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Yaesu - FT-707 - Transceiver
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The FT-707 is an all solid state transceiver for the HF amateur bands. Featuring coverage of 80 through 10 meters, the IT-707 is designed for operation on SSB, CW and AM. Nominal power output is 100 watts on SSB and CW, and 50 watts on AM. The extremely compact size of the FT-707 makes this model particularly well suited for mobile or vacation use. However, the advanced design techniques used in the FT-707 make it competitive with “top of the line” equipment of other manufacturers. The receiver section includes a new and sophisticated front end, using a Scholtky barrier diode ring module and carefully designed gain distribution, for excellent performance in the presence of strong signals. A very-low-noise premix local oscillator circuit is used, which further contributes to optimum receiver performance. Also included in the receiver is Yaesu ⅛ famous variable IF bandwidth, using two 8 pole IF' filters, allowing continuously variable adjustment of the IF bandwidth, from 300 Hz to 2.4 kHz. Six pole filters of 600 Hz and 350 Hz bandwidth ( 6 dB) are available for contest and I)X operators, with selection of the SSB filter or CW filter available on the CW mode. The transmitter side features two rugged bipolar transistors with multiple protection in the final amplifier stage, with individual low pass filter networks for each band providing excellent spectral purity. Digital plus analog display of the operating frequency is provided. The front panel meter consists of a string of bright discrete LEDs, for easy monitoring of the received signal strength, relative power output, and the transmit ALC level. Among the convenience features of your FT-707 arc a high-performance noise blanker, VOX (with front panel controls), and receiver offset tuning. Available options for the FT-707 include the FP-707 AC Power Supply, which provides the 13.5 volts DC required by the FT-707. The FP-707 provides outstanding regulation, for many years of trouble- free operation. Also available is the exciting FV-707DM external VFO, which provides twelve memory channels using a sophisticated synthesizer which allows scanning in 10 Hz steps and offset from memory channels. And for matching your antenna system to the 50 ohm impedance requirement of the FT-707, choose the FC-707 Antenna Coupler.

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