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Wavetek -- 22

MODEL 22 Model 22 is a closed-loop, frequency stabilized, sweep/function generator. Both short term and long term frequency accuracy is 0.09% over its 10OµHzto 11 MHz frequency span. Modes are continuous, triggered, gated, sweep set, continuous sweep and triggered sweep. Output levels are to 20V peak-to-peak (10 Vp-p into 50Ω). Waveforms are sine, triangle, square, ramp up, ramp down, and dc. Above 1.1 kHz waveforms are analog generated; below, waveforms are digitally synthesiz ...

Sony -- KV-29FX30K

Sony -- DSC-F717

Grundig -- MW 70-2690 FR / TOP

Blaupunkt -- Kiel CD32
Car CD Tuner

Goldstar -- CKT-2190 X