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Alpine -- DHA-S680P
Car DVD Player

SRS Stanford Research Systems -- PS325
Power supply

The PS300 series are programmable precision high voltage power supplies for use in laboratory or test applications. They feature reversible polarity, excellent regulation and low output voltage ripple. The digital displays provide accurate readings of voltage and current. Also, digital entry of the current and voltage provides accurate resettability. Output voltage can be set from either the front panel, the remote analog voltage, or over the optional GPIB interface. Voltage and current ...

Ramsey Electronics -- COM 3
Communications Test Set

The Com 3 is a lightweight, compact service monitor for testing AM and FM transceivers. The internal battery, which is a standard feature of the Com 3, combined with the optional carrying case and low weight (13 lbs), make it ideal for field use. Utilizing specially designed micro powered oven circuits, warm -up time is minimal, providing maximum use of the battery. The frequency range is 100 KHz to 999.999 MHz in 500 Hz steps. Standard CTS tones as well as a 1 KHz tone can be generat ...

Philips -- Respironics Esprit

The Respironics V200 Ventilator is a microprocessor-controlled, electrically powered mechanical ventilator. It is intended for use by qualified medical personnel to provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients as prescribed by a physician. The ventilator is intended for use in either invasive or non-invasive applications in institutional environments.

Philips -- HP 4868
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 230 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1800 W Attachment : Nozzle and comb diffuser Settings : 6 settings, the Cool shot and Turbo setting included Cord length : 1.8 m Colours : Housing : Grey colour Attachments : Pastel Parchment Features : Hanging loop

Acer -- Aspire 7000

Features Platform Aspire 9300 Series AMDTM Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52/TL-56/TL-60 (1.6/1.8/2GHz, 2 x 512 KB L2 cache), TL-50 (1.6GHz, 2 x 256 KB L2 cache) featuring: Dual-core processing Simultaneous 32 bit and 64 bit Windows® support AMD PowerNow!TM, AMD HyperTransportTM, Enhanced Virus Protection2 and 3DNow! professional technology Aspire 7000 Series AMD SempronTM Mobile Technology 3200+/3500+(1.6/1.8 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache), 3400+ (1.8 GHz, 256 KB L2 ...