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Philips -- MC235 37
Audio System

Henry Radio -- 2004A

The 2006A, 2002A and 2004A are a family of high quality, desk model, single stage linear RF amplifiers using an Eimac ceramic triode power tube. All models employ the same grounded grid design to insure simplicity of concept and all employ conservatively rated components to insure years of reliable operation. The amplifiers are completely self-contained and use the highest quality RF. DC and AC components available today. All that is necessary for operation is a transceiver, an AC mains ...

Canon -- PIXMA iP4000R

Pioneer -- XR-A660
Cassette deck

Hewlett Packard -- 5382A
Frequency counter

The HP Model 5382A Frequency Counter (see Figure 1-1) is a direct-counting frequency counter that has a range of 10 Hz to 225 MHz. Eight display digits are provided. Front-panel controls allow a selection of gate times and attenuation factors of the input signal. A rear-panel connector and associated selector switch allow connection of an external time base oscillator. This feature also allows ratio measurements to be made by the counter. When the optional temperature compensated crystal ...

Fluke -- 8012A
Digital multimeter

1-1. INTRODUCTION • Automatic polarity indication and overrange 1-2. This manual contains complete operating and maintenance instructions for the Fluke Models 8010A and 8012A Digital Multimeters. The information presented in this manual reflects both instruments except where indicated by a particular model number. The term Multimeter is used throughout this manual to indicate both the 8010A and the 8012A. 1-3. The Multimeters are portable bench-type digital multimeters (DMMs) with 3- ...