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Kenwood -- TKM-707

Kenwood -- TM-721A

Agilent -- 81133A

Introduction to the Agilent 81133A/81134A Pulse Generator The Agilent 81133A and 81134A Pulse/Pattern Generators are high- end, easy-to-use tools for generating pulses, patterns and data at speeds up to 3.35 GHz. They are ideal instruments for testing logic devices (for example, ECL, LVDS, LVPECL) and other digital devices with clock rates from 15 MHz to 3.35 GHz. You can use the Pulse Generators for applications where timing and performance are critical and full control over signal jitt ...

Yaesu -- FT-101EX

The model FT-101E/277E SSB Transceiver is a precision built, compact high performance transceiver of advanced design providing SSB (USB. LSB selectable). CVV and V1 modes of operation The transceiver operates at an input of 260 watts SSB. 180 watts CW and 80 watts AM on all bands 160 to 10 meters. All circuits, except the transmitter driver and linear amplifier, are transistorized and composed of standard computer type plug-in modules, permiting easy maintenance. The transceiver is ...

Philips -- PM 5134

The PM 5134 is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated function generator embodying a wide range of facilities in a single instrument. It produces sine, square and triangle wave forms as well as positive or negative pulses and DC. The duty cycle is variable between 10% and 90%. The 1mHz to 20MHz frequency range is selected by means of a 10-position rotary switch with an overriding coarse/fine adjustment. This fine adjustment, combined with the 3 1/2 digit LED display, gives an immediate, highl ...

Sony -- WAX2
TV chassis