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Philips -- PM 3067

DeLonghi -- DE500P
Air Cleaner

Singer -- 11-17
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 11 have a cylinder bed and drop feed and are designed for stitching heavy tubular shaped articles in cloth or leather. These machines are used in the manufacture of mail bags, coal bags, nose bags, ore bags, military boots, carriage dashes and a great variety of similar articles. They have one needle and an oscillating shuttle and make the lock stitch. Machine No. 11-8 has a reversible feed up or off the arm and is designed for work in cloth. Machine No. 11-11 feeds ac ...

Geloso -- G4/223

This transmitter has been specially designed for CW (telegraphy) and AM 100 % modulated amateur transmissions. Its singular features respect to the precedent G 222 transmitter, are frequency greater stability and the possibility of «break-in» manipulation with V.F.O. circuits always turned on. A relative RF output power meter of new design is also provided in the antenna circuit, particularly facilitating RF output stage adjustment. In addition to the above, the following featur ...

Kenwood -- TM-521E

Grundig -- T 55 – 830 Multi/COM