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harman kardon -- AVR7000

Whirlpool -- ADP 533 WH
Dish washer

Technical data Dimension Height 85.0 cm + 1.5 Width 59.8 cm Depth 57.0 cm Weight 56 kg Succession of programs Programs see program diagram Succession P300 Prewash P304 Eco 50° P303 Normal 50° Datas Energy Label Energy Performance B Cleaning Performance C Drying Performance D Reference program P304 Eco 50° Specification/ PI-Expression Program Eco 50°C Water consumtion 17 l Energy consumption 1.42-1.34 kWh Program duration ~ 80 min Noise level - without door insulation ~ ...

Radiomarine Corporation of America -- CRM-46092

The model RAZ-1 radio receiving equipment comprises the following major units: CRM-46092 - Radio Receiver CRM-50092 - Pre-Selector CRM-20096 - Rectifier Power Supply Unit The CRM-4.6092 radio receiver and the CRM-50092 preselector cover a continuous frequency range of 15 to 600 K.C., divided into four bands. Two selector switches are used on the radio receiver and a similar switch is employed on the pre-selector to obtain the following frequency ranges: Range 1 - 15 to 40 K.C ...

LG -- LM40

Tektronix -- 1121

The Tektronix Type 1121 Amplifier is a self-contained two stage amplifier designed primarily to increase the sensitivity of the equipment with which it is used. Overall gain of 'the unit is 100. Thus, with maximum input of ±10 mv, the output is ±1 v. A cascode-type step attenuator permits attenuation of the input signal from IX to 500X in nine calibrated steps. This allows a signal of up to ±5 volts at the input connector without overloading the amplifier. Connection between the ...

Telequipment -- S2A