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Tektronix -- 7B92A

The 7B92A Dual Time Base unit provides normal, delayed, intensified, and alternate sweep operation for TEKTRONIX 7000-Series Oscilloscopes. Calibrated sweep rates from 0.2 second to 0.5 nanosecond and triggering to 500 megahertz are provided. The 7B92A is intended for use with high-frequency 7000-Series Oscilloscope systems; however, most 7B92A functions are compatible with all 7000-Series Oscilloscopes. Other features include lighted pushbutton switches, compatibility with indicator osc ...

Philips -- PM 2420
Digital multimeter

Instrument PM 2420 is a compact multi-range DVM of the so-called RAMP type. Characteristic of the RAMP principle is the simplicity of operation, which makes this DVM ideally suitable for use as a general purpose instrument. Operation is facilitated by the possibility of selecting all measuring ranges by means of a single knob. It is obvious that the combination of digital read-out system and monoknob range selection ensures fast and simple, yet accurate reading.

Kenwood -- TR-2200GX

The Model TR-2200GX is a handy transceiver designed for use in the 2 meter band. It is small and light weight, and is equipped with 12 crystal-controlled channels for the transmission and reception.

Drake -- FS-4

1-1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The FS-4 is a frequency synthesizer developed for use with the Drake Company “4” line equipment. (R-4 series, T-4X series and SPR-4.) The FS-4 plugs into an unused auxiliary crystal socket in the rear of the receiver or transmitter, and will supply the various injection signals to the equipment and allows continuous coverage without utilizing the accessory crystals. The frequency readout on the FS4 displays the received frequency band, and to this is ad ...

Icom -- IC-2700E

Fairchild Instrumentation -- 765MH/F

The Fairchild Types 765, 766, and 767 Family of Oscilloscopes are available in three basic form factors: bench, rack, and portable models. The Portable Models are identified by the Type 765 numerical Series; the Bench Models by the Type 766 numerical Series, and the Rack-mounted Models by the Type 767 numerical Series. In addition, there are alphabetical suffixes appended to the numerical series to identify special electronic circuits. The suffix H denotes the high-voltage oscilloscope ...