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Panasonic -- EB-BS600
Mobile phone

BatteryPack for the EB-G600 Cellular Telephone.

Philips -- NUDOS

The Nudos shavers with NiCd cells can be recharged in 30 minutes by means of a Fly Back Self Oscillating Power Supply (SOPS). This electronic circuit enables cells to be recharged at 100-240 V . It is possible to shave directly from the mains, provided the voltage exceeds 100V . The on/off slide has a locking device, which prevents the shaver from being switched on accidentally. Leaving it connected to the mains after it is fully charged will not damage the shaver. However, the life o ...

Rohde & Schwarz -- NAK 5

Icom -- IC-V8

O 5.5 W of ample output power O MIL-STD810 grade durability O CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoder standard O Optional DTMF decoder

Wavetek -- 751A

The Models 751 A, 752A and 753A are programmable Brickwallâ„¢ Filters offering near-ideal passband and stopband characteristics. The instruments employ 7th-order (7 poles and 6 zeroes) Elliptic or Cauer filters with design values of0.3dBpeak- to-peak passband ripple and 85 dB stopband attenuation. The transition from passband to stopband has a 115 dB/octave rolloff rate. For low pass response, the stopband is at 1.7 x cutoff frequency; high pass response, the stopband is 0.6 x cutoff fo ...

Hewlett Packard -- 3581C
Wave Analyzer

The Hewlett-Packard Model 3581 A/C Wave Analyzer is a portable instrument designed specifically for use in the audio (15 Hz to 50 kHz) frequency range. As a signal analyzer, the 3581 separates and measures the spectral components of an input signal. By manually tuning the 3581 across the spectrum, the signal components can be individually measured and evaluated. By sweeping the 3581 over the band of interest, a complete spectral display can be plotted with an X-Y recorder connected to th ...