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Fluke -- PM3380

Amalgamated Wireless -- 495-MA

Grundig -- TVR 5540/2 TOP

Singer Instrumentation -- NM-17
Level Meter

PURPOSE AND USE OF EQUIPMENT The Model NM-17/27 is a programmable, precision electromagnetic interference/field intensity (F.MI/FI) meter for the measurement of conducted or radiated RF interference, within the frequency range of 10 kHz to 32 MHz in accordance with standard military and commcrical EMI test specifications. The instrument performs automatic and semiautomatic testing when supplied with appropriate command signals and provides outputs of signal amplitude and frequency that are suita ...

Canon -- PowerShot A450
Digital camera

Adret Electronique -- 7100 B

The ADRET 7100 is an RF frequency generator which combines the essential characteristics of cavity oscillators and those of frequency synthesizers. This performance has been achieved thanks to a new synthesis technique which combines the functional principles of both these instruments. The design technique, together with the use of a microprocessor for all data management, have endowed the generator with excellent spectral purity, with the stability of accurancy available from a cry ...