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Leica -- DMI3000B

The Leica DMI Series microscopes covered in this manual are designed for biological, routine, and research applications. This includes the examination of samples taken from the human body in order to provide information on physiological or pathological states or congenital abnormalities; to determine the safety and compatibility with potential recipients; or to monitor therapeutic measures. The Leica DMI Series is an additional development of Leica’s proven inverted research microscope ...

Philips -- HI 178

Voltage / frequency : 220 V , 50 - 60 Hz : 220 - 240 V , 50 - 60 Hz : 110 - 127 V , 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1000 Watts Product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. Auto shut-off : A relay in the electronic module interrupts the power to the heating element when the iron is motionless in : − horizontal position for 30 seconds − vertical position for 8 minutes When the iron is moved again, normal function continues. N.B. In order to allo ...

Nissan -- CQ-EN7161Z
Car CD changer

FEATUERS • PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. • Preset Scanning / All Preset Scan • Traffic information and emergency broadcasts • 6-Disc CD changer (in dash board). • Adjustable VOL, BAS, TRE, FAD and BAL. • Sttering sheel controls • Telephone interrupt / audio output • CQ-EN7160 is Rockford unit. Flat EQ; lowered gain & Rockford logo on faceplate

Hewlett Packard -- 1630D
Logic Analyzer

Logic analyzers perform trace measurements . The HP 1630A/D/G models are interactive state and timing analyzers for use in the design and troubleshooting of microprocessor based systems . An analyzer traces activity from several points during a period of system operating time. Theanalyzer may perform both state and timing measurements together and interactively control the capture of information in each of these two functions. General Information Model 1630A/D/G The analyzer can perfor ...

Wavetek -- 1062

The Wavetek 1060 Series is a family of rugged, low cost, solid state sweep generators covering the frequency range of 1 to 400 MHz. The Models 1061 and 1062 are general purpose sweep generators designed for a variety of applications, while the Models 1066 and 1067 are designed primarily for CATV use. Each unit features 20 dB PIN diode leveling and remote programming of center frequency, sweep width, and output level. Up to five crystal controlled marker modules may be plugged into the un ...

Samsung -- SGH-E200
Mobile phone

Main Function -1.3M Camera -1.8", QCIF, 65K colors -Video Recording & Messaging -Music Player(MP3/AAC/AAC+) -Multimedia Message Service (MMS) -Bluetooth Wireless Technology -E-mail -Voice recorder -Java / WAP2.0 -Tri-band(900/1800/1900MHz)