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Swan Electronics Corp. -- 350 series

The Swan Model 350 Single Sideband Transceiver together with its accessories and optional equipment, is designed to be used in either CW or SSB modes on all portions of the 80-, 40-, 20-, 15-, and 10-meter amateur radio bands. AM (SSB with carrier) operation is possible by zero-beating the received signal.

Singer -- 12w213
Sewing machine

Machine 12W213, for basting shoulder pads of coats, has a specially shaped narrow bed. The machine is mounted transversely on the table, on an iron base.

Grundig -- ST 63-782 TOP

Leader -- LMV-181A
Analog multimeter

These instruments are millivokmeters and voltmeters with mean value indicating devices that offer offective value calibration, and are used for measuring sine wave alternating current voltages of ΙΟΟμν — 300V [150V — 500V] in the 5Hz — 1MHz frequency range. These instruments are highly sensitive and precise. New circuitry insures wide range readings with excellent linearity characteristics. The use of output terminals enables application of these units as wide-band high gain a ...

Pioneer -- SX-950

Icom -- IC-04AT