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Grundig -- RCD 2000
Audio system

Philips -- Diva GC 137

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Colour red - Aluminium soleplate - Pilot lamp - Full length button groove - Integrated cord winder TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage/frequency : 100 V, 110-127 V, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 900 W at 100 V 950-1100 W at 220-240 V 750-1000 W at 110-127 V Soleplate The Aluminium soleplate used is smooth and corrosion free which treats fabrics gently

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL183

Samsung -- YEPP YP-P3
MP3 player

 Stylish Slim Design - 9.9mm Stylish Slim Design - Tempered glass touch screen + beautiful metal design. - Wide 3" screen with high portability and multi format playback.  Emoture™2.0 + Widgets + Haptic - Offers a more convenient touch interface than Emoture™1.0 - Offers color icons and stylish GUI, and enables user to move icons freely. - The menu screen can be neatly personalized with the widget function using Flash. - A vibration motor maximizes the feeling of touchi ...

Philips -- MX3550D
Home theater

JVC -- GY-HM650U
Video camera