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Samsung -- SCX-4720F Series

Denon -- ASD-51N
MP3 player

The same music, at the same time throughout your place When you connect an ASD-51W/N to your AV receiver or HiFi system, not only does the music from your iPod sound better, you can also use the ASD-51W to wirelessly connect - or the ASD-51N to wire-connect - to Internet Radio, PC music or other network device. The ASD-51W/N also support Party Mode, a feature that lets you enjoy the same music in each room at the same time.

Singer -- 11-18
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 11 have a cylinder bed and drop feed and are designed for stitching heavy tubular shaped articles in cloth or leather. These machines are used in the manufacture of mail bags, coal bags, nose bags, ore bags, military boots, carriage dashes and a great variety of similar articles. They have one needle and an oscillating shuttle and make the lock stitch. Machine No. 11-8 has a reversible feed up or off the arm and is designed for work in cloth. Machine No. 11-11 feeds ac ...

ETÓN -- E10

MAJOR FEATURES OF THE etón E10 • FM Frequency Range: 87 – 108 MHz (For America); 76 – 108 MHz (For Japan) • Shortwave Frequency Range: 1711 – 29999KHz • 9/10KHz step selector for Medium Wave (AM) reception • 1KHz step for the display of Medium wave and Shortwave • SW IF SET feature, shifts the intermediate frequency to minimize interference during shortwave reception. • Shortwave antenna trimmer • ATS (Auto tuning system) for the memory storage of FM/MW reception ...

AVO -- Valve Tester Type 160
Valve characteristic meter

Introduction 1. Whilst good/bad testing on a semi-production basis will undoubtedly be the major use for this tester, it is certain that the instrument will find considerable use in laboratories and service departments where engineers and skilled personnel will be available, and where more precise details of valve performance can be used to advantage. To this end, additional facilities on the tester, enable Ia/Va, Ia/Vs and Ia/Vg characteristics to be plotted over a wide range of voltag ...

Lafayette -- HA-600A

The Lafayette Model HA-600A is a sensitive solid state superheterodyne receiver designed to meet the needs of the Radio Amateur as well as the most demanding short-wave listener. The large illuminated side rule tuning dial clearly and accurately indicates receiver frequencies from 150 KHz to 30 MHz in five bands. For extreme accuracy, a band spread tuning dial is incorporated with direct dial calibrations on the 80, 40. 20, 15 and 10 meter amateur bands. A 0-100 logging scale is also inc ...