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Sony -- CFD-757S
Audio system

Fluke -- 9000 Series

Special Functions • Preprogrammed functional tests offer structured testing and troubleshooting of the μΡ’ε BUS, RAM, ROM and I/O Registers. • TROUBLESHOOTING functions: simple READ and WRITE commands allow you to stimulate and observe responses from peripheral interphase adapters (PIAs, CTCs, and UARTs) and circuitry beyond the μΡ bus. Several special functions are available (RAMP, WALK) with preprogrammed stimulus sequences. • Optional RS-232C: easy downloading of programs ...

Technics -- SL-P1300
CD player

Keithley -- 2281S-20-6
Power supply

Leader -- LSW-359

The LSW-359 Swemar generator is a general purpose generator with a wide frequency range of 1 to 1500MHZ It is best suited for use in the research and development testing, and adjustment of VHF, UHF and DBS equipment.

Toyota -- CQ-MS0371A
Car CD Tuner