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Kenwood -- SM-220

1. Station Monitor SM-220 is designed specifically for measurement of the TS-820 and TS-520 series SSB transceivers. 2. The unit is comprised of a monitor-scope, oscilloscope and two-tone audio generator. A Pan Display option is also available. 3. The monitor-scope will display transmitted waveform from 1.8 MHz to 54 MHz, 5W-2 KW PEP, and to 150 MHz, 100W PEP. Drive input terminals permit trapezoid waveform observation. 4. The oscilloscope features high sensitivity (better than 20 mV/DI ...

Kenwood -- VT-181
Analog multimeter

General A Signal voltage to be measured, which is input from the INPUT connector, is passed through the First Attenuator and is converted to a low impedance by the Impedance Converter. The impedance-converted signal is normalized, or further attenuated in proportion to 1mVrms fullscale value through the Second and Third Attenuator. The normalized signal is magnified 20-fold by the Main Amplifier and is fed to the Output Amplifier and the Absolute-Mean Value Detector. The Output Ampli ...

Tektronix -- 067-0587-02

DESCRIPTION OF INSTRUMENT The 067-0587-02 Signal Standardizer is a calibration aid for all 7000-series mainframes. It will standardize all mainframes to all 7-series plug-in units, both vertical and horizontal. Test functions permit calibration of deflection factor, transient response, and gain of trigger channels. Bandwidth measurements of mainframes alone can be made by connecting a frequency standard to the AUX IN-CW IN connector. The gain of the horizontal channel can be calibrate ...

Amstrad -- PPC 512D
Nostalgically Computer

Yamaha -- A4000
Effect Processor

Tone generation method AWM2 tone generator Maximum Polyphony 126 notes (64 notes on the A4000), 32 multi-timbre parts (16 parts on the A4000) A/D conversion 20 bit 64-times oversampling D/A conversion 24 bit 8-times oversampling Digital I/O (only when AIEB1 I/O expansion board is installed) Input/output DIGITAL connectors S/P-DIF (coaxial) OPTICAL connectors S/P-DIF (optical) Input frequency 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz Output frequency 44.1 kHz Sampling frequency Analog inp ...

Philips -- PM3320

This compact dual channel digital storage oscilloscope features an extensive sampling rate of 250 Megasamples/s with a vertical bandwidth of 200 MHz and a vertical resolution of 10 bit. An outstanding feature is the AUTO-SET pushbutton facility, which automatically sets various controls of the instrument to suit the input signal value. In this way, optimum ease of operation is obtained as the input signal immediately presents a correct, stable display on the bright C.R.T. screen. The br ...