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Electro-Voice -- 719

The Electro-Voice Model 719 is a ceramic omnidirectional microphone especially designed for a wide variety of communications and paging applications. It is adaptable for amateur, CB mobile and base station installations, as well as for paging applications. The smooth frequency response makes the model 719 highly useful for a wide variety of public address applications. The attractively styled, rugged, die-cast stand is carefully balanced for hand-held use as a “grip-to-talk" micr ...

Philips -- MC230
Audio System

Kirisun Communications -- DP-770

Tektronix -- SV970

Designed For The Broadcast Environment SV970 Transport Stream Monitor has been specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of real time DVB monitoring in a transmission environment. With the rapid deployment of digital satellite, terrestrial and cable television, the requirement to ensure that digital broadcasts can be decoded by subscribers set-top boxes (IRDs) and that pic- tures are of optimum quality is paramount. SV970 achieves this by continuously monitoring up t ...

Philips -- HX 2740
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION Type : HP 930 Description : Dental centre Voltage : 220 - 240 V : 200 V : 110 - 127 V Power consumption : 20 Watts Voltage motor : 24 V

Mitsubishi -- CQ-JB0161A
Audio system

FEATUERS ∙ PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. ∙ 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) ∙ FM One-tuner diversity. ∙ Electronic control of power and sound. ∙ CD random, repeat function. ∙ CD-CH, MD-CH control. ∙ Clock function