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Kenwood -- AT-180

LG -- LM57B

Fluke -- 3330B

1 -2. The Model 3330B Programmable Constant Current- Constant Voltage Calibrator is a dc calibration instrument which produces output currents from 0 to 111,11110 milli- amperes and output voltages from Oto 1111.1110 volts dc. Output current selection is provided in three ranges and is accurate to within 0.006% of the selected range. Output voltage selection is also available in three ranges with accuracies as stated in paragraph 1*6. Over current and voltage protection features are also ...

Marconi -- 2380
Spectrum analyzer

FEATURES The 2382 is an exceptionally versatile general purpose Spectrum Analyzer for use from 100 Hz up to 400 MHz. Although simple to operate it has many functions which make it an indispensable tool in research, development, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It analyzes signals by separating them into their frequency components and the power or voltage level of each is displayed as a function of frequency on a CRT screen. Facilities such as the display of ...

DeLonghi -- DE300P
Air Cleaner

Narco National Aeronautical Corporation -- VGTR-1