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Philips Medical Systems -- FM-2 (M2922A)
Monitoring System

FM-2 Fetal Monitor Intended Use FM-2 is a Fetal Monitor for non-invasively measuring, and showing maternal uterine contractions and the fetal heart rate as a graphical display and optionally on a strip chart recorder, printer or OB TraceVue system. The data is intended to aid in assessing the well being of the fetus during the final trimester of pregnancy (Non-Stress Test). This device is for use only by trained medical personnel located in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices an ...

Grundig -- S 55-806 TOP/TR

Mitsubishi -- WD-52627

Singer -- 18-3
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 18 have a cylinder bed with the balance wheel at the left hand and are designed for vamping shoes, etc.They are also successfully used for stitching other work in light and medium weight leather. A flat, work plate which can he readily attached or detached is furnished when so ordered. Machine 18-3 has one needle and a long beak shut,lie, a roller presser and wheel Iced at the left of the needle. The cylinder bed is 2’2 inches in diameter and IO1·, inches in lengt ...

Aiwa -- CT-FX728M
Car Radio cassette

Tektronix -- SG 504

The SG 504 provides a constant-amplitude sine wave over a frequency range from 245 MHz to 1050 MHz. Amplitude-reference sine waves of .05 MHz or 6.0 MHz (selected by internal switch) are provided. The output head has an output impedance of 50 ohms. The peak-to-peak voltage from the output head is adjusted by a calibrated five-turn potentiometer. The SG 504 Leveled Sine Wave Generator is designed for use in the TM 500 series power modules. The front-panel FREQUENCY MONITOR OUT connector p ...