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General • Mode : FM (F2, F3) • Current drain (at 9.6 V DC) : Transmit at 6.0 W 1.6 A (typical) at 5.0 W 1.5 A (typical) [Thailand] at 1.0 W 0.7 A (ty

The Orban Model 464A Co-Operator™ Leveler/Compressor/HF Limiter is an integrated automatic gain control (AGC) device of the highest professional quali

The TEKTRONIX 2465B and 2467B Oscilloscopes are portable 400-MHz bandwidth instruments having four-channel vertical deflection systems. Channel 1 and

The MS610 Spectrum Analyzer has a wide frequency range of 10 kHz to 2 GHz, and covers a broad range from the video band to the UHF/VHF band. It i