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BWD Electronics

Model Date Group Description
141 01 January 1972GeneratorSine and Square Wave Generator
242A 01 January 1974Power supplyDC Power Supply
246A 01 January 1977Power supplyDual DC Power Supply
504 Oscilloscope
509B 01 January 1975Oscilloscope5" Single Beam Oscilloscope
521 01 January 1968Oscilloscope5 inch Dual Beam Oscilloscope
539A 01 January 1972Oscilloscope5 inch Dual Trace Oscilloscope
539D 01 January 1976Oscilloscope25MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
582 AnalyzerVideo Waveform Monitor
603B 01 January 1981Test SetMini Lab
820 01 January 1980OscilloscopeDual Trace Oscilloscope
821 01 January 1981Oscilloscope50MHz Oscilloscope
824 01 January 1981Oscilloscope35MHz Oscillscope
845 01 January 1977OscilloscopeDual trace Storage Oscilloscope

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