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Allen & Heath -- XONE:S6

Tektronix -- TR502

The TR 502 Tracking Generator operates with the 7L13 or 7L12 Spectrum Analyzer to provide a calibrated rf signal for swept frequency applications from 100 kHz to 1.8 GHz. The output frequency of the TR 502 can be adjusted to track the spectrum analyzer frequency within 10 Hz. The TR 502, a two-wide unit compatible with the TM 500 Modular Series instruments, is normally used with the TM 503 (Option 07) Power Module. This permits the optional use of a digital counter such as the DC 508A ...

ILX Lightwave -- DPM-79810
Optical Test System

The FOM-7900B Fiber Optic System supports up to eight modules of stabilized DFB or Fabry Perot laser sources, fiber optic switches or dual power meters. All are controlled from a single user interface. The mainframe and modules can be controlled by a GPIB/IEEE-488.2 or RS-232 interface. Up to twenty-five FOM-7900B Systems can be linked to control up to 200 channels from one GPIB address.

Eden -- WP100

ADC Corporation -- 6244
Power supply

The 6243/44 is a DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor featuring a wide source and measurement range as indicated below. 6243: Voltage 0 to ±110 V; Current 0 to ±2 A 6244: Voltage 0 to ±20 V; Current 0 to ±10 A The 6243/44 features high accuracy with a source resolution of 4-1/2 digits and a measurement resolution of 5-1/2 digits. As well as various types of sweeping functions and a capacity for measuring pulses with a minimum width of 1 ms. These features make the product a highly sui ...

Epson -- LX-850

FEATURES The LX-8 10/850 is a small, light-weight, low-cost, advanced paper handling printer comparable to the LX-800. Its main features are: 1. Advanced paper handling: Auto backout and cut sheet loading 2. Expanded ESC/P-code printing, implemented as a standard feature 3. Printing speeds: 200 cps (high speed draft) 1 5 0 CpS (dri~ft 10 cpi) 1 8 0 CpS (dri~ft 12 cpi) 4. Optional 8100 series interface 5. Clear, easy-to-read printing with a standard EPSON font 6. Two built-in NLQ (N ...