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Equipment information:

Analog multimeter -- AVO CT38

Model: CT38
Date: 0
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analog multimeter

I. This unit is a multi-range electronic measuring instrument designed to eliminate the necessity for the provision of a wide range of separate instruments normally required for the testing and setting-up of radio, radar and electronic equipment. It provides 97 ranges of measurement covering DC and AC current and voltage, resistance, and power output and has been designed for use under pan-climatic conditions. The accuracy on DC ranges is ^ 2 per cent FSD and on AC voltage ranges it is ± 3 per cent FSD measured at 50 c/s. 2. The instrument is AC mains operated and may be used on any supply system of from 105 to 125 volts, 45 to 66 c/s and 195 to 255 volts, 45 to 66 c/s. Connection to the mains supply is made bv a mains lead and connector which is provided with the instrument. 3. The mechanical construction of the unit has been designed to make servicing as simple as possible. The front panel is of aluminium alloy and bolted to it is a light, braced aluminium alloy framework of rectangular form which carries all the components of the instrument with the exception of those such as switches and the meter which are carried by the front panel. The majority of smaller components are arranged on tag-boards, and the construction is such that these tag-boards are easilv removable for servicing or inspection. All wiring is made up into cable-forms. 4. The overall size is 16 in. wide, 10 in. high and l2iin. deep when the unit is enclosed in its metal case. For protection in transit, a deep metal lid is fitted over the front of the unit, held in position by four screws, and in this lid are stowed the various leads and connectors of the instrument. These include the mains cable, the RF measuring head unit extension lead, high-voltage multiplier and multi-range shunt resistors, spare fuses, pilot lamp, and millivoltmeter valve.

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Service Manual -- AVO -- CT38

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