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Laerdal -- Heartstart 911

The Heartstart 911 is a lightweight, portable, battery-powered, semi-automatic defibrillator. When connected to a patient via cables and self-adhesive defibrillation electrodes and turned on, the Heartstart 911 prompts the operator to take specific actions, analyses the ECG, charges the shock capacitors and indicates whether a shockable rhythm is present. The operator discharges the device. The Heartstart 911 is intended for use by emergency care personnel who have completed training a ...

Sony -- CDX-F7750
Car CD Tuner

Whirlpool -- ADG 931/2 AV
Dish washer

Technical data Dimension Height 85 cm Width 44.8 cm Depth 60 cm Weight 45 kg Wooden door Thickness min. 16 mm Thickness max. 25 mm Width min. 445 mm Width max. 450 mm Height min. 571.5 mm Height max. 604 mm Weight min. 1.8 kg Weight max. 5.6 kg Max. stick out over lower edge of appliance door 90 mm Specification / PI-Expression (norm. Progr.) Detergent 25 gr Saltconsumption by 21 °deg d.H. 28 gr Water connection up to 60 °C Capacity 9 stand. place settings Volume ...

Philips -- HD 4631
Water kettle

Mitsubishi -- LT-3280

Good Will -- GDS-820