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Leader -- LBO-5880

The LBO-588CI is a dual trace, delayed-sweep, programmable oscilloscope that allows all scope mode settings. This includes variable controls which are easily stored in a 100-address internal memory and can be recalled whenever needed. It features 5 mV/div (30 MHz) and 1 mV/div (20 MHz: MAG X 5), and a maximum sweep rate of 20 ns/div (MAG X 10), with a 6-inch rectangular metal-back CRT with a high-brightness, internal graticule. T le waveform clamping function of the LBO-5880 and its ...

Fisher & Paykel -- MW060
Washing machine

Grundig -- ST 55-934 GB/DOLBY

Tektronix -- P6137

The P6137 is a compact, 1.5 meter 10X, passive voltage probe designed specifically for use with the Tektronix 2400 Series oscilloscopes. It is fully compatible with the Tektronix family of compact probe accessories.

Kern & Sohn GmbH -- PLS 20000-1F

Ferisol -- A 207 A
Analog multimeter

Le Voltmetre Electronique Ferisol type A 207 est un appareil entierement transistorise tres complet, qui assume 4 fonctions distinctes dans les domaines suivants : - voltmetre continu - amperemetre continu - voltmetre altematif - ohmmetre II se compose essentiellement d'un amplificateur ä courant continu, precede dans le cas de mesures en altematif d'un redresseur ä " diode " specialement adapte aux mesures de signaux ä haute frequence. Des diviseurs exterieurs ...