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Advantest Corporation - U4941N - Spectrum analyzer
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U3641/U3641N Field Portable Spectrum Analyzers The U3641/N is a 3 GHz synthesized spectrum analyzer ideal for applications where portability is a must. With a base unit weight of 15 lbs. and the ability to run from AC, DC, or optional battery power sources, the U3641/N has been designed specifically to meet the needs of field installation and maintenance applications. The synthesized local oscillator allows high-precision and high-sta-bility measurements. Furthermore, the unit features optional resolution bandwidths down to 100 Hz. A fast zero span sweep speed of 50 ps allows characterization of TDMA signals, and its built-in measurement functions allow for easy verification of communication standard compliance. The U3641/N can be customized for a variety of applications by selecting from a wide range of available options. U4941/U4941N/U4342 RF Field Analyzers The U4941 /N/U4342 spectrum analyzers provide the same portability and ruggedness as the U3641/N in a more economical, non-syn-thesized instrument. These analyzers cover a frequency range of 9 kHz to 2.2 GHz, also making them useful for cellular and PCS communications applications. In addition to functions shared with the U3641/N, the U4941/N/U4342 are well suited for EMI measurements with built-in quasi-peak detector and EMC filters. WIDE ARRAY OF ANALYSIS FUNCTIONS Along with functions such as a frequency counter with a 1 Hz resolution and a 20 dB gain preamplifier, these analyzers come standard with measurement functions such as third order intermodulation distortion, percent AM, occupied bandwidth, and adjacent channel leakage power. GO-NO GO evaluations of the displayed waveform can also be easily performed using the limit line and PASS/FAIL functions which allow upper and lower limits to be set on the screen. Using the user-define function, commonly used measurements can be easily assigned to function keys, allowing a user-created custom, easy-to-use menu. THE LIGHTEST FIELD ANALYZERS IN THEIR CLASS These analyzers are light and compact - 15 lbs. base unit, under 20 lbs. with battery. The easy-to-attach strap allows the analyzer to be carried on the shoulder for transport or during measurements. The rugged construction meets MIL-T-28800 and stands up to the harsh conditions of field use. CDMA MEASUREMENTS Addition of the CDMA Option 60 enables easy one button measurement of CDMA transmission characteristics including in-band spurious, occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power. Measurements are included for both base stations and mobile phones, at cellular and PCS frequencies. THREE POWER SOURCES TO CHOOSE FROM The U3641/U3641/N can operate not only on 100/200 V AC power, but also on +10 to +16 V DC or the optional battery pack. Choose the power source that matches your need for portable flexibility.

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