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Toshiba -- Tecra S1 Series

Icom -- IC-245E

Multi-mode mobile transceiver The IC-245E provides 144 - 146MHz FM, USB, CW coverage in the 144 - 146MHz frequency range. Thus the IC-245E can be used for DX, local calls, and satellite work. Refined appearance and convenient layout The knobs are easy to handle, the readout is large and easy on the eyes due to digit brightness during the day and automatic dimming in darkness, and the meter is easy to read. Again, ICOM has produced a set that is as attractive as it is functional. ...

Datron Instruments -- 1061A
Digital multimeter

The Datron 1061, 1061A and 1071 AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring instruments featuring exceptionally high stability and systems capability. The basic instrument provides full DC measurement capability, computation facilities, self check routines and calibration memory. In the AUTOCAL 1061A, operation of the Input Filter key extends the display to 6½ digits to provide extra resolution to 100nV.

Philips -- SA 235
MP3 player

Tektronix -- TM515
Power supply

Instrument Description The TM 515 is a five-wide power module compatible with most TM 500 plug-ins. It provides unregulated ac and dc supplies and nondedicated power transistors for use by the plug-ins. This mainframe does not have a high-power compartment but does feature forced-air cooling. Available options allow the rear interface to be customized (Option 5), operation from power sources with a line frequency of up to 400 Hz (Option 6), and specific interconnections for specialize ...

AEG -- System TR 440
Nostalgically Computer