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Equipment information:

Sewing machine -- Singer 18-5

Model: 18-5
Date: 0
Category: Home electronics
Group: Sewing machine

Machines of Class 18 have a cylinder bed with the balance wheel at the left hand and are designed for vamping shoes, etc.They are also successfully used for stitching other work in light and medium weight leather. A flat, work plate which can he readily attached or detached is furnished when so ordered. Machine 18-5 has two needles and two long beak shut ties, a roller presser and drop Iced at, the left of the needles. 'The cylinder bed is 2l ·) inches in diameter and K)1·, inches in length from the left hand needle to the base of the arm. The distance between the two needles may be from :i to 1 , inch as desired. It is used for shoe vamping and other work in leather.

These manuals for the Singer 18-5 Sewing machine
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User Manual -- Singer -- 18-5

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