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Telequipment -- D67A

The D67A is a 25 MHz, all solid state dual-trace oscilloscope. An 8 x 10 cm mesh CRT provides a bright and clear display. The dual.trace vertical system displays either channel separately, adds channels algebraically, alternates between channels or chops between channels at 150 kHz rate. The delayed sweep feature permits close examination of any part of a complex waveform and allows for an accurate time measurement of the input waveform. The solid state design, using FET input circuitry, ...

Electronic Navigation Industries -- 350L

The ENi Model 350L is an all solid state amplifier which has a flat frequency response from 250 kHz to 105 MHz. It provides 50 watts of linear power with low harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Gain is 50 dB nominal, with a variation of less than +1.5 dB over the entire frequency range. Input and output impedance are 50 ohms and the unit may be driven to full power output by most RF synthesizers, signal generators and swept signal sources. The ENI Model 350L will deliver its rated p ...

Grundig -- T 51-730 MegASIS

Grundig -- Denver SE 8216/9 Ref./PIP

Philips -- AX5305
CD player

Phase Linear -- 400