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LG -- 47LE730N

IFR -- A-8000
Spectrum analyzer

The A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer is a microprocessor-controlled, superheterodyne unit which features ease of operation, while providing the features of a full-function spectrum analyzer. 1 -2 STANDARD FEATURES The A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer covers a range from 10 kHz to 2600 MHz at signal levels up to +30 dBm. Signal levels are read directly on the CRT graticule display in dBm, dBy W, dBV, dBmV or dBp V. Signals can be stored and recalled or used for comparison purposes. Standard A-8000 input ...

Philips -- LC4.2E AA
TV chassis

Tektronix -- TDS2022

TDS1000 and TDS2000 Series Oscilloscopes. Colorful Performance at a Black and White Price. The TDS1000 Series and TDS2000 Series digital storage oscilloscopes deliver an unbeatable combination of superior performance, unmatched ease-of-use and affordability in an ultra lightweight, portable package. These new products extend the performance and ease-of-use features in the former TDS200 Series, the benchmark for low-cost oscilloscopes. Affordable Digital Performance With up to 200 MH ...

Knight-Kit -- V-107

This VFO is designed for the ever-growing group of Hams who are active on the V H F bands. Coverage is for the most active part of 6 meters (50 to 52 me) or for the entire 2 meter band (144 to 148 me ). The VFO can be calibrated for either band ; a two scale dial is easily calibrated for either band. The Clapp Oscillator circuit assures maximum stability, and the high value of shunting capacitors C-6 and C-7 minimizes any change in tube or circuit capacity. A voltage regulator further ...

Hewlett Packard -- Pavilion tx1000

Product Name HP Pavilion tx1000 Entertainment PC Processors AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology TL-60 (2.0-GHz, 1-MB L2 cache) TL-56 (1.8-GHz, 1-MB L2 cache) TL-52 (1.6-GHz, 1-MB L2 cache) TL-50 (1.6-GHz, 512-KB L2 cache) MK-36 (2.0-GHz, 512-KB L2 cache) Chipset NVIDIA Northbridge C51M (Mobile Integrated Graphics) NVIDIA Southbridge MCP51 Graphics NVIDIA UMA Panels 12.1-inch, WXGA (16:10 aspect ratio) BrightView with touch screen 12.1-inch, WXGA (16:10 aspect ratio) BrightVi ...