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Equipment information:

Transmitter -- Sennheiser Electronic SK 2012-9

Sennheiser Electronic
Model: SK 2012-9
Date: 1987
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Transmitter
Description: Mikroport pocket transmitter

Brief description The Mikroport pocket Transmitter SK 2012-9 (narrowband) and SK 2012-90 (wideband) are designed as single-channel transmitters and intended for the frequency range 138 to 250 MHz. Both transmitters are equipped with the noise suppression system "HiDyn" for reducing disturbances and improving the S/N ratio.

These manuals for the Sennheiser SK 2012-9 Transmitter
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Service Manual -- Sennheiser Electronic -- SK 2012-9

Manual Type: Service Manual Sennheiser-9792-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 31
Size: 1.87 Mbytes (1965227 Bytes)
Language: english, german
Date: 01 April 1987
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
Downloads: 209 since 29 October 2017

1. Bedienelemente Operating elements 2. Technische Daten Technical data 3. Blockschaltbild Block diagram 4. Servicehinweise Service hints 5. Erforderliche Meßgeräte und Prüfmittel Measuring instruments and test equipment needed 6. Meßaufbau 8 Test set-up 7. Prüf- und Abgleichanweisung Test and alignment instructions 8. Gedruckte Schaltungen Printed circuit boards 9. Stromlaufplane Circuit diagrams 10. Explosionszeichnung Exploded view 11. Ersatzteile Spare parts

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