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Henry Radio -- 4 K-2

Philips -- HI218

Voltage : 220-240V Frequency : 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 220-240V , 1200W at 220V Spray capacity : Min 0.4g / stroke Hi-steam output : 15±2 g / min Extra steam : 25±2 g / min Color setting : Green / white

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL241

Aiwa -- NSX-V900
Audio system

Compliance West -- HT-5000
Test Set

An Introduction to Dielectric Withstand Testing with the HT-5000 The dielectric withstand test is a test which is recognized by safety agencies worldwide as a valid criterion of safe assembly of end-use equipment. The HT-5000 is designed as a research instrument to determine the dielectric properties of component assemblies of end-use equipment. It applies a high-voltage potential between Output and Return test leads and monitors Leakage Current and watches for Dielectric Breakdown durin ...

Weinmann -- SOMNOset WM 23200

SOMNOset is a device for efficient adjustment to CPAP patients. The device can work on a standalone basis or in conjunction with the remote control SOMNOadjust or an extended user interface of the SOMNOsupport software. The recorded data can also be visualized and evaluated with the aid of SOMNOsupport. SOMNOset permits titration without the patient coming to a sleep laboratory. Titration can be carried out in the patient's familiar surroundings. SOMNOset generates positive airway p ...