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Tektronix -- 533

General The Tektronix Type 533/533A Oscilloscopes are general purpose instruments well suited to laboratory use. Plug-in preamplifiers are used in the vertical-deflection system, permitting the instruments to be used in many specialized applications, including, among others, wide band, dual trace, low level, differential, maximum frequency response and risetime, and transistor risetime checking. Specifications listed below apply to both the Type 533 and Type 533A, except in cases that ...

Grundig -- ARGANTO 70 MW 70 – 510/8 DPL

Fluke -- PM 5136

PM 5136 • High performance at a budget price • Frequency range from 0.1mHz to 5MHz (20Vpp) • High accurate signals, low distortion • In practice proved mechanical and electronic design • Large backlit display and easy menu controlled operation • Continuously variable symmetry • 7 Standard waveforms: sine, triangle, square, pos/neg pulse, pos/neg/ sawtooth • Internal and external modulation modes: AM, FM, Lin. Sweep, Log. Sweep and Burst • 9 Setting memorie ...

ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations -- Alpha PA-76P

The ALPHA 76 (model PA-76) is a self-contained high frequency linear power amplifier capable of continuous operation at d-c plate power inputs of 2.5 kilowatts PEP for SSB voice and one kilowatt average or continuous carrier with no time limit (NTL). The ALPHA 76 is tunable over the range 1.8-2.0 MHz plus 3_3° MHz, optimized for convenience in the six amateur bands of 10 through 160 meters.

Krohn-Hite Corporation -- 7500

The Krohn-Hite Model 7500, shown in Figure 1, is an all solid state, direct coupled amplifier, that provides 75 watts of continuous power (150 watts at DC), at 125 volts RMS, from DC to 100 kHz. Frequency response of the 7500 is fiat to within 0.1 db, and harmonic distortion at full power output is less than 0.1%, from DC to 10 kHz. A front panel control selects 20 db (10) or 40 db (100) of fixed gain, or zero to 40 db of continuously variable gain. The output of the 7500 can be offset ...

Electronic Navigation Industries -- 2100L

■ Model 2100L is a broadband solid state Amplifier covering the frequency range to 12 MHz. Up than 100 watts of RF power can be produced at the output, with low harmonic and demodulation distortion. Up to 300 watts saturated power can be produced with distortion products.