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Mitsubishi -- LT-3780

SRS Stanford Research Systems -- DS335

Philips -- HR1744/16

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Motor power : 400 W - Voltage : 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz - Speeds : 3 speed + pulse - Blender jar capacity : 1.25 l effective - Dimensions product : 339 x 199 x 236 mm

Chrysler -- 4469106
Car Radio cassette

Sony -- XR-1800
Car Radio cassette

Knight-Kit -- P2
Level Meter

The P-2 SWR meter provides accurate readings of standing wave ratio and relative forward power . . . supplying a reliable and inexpensive indicator for adjusting antenna coupler, antenna or transmitter for maximum power transfer to the antenna. Easy to build and convenient to use, the P-2 SWR meter can be permanently installed in the transmission line for continuous monitoring . . . thanks to its high power capability (one kilowatt) and its negligible insertion loss.