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Interesting Manuals

Broksonic -- CTVG-4545LST

Dräger Medical -- Caleo

Philips -- 29PT5642/78

Mitsubishi -- WS-48515

Grundig -- DAVIO 70 ST 70 – 853 NIC/PIP

Rheem Manufacturing Co. -- 400X
Tape recorder

The 400X, 5000, and 3190 are three motor (including dual speed hysteresis-synchronous capstan motor), fully transistorized professional tape recorders, designed to be used in the studio or out in the field, as their features make them capable of competing with the highest price console units, yet their size and weight permit them to be readily carried to a remote location for on-the-spot broadcast quality recordings. The self-contained power amplifiers in the 400X and 5000X drive the hig ...