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Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- COR5501U

Kikusui COR5500U series Oscilloscopes are available in eight models, with different combinations of frequency bandwidths and a digital storage function to best suit your applications. The eight modes are: COR5501U: 100MHz oscilloscope, with 20MS/s digital storage COR5500U: 100MHz oscilloscope COR5561U: 60MHz oscilloscope, with 20MS/s digital storage CORS560U: 60MHz oscilloscope COR5541U: 40MHz oscilloscope, with 20MS/s digital storage COR5540U: 40MHz oscilloscope COR5521U: 20MH ...

Wavetek -- 1801B

• 1 to 500 MHz and 450 to 950 MHz • Calibrated Output (+ 57 to - 33 dBmV) • Excellent Flatness and Linearity • Complete Crystal Marker System • Features for CATV Applications 1 to 950 MHz Frequency Range The solid state Model 1801B Sweep/ Signal Generator provides features and options ideally suited for the manufacturer of TV and CATV equipment and for the installers and operators of CATV systems. The optional 450 to 950 MHz range adequately covers the bands of the future. ...

Fluke -- 8010A
Digital multimeter

1-1. INTRODUCTION • Automatic polarity indication and overrange 1-2. This manual contains complete operating and maintenance instructions for the Fluke Models 8010A and 8012A Digital Multimeters. The information presented in this manual reflects both instruments except where indicated by a particular model number. The term Multimeter is used throughout this manual to indicate both the 8010A and the 8012A. 1-3. The Multimeters are portable bench-type digital multimeters (DMMs) with 3- ...

Fluke -- 80E
Voltage Source

The Model 80E Voltage Dividers extend the measuring range of Fluke differential voltmeters. The Model 80E-10 has a maximum input voltage of 10KV. The Model 80E-5 has a maximum input voltage of 5KV. Other input voltages are available on request. Both 10V and IV output terminals are provided, which permit use of the 80E with Fluke differential voltmeters, or a null- type potentiometer. 1-3. A center zero panel meter permits observation of the approximate magnitude and polarity of the unkno ...

Siemens -- S6 PCN
Mobile phone

Philips -- HP 4633
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 300 Watts at 230 V Attachment : Retractable bristle brush Shape brush plastic Settings : 0 - 1 Cord length : 1.8 metres Colours : Motor unit : Purple Attachments : White