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Amplifier Research -- 10W1000

The Model 10W1000 Amplifier is a self—contai ned broadband unit designed for laboratory applications where instantaneous band­ width, high gain, and moderate power output are required« Solid state technology is used exclusively to after* significant advantages in reliability and cost« A Model i0W1000 used with a •frequency swept signal source will provide 10 watts of liner- swept power output from 1-1000 M Hz. Typi cal applications include antenna and component testi n g , watt ...

MIR Medical International Research -- spirolab III

INTRODUCTION The spirometers series MIR009 are sold with the spirolab III trademark. spirolab III is available with two different displays: Colour LCD display B/W LCD display Unless otherwise specified, from this point onwards the term spirolab III is used to refer to both models. INTENDED USE Spirolab III spirometer and pulse oximeter is intended to be used by either a physician, respiratory therapist or technician. The device is intended to test lung function and can make: ...

IFR -- FM/AM -1600CSA
Communications Service Monitor

The FM/AM-1600S is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized communication service monitor which combines the operations of many different test instruments into a single, compact unit. Functions the FM/AM-1600S is capable of performing include: RF Generator Duplex Spectrum Analyzer DMM Distortion Meter Audio Frequency Meter RF Power Meter Signal Strength Meter Phase Meter Tracking Generator Digital Radio Paging Encode and Decode Receiver AF Generator Oscilloscope Deviation (Pe ...

Yamaha -- LS19-16

Jura -- Impressa E70
Coffee machine

Grundig -- ST 70 – 7010 NIC/DOLBY