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Velleman -- HHPS5

Philips -- HX5551
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Smartimer Automatically sets the brushing time to 2 minutes. After these 2 minutes the product switches off automatically. If you wish to pause, or stop brushing during the 2- minute cycle, press the on/off button. When you press the on/off button again, the Smartimer will pick up where you left off. - Easy-start The brushing power will gently increase to full power over the first 12 brushings. The Easy-start feature is active if you hear 2 beeps immediately ...

Pioneer -- VSX-80TXV-S

Pioneer -- VSX-1016V-S

Protek -- 3006B
Power supply

60V /1,5A Single Output

General Radio Company -- 1564-A

The Type 1564-A Sound and Vibration Analyzer, Figure 1-1,is a portable instrument for the frequency analysis of voltages having components between 2.5 cps and 25 kc. The high input impedance of the analyzer permits the direct connection of piezoelectric transducers for the analysis of high- level acoustical spectra. For low levels, the analyzer can be operated in conjunction with a sound-level meter or a vibration meter. Designed for either manual or automatic tuning, the analyzer can be ...