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SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL: Mains voltage Mains frequency Power consumption : : : : Clock accuracy : Dimension centre unit : 110-127V / 220-24

This manual contains instructions for operating the CSA option for the IFR-1900 and is intended to be used in conjunction with the IFR -1900 Operati

Video camera recorder System Video recording system CCD-TRV95/TRV95PK/TRV99 : 4 rotary heads (SP/LP independent heads) CCD-TRV89E/TRV95E/TRV99E :

Speed • M332x series : Up to 33 ppm in A4 (35 ppm in Letter) • M382x series : Up to 38 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter) • M402x series : Up to 40

6 Meter Transceiver with VFO.