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Allied Radio

Model Date Group Description
83 Y 725 01 January 1958OscillatorVariable Oscillator
83 YU 726 01 January 1958ReceiverAmmateur Communications Receiver
83 YU 935 01 January 1960Receiver5 Band Shortwave Receiver
A-2515 01 January 1969ReceiverCommunications Receiver
A-2516 ReceiverHigh Performance Communications Receiver
Knight LCR MeterCapacitor Checker
Knight Capacitor Checker 01 January 1955Test SetCapacitor Checker
Knight Crystal Set 01 January 1953ReceiverCrystal Set
Knight RF Z Bridge 01 January 1956LCR MeterRF Z-Bridge
Ocean Hopper 740 Receiver
R-55 01 January 1960Receiver5 Band Shortwave Receiver
SIGNAL TRACER 83Y135 01 January 1955Signal AnalyzerSignal Tracer
Span Master 93 Y 258 01 January 1958Receiver
Star Roamer 01 January 1963Receiver
T-60 01 January 1962Transmitter
V-44 VFO 01 January 1958OscillatorVariable Oscillator

Interesting manuals

K5000 S

 Kawai K5000 S

ST 70-969 DOLBY

 Grundig ST 70-969 DOLBY


 Kenwood TM-741A

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