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Interesting Manuals

Grundig -- DAVIO 55 ST 55 – 852 NIC/DOLBY

Hewlett Packard -- 150A

The Model 150A dc to 10 mc oscilloscope is a general purpose oscilloscope employing a 5 AMP- monoaccelerator type cathode ray tube with unitized, plugin construction for maximum accessibility and flexibility. It can be used with either internal or external sweeps which can be either internally or externally synchronized. The horizontal amplifier incorporates magnification circuitry which is capable of expanding basic internal sweeps, up to 100 times. The internal sweep range extends from ...

Blaupunkt -- VW Gamma (rot/red)
Car Radio cassette

Philips -- HP 4694
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Heat/speed settings : 3 - included coolsetting Voltage : 220 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1000 Watts at 230 V Motor : DC type Attachments : Large retractable brush Shape volume brush Oval soft brush Nozzle Cord length : 1.8 metres Colour appliance : Metallic pink Colour attachements : White

Epson -- Stylus Pro 4000

General Radio Company -- 603-A

The Type 603-A Standard-Signal Generator is a general- purpose instrument, designed to have the widest possible application in the measurement of receiver characteristics and transmitter field strengths. By means of easily accessible plug-in coils, the range extends from 100 kc to 25 megacycles, making the instrument particularly adaptable to the testing requirements of modern receivers operating in the high-frequency as well as in the broadcast spectra. The standard-signal generator, wi ...