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Advantest Corporation - R3261 - Spectrum analyzer
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The R3261/3361 spectrum analyzer, which employs a synthesized local oscillator for assuring highly stable spectrum analyzer, features wide frequency range from 9kHz to 2 .6GHz (R3261C/CN, R3361C/CN R3361NK/K), 9kHz to 3.6GHz (R3261D, R3361D), wide input range from -130dBm to +25dBm (R3261 C/D, R3361 C/D R3361 NK/K ) , -1 9dB|i to +1 32dB|i (R3261 CN, R3361CN), wide measurement display range of 115dB and high resolution of 30Hz, low residual PM of 20HZp_p, less noise sideband of -105dBc/Hz (20kHz output from carrier ) as well as full remote-control GPIB, and the memory card function for saving/recalling data and panel settings. The R3361C/CN/D contains a tracking generator that facilitates frequency characteristic measurement. Features © This analyzer permits sweeping over a wide frequency range from 9kH2 to 3.6GHz (R3261D, R3361D). © A maximum frequency resolution of 30Hz enables analysis of adjacent signals and spurious responses (3) High-precision frequency measurement A reference crystal oscillator with an aging rate of 2 x 1 0”®/day is mounted to measure very weak signals (which cannot be measured by any counter ) at a resolution of 1 Hz in the counter mode. (4) Use of a memory card permits saving/recalling of panel settings. (5) The field strength can be viewed and read directly after compensating the antenna calibration coefficient and that the QP value based on the CISPR standard can be observed directly. (6) Various enhanced functions supported by digital indications Whole information needed for spectrum analysis is displayed on the CRT together with signal traces«, The digital memory screen realizes flickerless display* Various marker functions assures accurate and easy reading even in the manual mode® (7) Two channels of completely independent digital memories enable simultaneous display of two screens. (§) A full-remote-control GPIB is used as a powerful system component. (9) The built-in tracking generator of the R3361C/CN/D enables direct viewing of frequency attenuation of 115dB or more« (П) The R3261 /3361 suits safety Class I of the IEC Publication 348 (safety Publication of the electronic measurement instrument ) , 0) R3361NR/3361 К allows easy measurement concerning CATV. (Refer to Chapter 9.)

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