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Equipment information:

Other -- Codar Radio Company PR 30

Codar Radio Company
Model: PR 30
Date: 0
Category: Radio, Communication
Group: Other
Description: Preselector

The CODAR P.R.30 R.F. Preselector will considerably improve the performance of any superhet Receiver. It employs E.F.183 Frame Grid tuned R.F. Amplifier and provides up to 20 dB gain plus substantial image rejection, improved signal/noise ratio and selectivity. Outstanding features include vernier tuning, gain control, ferrite cored low loss Coils, H.F. bands silver plated, L.F. band Litz wound. Rear selector switch provides for either dipole or single wire Antenna. Coax output socket. Smart styling in Grey cabinet 8in. x 5in. x 4in. with silver/ black panel.

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User Manual -- Codar Radio Company -- PR 30

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