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Interesting Manuals

Wavetek -- 143

Both 20 MHz function generators are precision sources of sine, square and triangle waveforms, and positive and negative pulses. The frequency range is variable from 0.0001 Hz (2.78 hour period) to 20 MHz, and the frequency can be modulated, swept or decontrolled over a 1000:1 range by an external voltage. Output can be continuous or the generator can be triggered or gated by an external control signal or front panel switch.

Moog Music -- Liberation 338A

Rohde & Schwarz -- ME 1038.6002.03

Sony -- KV-27FV300

Introducing the FD Trinitron WEGA ® Features Some of the features you will enjoy include: FD Trinitron Flat CRT — Technologically advanced tube delivers a picture with uncompromising accuracy and outstanding image detail. Y, PB , P R Inputs — A component video input connection for a superior picture quality (480i only). Surround — Simulates theater quality sound for stereo programs. Parental Control (V-Chip) — A tool to help parents monitor what their children watch on TV by ...

Philips -- MC-129
Audio system

JBL -- 5231

The 5231 and 5232 Electronic Frequency Dividing Networks are designed for use with studio monitor or sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems where bi-amplification or triamplification is desirable. The use of electronic frequency dividing networks and multiple amplifiers results in a cleaner signal being fed from the power source directly to the individual loudspeakers of the system. By dividing the audio spectrum before power amplification, treble tones are separated from, and unaffecte ...