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Sony -- KW-34HD1

Sony -- OA-D32V
Floppy disk drive

Philips -- Chassis EM8E
TV chassis

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario 1600-XL150

EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. -- 150
Signal Analyzer

The EICO Model 150 Solid-State Signal Tracer is a high quality instrument that uses the latest in transistorized circuits to provide a most convenient facility for servicing a wide variety of electronic equipment such as AM and FM radios, TV receivers, audio equipment, and many types of radio transmitters, including most ham and CB units. FEATURES 1. Two input channels are incorporated: high-gain RF and medium-gain audio. Separate probes, a shielded RF crystal demodulator probe and a di ...

Samsung -- GPR46MUS
TV chassis