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Whirlpool -- DWF 405 W
Dish washer

Spirent Communications -- TAS Series II Digital

Series II Digital – the first Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) emulator designed for the Internet Age. The Series II Digital Telephone Network Emulator is the latest generation of the world’s most advanced telephone network emulators. Series II Digital tests any type of device that communicates via the PSTN, including modems, remote access servers, fax machines, and other subscriber voice/data equipment. Major Features: n Emulates local exchange transmission impair ...

Accuphase -- E-305

Anritsu -- MS2601J
Spectrum analyzer

The MS2601A/J Spectrum Analyzer has a wide bandwidth from 9 kHz to 2.2 GHz which includes the video band. The RF input impedance is 50 Ω for the MS2601A and 75 Ω for the MS2601J. A synthesized system is used for the local signal. Also, since an automatic calibration function is built in, measurement error is reduced to 1/3 of conventional Anritsu spectrum analyzers and very accurate measurements are possible. The MS2601A/J operability is furthered by use of a zone marker, a zone marker ...

Pioneer -- DV-260-S
DVD player

Realistic -- STA-120B

General Description Your STA-120B is a solid state stereophonic receiver with an output of 140 watts, full controls for radio and tape and records, a number of truly unique features, and comes to you mounted at the factory in a walnut cabinet for which you do NOT have to pay the usual $29.95 or so extra. The AM radio is wideband in design, meaning the STA-120B reproduces the maximum fidelity of which the medium is capable. The FM radio section has a superb FET-transistor front end a ...