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Lafayette -- TE-15
Valve characteristic meter

The Lafayette Model TE-15 is a modern and compact Tube Tester designed to provide speedy yet efficient operation. The Model TE-15 will test tube types used in Radio, Hi-Fi, Monochrome, Color TV, etc., for quality of emission and inter-electrode shorts. Sockets and circuits have been provided for testing the new Noval and SubMinar types in addition to the Octal, Loctal and 7-pin miniature types.

Marantz -- model 170DC

Philips -- DVD 781
DVD player

Philips -- Easy shave HQ46

PRODUCT INFORMATION Shaving system - Lift & cut system - Individually floating heads - Micro + shaving heads - Silent power - Hair collecting chamber Power system - Up to 30 minutes cordless shaving time

Kenmore -- 795.78753800

Alliance -- T-20

The Alliance Tenna-RotorĀ® consists of two units: the rotor unit, which mounts on the mast below the antenna, and the control box, which is placed on or about the TV receiver. These are interconnected by a four- or five-conductor cable. The theory of operation concerns two separate circuits. The first is the power circuit, which in all Tenna-RotorsĀ® transmits the power that actuates the motor and rotates the antenna. The second is the indicator or signal circuit, which reports the roto ...