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Equipment information:

Test Set -- Good Will GPT-805

Good Will
Model: GPT-805
Date: 1997
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Test Set
Description: Electrical Safety Tester

The GPT/GPI-800 Electrical Safety Testers (EST) are designed for AD/DC Withstanding Voltage test and Insulation Resistance test (IR) in order to provide a safe and accurate test environment for the operator. With thoughtful design described in 1-2. Feature insures a safe operation environment of high voltage test to protect user from hazardous impact. The Electrical Safety Testers comply with the requirement of the electrical equipment & appliance control ordinances and JIS, CSA, UL, BS and other overseas standards as well. The testers can be used for withstanding voltage test of the various types of electrical and equipment and components. The GPT/GPI-800 series are based on the family of GW withstanding voltage tester including AC Withstanding Voltage test, DC Withstanding Voltage test and Insulation Resistance test. Features The GPT/GPI-800 series offer several other features: 1) Current and output voltage setting A safe way to set the current and output voltage without high voltage activated. 2) Easily and quickly setting with front panel control A user-friendly Interface provides user an easy and quick way to set all parameters. 3) Testing time Use micro processor to control testing time. 4) Adjustable ARC detect level The ARC detect level can be adjusted with front panel control. 5) Adjustable output voltage during test The output voltage can be adjusted during testing that add an operation flexibility. 6) An alert indicator for high voltage A flashing red LED indicates dangerous situation during high voltage output is activated. 7) Remote I/O controller In addition to the 9 pin remote I/O controller to control START/RESET, it also provides PASS/FAIL/TEST signal for professional use.

These manuals for the GoodWill GPT-805 Test Set
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User Manual -- Good Will -- GPT-805

Manual Type: User Manual GoodWill-9019-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 12
Size: 244.68 Kbytes (250555 Bytes)
Language: english
Date: 01 January 1997
Quality: Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
Downloads: 342 since 14 May 2017

1. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION ... 1 1-1.Description ... 1 1-2.Feature ... 2 2. SPECIFICATION ... 3 3.PRECAUTIONS BEFORE OPERATION ... 3-1.Unpacking the instrument ... 3-2.Checking the Line Voltage ... 3-3.Environment ... 6 6 6 8 4. PANEL INTRODUCTION ... 9 4-1.Front Panel ... 11 4-2.Rear Panel ... 12 5. OPERATION METHOD ... 13 5-1.AC Withstanding Test ... 13 5-2.DC Withstanding Test ... 14 5-3.Insulation Test ... 16 6. MAINTENANCE ... 17 6-1.Fuse rating and type ... 17 6-2.Cleaning ... 17

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