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Samsung -- DV316LEW/XAA

1. Super Size Capacity 2. Energy Saving 3. Time Saving

Singer -- 12W225
Sewing machine

Machine 12W225 for basting vests, tacking coat pads, stair pads or other light and medium weight materials without compressing the padding. Same as 12W221 Machine except the clearance under the needle stripper is 5/8"

Kenwood -- KR-6600

Samsung -- ProXpress M4030 series

Speed • Up to 40 ppm in A4 (42 ppm in Letter) Processor • Dual Core 1GHz Memory (Std / Max) • 256 MB / 2 GB Interfaces • High-Speed USB 2.0 • 10/100/1000 Base TX Ethernet • 4 Line LCD Toner cartridge yield • Initial : 6,000 pages • Standard : 10,000 pages

Grundig -- STR 2300 MV
Satellite receiver

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- PLZ 30F

The PLZ-U Series Electronic Load Unit is a compact, high-performance, multichannel electronic load unit that has three operation modes: constant current, constant resistance, and constant voltage. The PLZ-U consists of a frame and load units. Load units are inserted into the frame (control section) for operation. The PLZ-30F and PLZ-50F Frames can accommodate up to 3 channels and 5 channels of load units, respectively. The current capacity or power capacity can be increased through a pa ...