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Model Date Group Description
AC-2 01 December 1996Effect ProcessorAcoustic Simulator
AD-5 01 January 1987Effect ProcessorAcoustic Instrument Processor
BE-5 01 February 1989Effect ProcessorGuitar Multiple Effects
BE-5B 01 September 1989Effect ProcessorBass Multiple Effects
CE-3 15 October 1982Effect ProcessorChorus
DM-2 25 August 1982Effect ProcessorDelay
DR-55 21 February 1980DrumAnalog Drum Machine
Flanger BF-3(T) 01 January 2011Effect ProcessorGuitar Pedal
Flanger BF-3A 01 January 2011Effect ProcessorGuitar Pedal
GE-10 20 February 1977EqualizerGraphic Equalizer
HC-2 20 January 1984Effect ProcessorHand Clapper
HM-2 15 December 1983Effect ProcessorGuitar Pedal
HM-3 01 January 1993Effect ProcessorHyper Metal

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