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Combinova -- EFM 200
Level Meter

Electric Field Meter 200 is a professional instrument to measure electrostatic and alternating electric fields. The instrument has a wide dynamic range with automatic gain setting. Electrostatic field measurements are made using a built-in field mill probe. Alternating electric fields are measured using a special probe. Two different frequency ranges are available; ELF (5-2,000Hz) and VLF (2-400kHz). The instrument is powered by a built-in chargeable sealed lead-acid battery. The built-i ...

Philips -- HD 4626/1
Water kettle

Drake -- L-4

The R L DRAKE Model L-4 Linear Amplifier offers continuous 2000 watt PEP-SSB, and 1000 watt D.C. CW, AM and RTTY operation covering the ham bands 80 through 10 meters. All frequencies 3.5 to 30 mHz may be covered with some retuning of the input coils. The L-4 Linear Amplifier was designed to match the TR-3 and TR-4 Transceivers and T-4/T-4X Transmitters in appearance and drive requirements to run the maximum legal input power. The L-4 uses two 8163 or two 3-400Z zero bias triodes in ...

Panasonic -- GD93
Mobile phone

Siemens -- Gigaset 4010 Micro

General Radio Company -- 732-B
Level Meter

The Type 732-B Distortion and Noise Meter is intended for use in radio stations to measure the audio-frequency distortion and noise level in the transmitter output as well as in the audio-frequency portion of the transmitter equipment. It can also he used in distortion measurements on other types of audio-frequency equipment and in the production testing of radio receivers.