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The DM63r with two vertical plugins, is an all solid state direct-view storage oscilloscope with a single sweep horizontal system. An 8 x 10 divs, s

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Colour /A : Crystal white /B : Blue-berry purple - Maximum air displacement : 37 l/sec. - Maximum vacuum water column : 31

The Fluke 8840A Digital Multimeter is a high- performance 5-1/2 digit instrument designed for general- purpose bench or systems applications. Featur

The MSR 4030 is a 1 kW antenna coupler for use when connecting whip or wire antennas to a transmitter designed to match a 50 ohm load from (j5j)30 M

1. Main tuning and Band Spread readings are easily made on these easy-to-read separate dials. The anti-backlash mechanism is smooth and sure. It provi