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Hewlett Packard -- 3400A
Analog multimeter

The Model 3400A RMS Voltmeter measures the actual root- means-square (RMS) value of ac voltage between 100 microvolt and 300 volts. Frequency range is from 10Hz to 10MHz. Full scale measurements of nonsinusoidal waveform with crest factors (ratio of peak voltage to rms voltage) of 10 can be made.

Yaesu -- FT-7900R

The FT-7900R is a ruggedly-built, high quality Dual Band FM transceiver providing 50 Watts of power output on the 144 MHz Amateur band and 45 Watts on the 430 MHz Amateur band. The high power output of the FT-7900R is produced by its RD70HVF1 Power MOS FET amplifier, with a direct-flow heat sink and thermostatically-controlled cooling fan maintain- ing a safe temperature for the transceiver’s circuitry. Featuring 1055 memory channels which enable the storage of Independent Transmit Fre ...

Philips -- City Line Venice FC8424/A
Vacuum cleaner

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Maximum air displacement : 34 l/sec. - Maximum vacuum water column : 260 cm - Power consumption (IEC) 225V : 1500 W - Dust storage capacity : 2 l - Cord length (depends on version) : 6 m - Filter system : 5 filters - Dimensions of cleaner : 382 x 292 x 218 mm - Dimensions of packaging : 510 x 305 x 330 mm - Net weight : 4.5 Kg - Gross weight : 8,0 Kg - Noise : 79 dB

Acer -- TravelMate 7720 Series

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Platform and memory Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile processor technology, featuring: (for selected models) Intel® CoreTM2 Duo Mobile Processor T7300/T7500/T7700 (4 MB L2 cache, 2/2.2/2.4 GHz, 800 MHz FSB), or T7100 (2 MB L2 cache, 1.8 GHz, 800 MHz FSB), or higher, supporting Intel® 64 architecture (for selected models) Mobile Intel® PM965/GM965/GL960 Express Chipset (for selected models) Intel® Wireless ...

Icom -- IC-2A

JVC -- EM55RF5