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Equipment information:

Synthesizer -- ARP Instruments Inc. Avatar 2225

ARP Instruments Inc.
Model: Avatar 2225
Date: 1978
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Synthesizer

The AVATAR is divided into two sections: Synthesizer and Pitch Extractor/CV Generator. The Synthesizer section is like the ARP Odyssey (in fact, the AVATAR and Odyssey use several of the same printed circuit boards). It consists of two voltage controlled oscillators, a voltage controlled filter, a voltage controlled amplifier, two envelope generators (ADSR and AR), a low frequency oscillator, and a sample and hold circuit. As with standard Keyboard synthesizers, the Synthesizer requires a 1 V/ Octave control voltage, gate and trigger to be played. The Pitch Extractor/CV Generator translates the Guitar string signals into the language of synthesizers: 1 V/Octave control voltage, gate and trigger. Using the ARP Six Channel (Hex) pickup, the string signals are multiplexed to one output (last note played) and then transformed to a control voltage. Since the Synthesizer is monophonic (single note), only one string can be extracted and converted to a control voltage at a time.

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Service Manual -- ARP Instruments Inc. -- Avatar 2225

Manual Type: Service Manual ARP-9680-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 50
Size: 35.42 Mbytes (37144241 Bytes)
Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: 90024
Date: 01 January 1978
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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Downloads: 296 since 16 October 2017

SECTION 1 General Information ... 1 SECTION 2 Theory of Operation ... 4 SECTION 3 Circuit Descriptions ... 7 SECTION 4 Test Points ... 15 SECTION 5 Trim Procedures ... 22 SECTION 6 Schematics & Assemblies ... 26 SECTION 7 Parts List ... 44

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