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Swan Electronics Corp. -- 250C

The Swan Model 250C Single Sideband Transceiver together with its accessories and optional equipment is designed to be used for SSB AM or CW communications in the 50-54 mc. amateur radio bands. MARS frequencies may also be covered by using the Model 510X oscillator accessory.

Zeiss -- OPMI® Pentero®

Philips -- MC-222
Audio system

Philips -- HP 4838
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 230 - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 1800 Watts Attachment : Styling nozzle Volume diffuser with 2 settings Volume setting - air through the pins Care setting - air through the base Settings : 6 settings, the Care setting included Cord length : 1.8 meters Colors : Housing : Cherry red Attachment : Blackberry Wine Features : Care setting Care shot Hanging loop

AsusTEK Computer -- P2B-F

The ASUS P2B-F is carefully designed for the demanding PC user who wants advanced features processed by the fastest CPU. Specifications: •••••••••••••Multi-Speed: Supports Intel Pentium® III (450MHz and faster), Pentium® II (233MHz to 450MHz), and CeleronTM (266MHz and faster) processors. Intel AGPset: Features Intel’s 440BX AGPset with I/O subsystems and front-side bus (FSB) platform, which boosts the traditional 66MHz external bus speed to 100MHz. Mul ...

Whirlpool -- ADP 941/1 WH
Dish washer

Dimension Height 82,0-87,0 cm Width 59,5 cm Depth 57,0 cm Weight ~ 55 kg Decor plate Thicknes max. 4 mm Width 584 mm Height 595 mm Weight max. 1,8 kg Specification (normal program) Capacity 12 standard setting pl. Water consumption 22 l Energy consumption 1,5 kWh Program time ~ 82 min Noise level 52 db (A) Detergent consumption 25 ml Salt consumption by 21° dh <20 g Hot water connect. up to 60 °C Alarms Refill rinse aid Refill salt Water leakage Program information ...