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Marconi - CT 596 - Level Meter
CT 596
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Powermeter System 6460S, Wattmeter Absorption CT596 and Wattmeter Set 6625-99-541-6389 comprise three specific collections of instruments and accessories, as detailed below, selected and tested for military applications. These equipments measure power in the range 300 nW to 1 W in a frequency range of 10 MHz to 18 GHz and meet the environmental requirements of Joint-Services Specification REMC/20/FR (Iss. 6) Cat. I I I . 2. They are based on the tft Powermeter ή460/ 1 which, in conjunction with a series of tft Power Heads, can provide a total measuring range of 30 nW to 3 W from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. FEATURES 5. Type 6460/1 Powermeter in conjunction with the 6420 and 6440 series of tft Power Heads, is a highly accurate instrument which measures radio frequency power over an extremely wide frequency and power range. It measures and indicates the average power absorbed by the power head in use, and accepts amplitude and frequency modulated, pulsed and c.w. signals. Tables 1 and 2 list tft power head characteristics. 6 . The powermeter features automatic scales selection, which ensures that only the scale corresponding to the sensitivity of the power head in use is activated. Other features include a swiLch which enables Lhe selection of ciLher normal or fast amplifier response time, output terminals for measurement systems using external recorders or digital voltmeters and two paralleled input connectors which permit power head connections at the front or rear of Lhe 6 4 6 0 /1 . 7. An intern,il Ή) ИИ/, r . f . cali bra Cor is ^ il ted. ['his produces three; preset power levels of i mW, 10 niW or 100 mW depending on the power rating of Lhe power head being used. The calibrator automatically supplies the correct oui.puL to power head. 8 . The 6460/1 is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including portable and field use (when used with the optional rechargeable battery pack) fixed stations and laboratory bench set-ups. Since all tft power heads will operate with the 6460/1 a single instrument with different power heads can be applied to a wide variety of measurement applications. The type 963R Junction Box, which permits simultaneous connection of up to five power heads, facilitates many applications. Junction boxes can be cascaded to permit operation of an even greater number of power heads. 9. By using the proper rack adapter the 6460/1 can be rapidly rack-mounted by itself, with any oLher MT Sanders unit packaged in this half-rack configuration or with 198 mm (7 25/32 in) wide half-rack units of other manufacturers.

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