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Interesting Manuals

EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. -- 378

Based on a highly reliable circuit, the Model 378 Audio Generator produces a very low distortion sine wave signal over a very wide range of frequencies and is ideal for use in testing audio amplifiers for gain and frequency response, as a signal source for various bridge measuring circuits, for modulation of RF signal generators, or any other application where a stable, accurate audio sine wave must be used. Unlike most other audio generators that require interpretation of a dial settin ...

Grundig -- Greenville 370 SE 3781 TOP

Daetron -- MC300
Level Meter

The Daetron model MC300 is a compact hand held 4 digit LCD Digital Capacitance Meter capable of measuring over the full ranoe of 0.1 pF to 1 FARAD <999.9 mF), in completely autoranging or manual modes. This instument incorporates so many features that the user is well advised to read and understand this manual throughly so as to avoid any misunderstandings about how the unit works. Complex procedures involving certain features could lead an unwary user to think the unit is not working ...

Hewlett Packard -- 181T

Models 181T and TR are general purpose, variable persistence storage oscilloscope mainframes with plug-in capability. The instruments, as shipped from the factory, are intended for bench use. The Model 181TR can be rack mounted as described in Section II. The storage feature can be used to store singleshot occurrences for later viewing or photographing. Comparison of waveforms can be accomplished by storing several separate occurrences and later viewing them simultaneously. The hori ...

Kenwood -- VT-181
Analog multimeter

General A Signal voltage to be measured, which is input from the INPUT connector, is passed through the First Attenuator and is converted to a low impedance by the Impedance Converter. The impedance-converted signal is normalized, or further attenuated in proportion to 1mVrms fullscale value through the Second and Third Attenuator. The normalized signal is magnified 20-fold by the Main Amplifier and is fed to the Output Amplifier and the Absolute-Mean Value Detector. The Output Ampli ...

Philips -- Essence II HD7620/81
Coffee machine

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 100 V, 120 V, 220 - 240 V Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1400 W Coloursetting : Anthracite / frost grey Contents : 1200 cc