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Equipment information:

Analyzer -- Telecommunications Techniques Corporation T-Berd 2209

Telecommunications Techniques Corporation
Model: T-Berd 2209
Date: 1998
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Communications Analyzer

The T-Berd 2209 is the latest product offering for our TTC 2000 Test Pad platform, whose ease-of-use, flexibility, and upgradability has established the next generation in test instruments. The T-Berd 2209 combines graphical user Interface technology and a touch-sensitive screen to simplify test setup and reduce test configuration time. The innovative icon-driven Interface is easy to learn, and the large display screen provides ample space for displaying test results. The T-Berd 2209 provides you the necessary test capabilities for quick, comprehensive installation and fault isolation of DS1 and DS3 transmission systems. Features include: • Dual-receiver in-service monitoring of both the transmit and receive signals simultaneously. • ^ Advanced timing analysis for determining signal delays or mismatches between the switch and remote equipment. - Isolation of physical-layer problems associated with data or j other advanced service offerings for a single channel without taking unaffected channels out of service.

These manuals for the TTC T-Berd 2209 Analyzer
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User Manual -- Telecommunications Techniques Corporation -- T-Berd 2209

Manual Type: User Manual TTC-8389-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 132
Size: 7.30 Mbytes (7652379 Bytes)
Language: english
Revision: C
Manual-ID/Number: 50-15389-01
Date: 01 August 1998
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
Downloads: 119 since 10 January 2017

This User’s Manual applies to all T-Berd 2209 Software Incorporating Software Level 3.4. This manual is organized to help you quickly become familiar with the T-Berd 2209 and its capabilities. This manual is divided into the ' following sections: 1. Getting Started — includes welcome statement, manual overview, and instrument description. 2. Operation -— provides an explanation of the application module design, a description of the graphical user interface, and information on battery charging and replacement. 3. Common Applications — describes several T-Berd 2209 standard applications. Each application describes how to configure the T-Berd 2209, connect to the circuit being tested and interprets the test results. 4. Prsnter Operation — presents information on connecting the T-Berd 2209 to a serial Printer to provide test setup and test results printouts. 5. Specifications — includes the physical, environmental, and electrical specifications for the instrument.

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