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Advantest Corporation

Model Date Group Description
D3186 01 January 1994GeneratorPulse Pattern Generator
Q8326 20 November 1999Level MeterOptical Wavelength Meter
Q8347 20 March 1994Spectrum analyzerOptical Spectrum Analyzer
Q8383 01 January 1997Spectrum analyzerOptical Spectrum Analyzer
Q8384 30 July 1999Spectrum analyzerOptical Spectrum Analyzer
R3131 1997Spectrum analyzer
R3131 Series Spectrum analyzer
R3131A 1997Spectrum analyzer
R3132 20 March 1999Spectrum analyzer
R3132N 20 March 1999Spectrum analyzer
R3162 20 March 1999Spectrum analyzer
R3172 20 March 1999Spectrum analyzer
R3182 20 March 1999Spectrum analyzer
R3261 11 October 1989Spectrum analyzer
R3264 1998Spectrum analyzer
R3265 22 March 1991Amplifier
R3265A 01 January 1993Spectrum analyzer
R3267 1998Spectrum analyzer
R3271 22 March 1991Amplifier
R3271A 01 January 1993Spectrum analyzer
R3273 1998Spectrum analyzer
R3361 11 October 1989Spectrum analyzer
R3561L 01 February 1997Test SetCDMA Test Source Unit
R3753A 16 February 1994Network Analyzer
R3753E 16 February 1994Network Analyzer
R3765AG 01 December 1999Network Analyzer
R3765AH 20 January 1997Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer
R3765BG 01 December 1999Network Analyzer
R3765BH 20 January 1997Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer
R3765CG 01 December 1999Network Analyzer
R3765CH 20 January 1997Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer
R3767AG 01 December 1999Network Analyzer
R3767AH 20 January 1997Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer
R3767BG 01 December 1999Network Analyzer
R3767BH 20 January 1997Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer
R3767CG 01 December 1999Network Analyzer
R3767CH 20 January 1997Network AnalyzerNetwork Analyzer
R37B3B 16 February 1994Network Analyzer
R4131C 1988Spectrum analyzer
R4131CN 1988Spectrum analyzer
R4131D 1988Spectrum analyzer
R4131DN 1988Spectrum analyzer
R5372 CounterElectronic Counter
R5373 CounterElectronic Counter
R6551 30 September 1988Digital multimeter
R8340 13 June 1989Level MeterMicro Current Meter
R8340A 13 June 1989Level MeterMicro Current Meter
TR 1722 01 January 1979AntennaDipol Antenna
TR 4120A 01 January 1989Oscilloscope
TR14501A 1986Spectrum analyzer
TR14501B 1986Spectrum analyzer
TR4153A 1986GeneratorTracking generator
TR4153B 1986GeneratorTracking generator
TR4172 01 September 1982Spectrum analyzer
TR4173 1986Spectrum analyzer
TR5821 1982Counter
TR5822 1982Counter
TR5823 1982Counter
TR5823H 1982Counter
U3442 Spectrum analyzer
U3641 01 July 1996Spectrum analyzer
U3641/N Spectrum analyzer
U3641N 01 July 1996Spectrum analyzer
U3641PHS 01 July 1996Spectrum analyzer
U3661 19 November 1999Spectrum analyzer
U4341 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4341N 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4342 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4342N 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4342PHS 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4941 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4941/N Spectrum analyzer
U4941N 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER
U4941PHS 1996Spectrum analyzerRF FIELD ANALYZER

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