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Pentax -- MZ-7 27556

Whirlpool -- WBM39LS

Icom -- IC-2000H

Philips -- 18C636 38Z

Grundig -- ST 55 – 906 FR / DOLBY

Yamaha -- K-1000
Cassette deck

Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Decks Yamaha Linear EM Transduction System ORBiT (Optimum Record Bias Tuning) System 3-Head 2-Motor Direct Drive Transport Double dbx** and Double Dolby* B Noise Reduction (K-2000) dbx and Dolby B Noise Reduction (K-1000) Auto/Memory Functions 4-Digit Linear Real-Time Counter with Minus Display The K-2000 and K-1000 Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Decks from Yamaha are unquestionably destined to become the cassette reproduction standard for quite some ti ...