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Amalgamated Wireless -- SRADIOLA Model 718-C

BWD Electronics -- 504

GENERAL. Although deceptively simple in appearance and operation the bwd 504 is a calibrated oscilloscope with a wide measurement capability in Voltage, Time, Frequency, Phase & Current. When required the input terminals can be isolated from the power line ground by removal of a ground link. This enables measurements to be made between voltages not at ground potential up to a limit of±400V DC. It may also be used to eliminate ground loops from low level signals. Additionally it p ...

Wavetek -- 102

The WAVETEK Models 101/102/103 Function Generators and the 104/105 Voltage Controlled Generators are semi-precision sources of waveforms from servo to video frequencies. These units are extremely rugged, completely transistorized portable packages. Extremely clean and stable waveform signals from .008 cps to lMc in the 101/102/103 and from .0015 cps to lMc in the 104/105 make all 5 generators versatile, general purpose pieces of equipment for the laboratory or the field. The Model 101 o ...

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL122

Yaesu -- FT-101-EE

The FT-101 series of transceivers appeared initially in the USA in small numbers in late 1971, and gained almost overnight approval of amateur radio operators for their quality of signal, flexibility of operation and the professional attention given to workmanship and design. Each transceiver shipped is normally accompanied by an instruction manual, a set of accessory plugs, a high impedance (50K) dynamic hand mike, and two cables; one for AC operation, the other for DC power hookup. T ...

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLA 566-MA