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Equipment information:

Test Set -- BWD Electronics 603B

BWD Electronics
Model: 603B
Date: 1981
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Test Set
Description: Mini Lab

The MINI-LAB provides seven independent instruments in a single compact cabinet for use in the laboratory or classroom to supply signals and power for a wide range of measurements and experiments in the fields of electronics, chemistry and bio-medical engineering. The functions available include:- (a) Sine, square, triangle, pulse and ramp Generator with variable symmetry and D.C. offset controls producing a wide variety of waveforms from 0.001 Hz to 1MHz which can be amplitude and frequency modulated by an external signal. (b) A ramp Generator 5 sec to 50m sec. (c) A switched power amplifier/bi-polar power supply/5 Volt supply combination. (d) An operational Amplifier with variable gain. (e) Two variable power supplies -1 to -15V and +1 to +15V at 1 Ampere output. (f) A 0^ + 200V variable Power supply. (gj A centre tapped 12.6V A.C. supply, and (h) Numerous instrument combinations by link interconnection. 2.1 Waveform: Sine, triangle or square, pulse and ramp with amplitude or frequency modulation. 2.2 Frequency range: 8 Decade ranges calibrated from 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz plus a 200kHz to 2MHz range. An additional uncalibrated section of the dial extends range to 0.001 Hz. Dial covers 2 decades on each range. Calibration: ±3% of full scale 10Hz - 1MHz. 2.3 Voltage output: Two simultaneous levels 10 Volts p-p open circuit, 5 Volts p-p into 600Q. 1 Volt p-p open circuit, 0.5 Volts p-p into 600f2. Variable output provides continuous control of >100:1 of both outputs whilst maintaining a constant 600Q output impedance. Outputs, overvoltage and short circuit proof. Sinewave output level : Less than ±2% level variation over calibrated frequency range into 600Q ±5% between 1 and 2MHz. 2.4 Output offset: Output normally centered symmetrically about ground. Push/pull switch applies a continuously variable 0 to ±5 Volts offset voltage on open circuit. Control also doubles as ramp frequency control (see 2.8 below). NOTE: 0-1V output has ±0.5V offset. 2.5 Syr.n.'.ctry (fixed): ±2% from 0.01Hz to 1 MHz (calibrated portion of dial). Symmetry (variable) : Pulse or ramp waveforms. Continuously variable from 1:1 to over 1:50 or 50:1 by switch selection. Applies to sine, triangle or square waveforms. Variable control also doubles as ramp amplitude (see 2.8 below). 2.6 Sine wave distortion: <1.5% 10Hz to >50kHz <2% at 1MHz (typically 0.6% 20Hz to 50kHz). Square wave rise time: lOOnsec into 600Q load and <50pf capacitance. Triangle linearity: >99% within calibrated range on dial up to 100kHz. Triangle symmetry: Better than 2% within calibrated range up to 100kHz. 2.7 Frequency modulation: Function Generator can be swept over 2 decades by the internal ramp Generator or over 4 decades by an external log sweep. It can also be used as an externally programmed Oscillator over a 10,000/1 frequency range. Input: 1 Volt/dial division. Input impedance: 25KQ. Linearity: 2%. Input frequency: DC to >10kHz. Sweep ramp generator: Output voltage: 0 to >+10 Volts with a continuously adjustable upper limit from +0.6 to +10 Volts using the variable symmetry control in the OFF mode. Ramp duration : >4 sec to 65m sec approximately. Continuously adjustable by the OFFSET control in the OFF position. When coupled into the FM socket,the Function Generator will sweep from the frequency selected by the dial up to the frequency set by the ramp amplitude control. An automatic circuit prevents the sweep exceeding the dial range. Horizontal drive to Oscilloscope or recorder is also taken from ramp output via the voltage Amplifier (see 2.14) to set drive voltage and polarity required.

These manuals for the BWD 603B Test Set
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Service and User Manual -- BWD Electronics -- 603B

Manual Type: Service and User Manual BWD-9085-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 77
Size: 2.75 Mbytes (2887730 Bytes)
Language: english
Revision: Issue 23
Date: 01 January 1981
Quality: Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
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Downloads: 156 since 04 June 2017


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