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Model Date Group Description
16.4.2 MixerMixing Console
21 Series 02 June 1983MixerCompact Stereo Mixer
CMC16 01 March 1985Mixer
CMC24 01 March 1985Mixer
CMC32 01 March 1985Mixer
CMI/P 16 01 March 1985MixerMeterpod
CMI/P 24 01 March 1985MixerMeterpod
CMI/P 32 01 March 1985MixerMeterpod
CMI64 01 March 1985MixerCompuetr Interface
CMS64 01 March 1985MixerSynchroniser
DR128 01 January 1997Effect ProcessorAudio Mix Processor
GL4800 01 July 2005Mixer
MPS 9 01 March 1985MixerPower Supply

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