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Keithley -- 182
Digital multimeter

FEATURES The Model 182 Sensitive Digital Voltmeter is a fully-programmable instrument with 1nV sensitivity. The Model 182 provides highly-accurate, stable, low-noise readings on five ranges for DC voltage measurements between 1nV and 30V. ยป Special input characteristics: Low common-mode current and RFI for minimal undesirable effects on sensitive circuits. Fast open input recovery places the input preamp in a nonsaturating state when the inputs are open while the instrument is in ...

Whirlpool -- ADP 971/3 GRM
Dish washer

Telequipment -- D54R

Sharp -- TQ-GX30D
Mobile phone

Ameritron -- AL-84

The AMERITRON AL-84 is a grounded grid class AB linear power amplifier that operates on 1.8 through 22 MHz. Four inexpensive 6MJ6 beam tetrodes are driven through an impedance compensating and power swamping network that eliminates instabilities common to parallel tube amplifiers while providing a low SWR to the exciter throughout the frequency range of the amplifier. The pi-network output exceeds FCC harmonic specifications and provides full tuning coverage of all amateur, MARS and i ...

Grundig -- DAVIO 37 P 37-4201/5 TOP