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Equipment information:

Oscilloscope -- BWD Electronics 821

BWD Electronics
Model: 821
Date: 1981
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscilloscope
Description: 50MHz Oscilloscope
The BWD 821 Oscilloscope is a remarkable instrument. It
offers a 50MHz bandwidth at 5mV/div, 75MHz triggering, and
incorporates a completely new MIX--MAG facility. This unique
BWD feature enables both the normal x1 display and a x10
magnified display to be presented simultaneously at the turn
of a knob. The magnified portion of the trace can extend
from 0 to over 80% of the trace length.

If the normal xlO magnifier is used with the MIX-MAG, the
trace can be magnified x100 to a maximum sweep speed of
approx 10nsec/div.

These features, together with a 1mV/div max sensitivity, a
wide range time base from 0.02jjs/div down to 2.5 sec/div
and an amplifier rise time of less than 7 nano seconds is
suited to a large number of applications. It accurately
displays fast digital pulses from TTL, CMOS or even ECL
circuits making it suited for uprocessors, small home or
business computers, video games and other digital equipments.

A video sync separator with automatic change over from frame
to line lock makes servicing of video cassette recorders,
colour TV’s and all other video products a simple matter.
the 1mV/div sensitivity vertical amplifiers can be switched
to differential operation to view signals developed at any
point in the circuit from the recording to the playback heads.

The same features that are ideal for video work are also
excellent for all audio applications, including the new
digital recording techniques. An identical ECS facility with
low phase shift to 200kHz is incorporated for specialist
audio and telecommunication measurements. A useful feature
of the video sync separator is that it will also demodulate
a modulated carrier to enable the carrier envelope to be

To ensure the high performance characteristics will be
maintained, the BWD 821 is built to high standards of
manufacture and reliability. It closely conforms to I EC 348
recommendations and other relevant standards of safety in
high quality electronic test equipment.

These manuals for the BWD 821 Oscilloscope
can you download here for free:

Service and User Manual -- BWD Electronics -- 821

Manual Type: Service and User Manual BWD-9078-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 57
Size: 1.96 Mbytes (2058544 Bytes)
Language: english
Date: 01 January 1981
Quality: Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
Upload date:
Downloads: 49 since 03 June 2017


Vertical Amps & Time Base	2-1

Trigger & General Details	2-2

Dimensions	2 3

Vertical Amplifiers	3-0

Time Base	3-1

Push Buttons & CRT Controls	3-2

Rear Panel	3-3


Single Trace Operation	4-0

Dual Trace Operation	4-1

Time Base Operation	4-1

Horizontal Amplifier	4-2


Probe Compensation	5-1

Voltage Measurement AC	5-1

Voltage Measurement RMS	5-1

Voltage Measurement DC	5-2

Voltage Measurement AC&DC	5-3

Elimination of Common Mode	5-3

Current Measurement AC&DC	5-4

Time Measurement	5-5

Frequency Measurement	5-5

Rise & Fall Times	5-6

Time Difference	5-7

Phase Measurement	5-7

EQ Phase Measurement	5-9

Video (TV) Displays	5-9 Extending the. Usable Calibrated

Amplifier Range	5-10

Vertical Amplifiers	6-1

Beam Switch	6-2

Trigger	6-3

Time Base	6-4

Mix Mag	6-5

Horizontal Amplifier	6-6

Power Supplies	6-6

CRT & 2 Modulation	6-7
Equipment Required	7-0
Power Supplies & CRT	7-1
Vertical Alignment	7-1
Attenuators	7-2
Time Base & £47	7-4
Trigger	7-5
Replacement Parts	8-0
Parts Lists	8-1
	to  8-14
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