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Fluke -- PM3370

GE Healthcare -- Dash 3000
Monitoring System

The Dash patient monitor can function as a portable monitoring device with a built-in writer, or as a flexible care monitoring device connected to the optional Unity Network via Ethernet. If using the wireless card or Ethernet connection, optional components are a Clinical Information Center (CIC ProTM) and a CentralscopeTM central station. This device is designed to monitor a fixed set of parameters including ECG, noninvasive blood pressure, impedance respiration, SpO2, and temperatu ...

Sharp -- MD-MS702H
Minidisc player

Verathon Inc. -- BladderScan® BVI 9400
Ultrasound Equipment

BladderScan® instruments are the gold standard in bladder volume measurement. The BladderScan® BVI 9400, with patented NeuralHarmonicsTM technology, is a portable ultrasound instrument that provides a noninvasive measurement of urinary bladder volume. The device consists of an ultrasound probe that scans the patient’s bladder, and a compact, battery-operated console that provides an array of measurement-related information. BladderScan® is noninvasive and comfortable for the patien ...

General Radio Company -- 760-B

The Type 760-B Sound Analyzer is intended primarily for use with the Type 1551-A or Type 759-B Sound-Level Meter to separate complex sounds and noises into their various frequency components. It is also useful as a general-purpose laboratory harmonic analyzer, and can be used as a frequency- selective bridge detector for audio frequencies. The band width of the analyzer is a constant percentage of the frequency to which the analyzer is tuned. Frequency Range: Calibrated directly in cyc ...

Sony -- CCD-TRV36
Video camera

Video camera recorder System Video recording system 2 Rotary heads Helical scanning FM system Audio recording system Rotary heads, FM system Video signal NTSC color, EIA standards Usable cassette 8mm video format cassette CCD-TR315/TR416/TR416PK CCD-TRV16/TRV16PK : standard 8 CCD-TR516/TR516PK/TR716 CCD-TRV36/TRV36PK/TRV43/TRV46/ TRV46PK : Hi8 Recording / Playback time (using 120 min. cassette) SP mode: 2 hours LP mode: 4 hours Fastforward/rewind time (using 120 min. casset ...