality exhibited by this 3 Head, 3 Motor stereo tape deck. Efficient Closed Loop Double Capstan AC Servo Motor system. Quality parts and precise processing throughout.

Wavetek -- 111

The WAVETEK Model 110 Function Generator and Model 111 Voltage Controlled Generator (VCG) are semi-precision sources of waveforms from servo to video frequencies. These units are extremely rugged, completely transistorized portable packages. They feature complete plug-in printed circuit board construction with interchangeable individually calibrated printed circuit boards utilizing silicon semiconductors throughout. The extremely clean and stable waveform signal from 0. 005 Hz to 1 MHz ( ...