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Hitachi -- VT-FX742ELN
Video cassette recorder

Wavetek -- 1271
Digital multimeter

speed and accuracy for Bench and ATE systems ◆ Configurable for DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI and Ohms measurement ◆ ‘Selfcal’ for stability over a 0°C to 50°C temperature range ◆ Simultaneous display of voltage and frequency — saving the cost of a separate frequency counter ◆ High-speed AC measurements — 6 1 / 2 digit readings at 20 readings/second ◆ Special Ohms functions for high accuracy in-circuit measurements ◆ Comprehensive IEEE 488.2 interface

Fluke -- 8520A/PRT
Digital multimeter

The 8520A and 8522A are designed for system and bench applications and have built-in system interface circuits. The performance specifications of the two instruments are almost identical. The principal difference is that the 8520A has an interface compatible with GPIB/IEEE-488* 1978 and the 8522A has an interface suitable for either BCD or Parallel (binary) applications. The 8520A/AS-1 and the 8520A/PRT are unique variations of the 8520A. One, the 8520A/ AS-1, is compatible with U.S. Go ...

Ricoh -- Aficio 551

Panasonic -- CQ-JA1072L
Car CD Tuner

Orban -- 622

The Orban 622A/B are parametric equalizers of high professional quality. The 622A is a single-channel equalizer; the 622B is a dual-channel equalizer. Each channel contains four parametric equalization bands. Isolation of the two channels in the 622B is extremely high (greater than -90dB, 20-20,000Hz). Therefore, each channel may be used independently without danger of audible crosstalk. The 622 is equipped with rotary-type EQ controls providing up to 10dB of boost and better than 40 ...