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Philips -- Specialist FC9101
Vacuum cleaner

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Colour /A : Ice Blue - Maximum air displacement : 37 l/sec. - Maximum vacuum water column : 310 cm - Power consumption (IEC) 230 V : 1500 W - Duststorage capacity : 3 L - Type number dustbag : FC8021 - Cord length (depends on version) : 7 metres - Filter system : Paper dustbag : Exhaust AFS air filter : Motor inlet filter - Dimensions of cleaner : 460 x 315 x 270 mm - Dimensions of packaging : 595 x 395 x 295 mm - Net weight : 5.88 kg - Gross weight : 9.135 ...

Philips -- DVD590M/ 69
DVD player

Brüel & Kjær -- 1613

The Octave Filter Set Type 1613 is a compact, portable unit which contains eleven passive band-pass filters for octave analysis. It is primarily designed for use in conjunction with the Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2203 or the Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2209. Four screws are used to join the 1613 and the Sound Level Meter together, making a portable noise and vibration analyzer. Filter centre frequencies are 31.5 Hz to 31.5 kHz arranged according to the preferred freq ...

Pioneer -- KEH-1900R X1M/EW
Radio cassette recorder

Philips -- EXP211
CD player

Pfaff -- 1010
Sewing machine