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Grundig -- Allixx SCD 5410 DAB
Car CD Tuner

Sony -- HCD-S550

AVO -- TT537
Test Set

INTRODUCTION The Avo Transistor and Diode Tester provides, in one instrument, facilities for both transistor and diode testing. The tester is a compact, simple to operate, direct reading instrument, providing an accurate and convenient method for the measurement of transistor and diode characteristics. Provision is made for the rapid and accurate measurement of transistor hfe up to 1500 at a frequency of approximately lkc/s and the measurement of leakage current between 1/xA and 40 ...

the hallicrafters co. -- S-76

Sony -- ICF-5900W

IFR -- A-7550
Spectrum analyzer

The A-7550 Spectrum Analyzer is a microprocessor-control1ed } superheterodyne unit which offers ease of operation, while including the most needed features of a spectrum analyzer. 1-2 STANDARD FEATURES The A-7550 Spectrum Analyzer covers a range from 100 kHz to 999.9999 MHz at levels of up to +30 dBm. Signal levels may be directly read on the CRT in either dBm* dByW, dBV, dBmV or dByV. Signals can be stored, recalled, plotted or used for comparison purposes. Standard A-7 5 5 0 input impe ...