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Mitsubishi -- WD-65C8

• Power Input : AC 120V, 60Hz • Power Usage : See table on page 5 • Light Engine : DLPTM (1920 x 1080 pixels) 5 Primary Color System • Light Source : 180W • Channel Range : Air VHF - 2~13, UHF - 14~69 Analog Cable - 1~125 Digital Cable - 1~135 • Antenna Input : 2 RF 75Ω unbalanced • Tuning : 1 NTSC/ATSC/QAM • Cabinet Dimensions : See Table on page 5 • Weight : See table on page 5 • Speakers (4Ω 10W) : Two 5½"x2¼" Oval • Input Level : VIDEO IN JACK ...

Kontron Instruments -- SIGMA 110
Ultrasound Equipment

SIGMA 110 and SIGMA 330 are Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems intended for scanning in multi- application. They both support 2D, TM and spectral Doppler ultrasound modes. SIGMA 330 additionally supports Colour Flow Mapping (CFM). SIGMA 110/330 can be used in following applications: - Abdominal - Breast - Cardiology - Emergency - Endocrinology - Gastro-enterology - Gynaecology - Musculoskeletal - Neonatology - Obstetrics - Paediatrics - Small parts - Urology - Vascular SIGMA 330 f ...

Kenwood -- AT-120

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Armada 110 and

The Compaq Armada 110 and Evo N110 Series notebooks offer advanced modularity, Intel Pentium III or Intel Celeron processors with 64-bit architecture, industry-leading Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) implementation, and extensive multimedia support.

LG -- 47LE7380-ZA

Central Electronics -- DQ

The «Q" Multiplier is a selectivity device for use with either the Sideband Slicer or any receiver having an IF frequency range from ¿50 to 500 kca. Model AQ is intended for use with Model A Sideband Slicer end. converts, the Slicer to Model E. Model DQ is a Desk Model for use with any receiver in the above IF frequency range. The unit consists of a high "Q" coil connected in a vacuum tube (6AB4) circuit so that by means of feedback, the effective "Q" of th ...