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Sony -- MEX-BT5100
Car Radio

Kenwood -- TS-850S

Acer -- TravelMate 6492 Series

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Operating system • Genuine Windows® VistaTM Capable • Genuine Windows® XP Professional (Service Pack 2) Note: Windows® VistaTM Capable PCs come with Windows ® XP installed, and can be upgraded to Windows® VistaTM. Platform and memory • Intel® CoreTM2 Duo mobile processor supporting Intel® 64 architecture and Intel® Virtualization technology • Mobile Intel® GM965 Chipset (Northbridge), ...

Samsung -- ML-4551NDR

Series Model: ML-4550 / 4551N / 4551ND - High speed Laser Printer: Up to 43 ppm in A4 (45 ppm in Letter), Duplex: 29 ipm (A4); 30 ipm (Letter) - Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi - Marvell 500Mhz - Memory: 128 MB (Max. 512 MB) 128, or 256 MB optional memory available. Use only the Samsung-approved DIMM. 128 MB: ML-MEM150, 256 MB: ML-MEM160 - Option: ML-4550:500-sheet trays, ethernet 10/100 Base TX wired LAN, ethernet 10/100 Base hard disk, duplex unit, DIMM - Toner cartridge: Star ...

Yaesu -- FT-6200

Velleman -- HHPS5