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All other Manufacturers


Model Date Group Description
1120 December 2000PhotocopierCOLOR LASER COPIER
1130 December 2000PhotocopierCOLOR LASER COPIER
1150 December 2000PhotocopierCOLOR LASER COPIER
A-1 Camera
AE-1 Program Camera
Basic 2000 April 2000FaxFACSIMILE
BJ M70 October 1999PrinterPortable, color BJ printer
BJC-1000 December 1998PrinterColor Bubble Jet Printer
BJC-2000 October 1998PrinterColor Bubble Jet Printer
BJC-2100 22 March 2000Printer
BJC-2100SP 22 March 2000Printer
BJC-3000 August 1999PrinterInkJet Printer
BJC-4400 May 1998PrinterColor Bubble Jet Printer
BJC-50 April 1998PrinterInkJet Printer
BJC-5000 August 1998PrinterColor ink Jet Printer
BJC-5100 1998PrinterColor Bubble Jet Printer
BJC-6000 January 1999PrinterInkJet Printer
BJC-6200 April 2000PrinterColor Bubble Jet Printer
BJC-6500 October 1999PrinterInkJet Printer
BJC-7100 October 1998PrinterInkJet Printer
BJC-8200 November 1999PrinterInkJet Printer
BJC-8200 Photo November 1999PrinterInkjet Printer
BJC-85 October 1999PrinterPortable, color BJ printer
BJC-8500 March 1999PrinterInkJet Printer
Canoscan D-1230 March 2001ScannerFlatbed image scanner
Canoscan D-2400 March 2001ScannerFlatbed image scanner
Canoscan N1220U June 2000Scanner
Canoscan N650U June 2000Scanner
Canoscan N656U June 2000Scanner
CLC 10 October 1992Photocopier
CLC-300 1991Photocopiercolor laser copier
CLC10 October 1992PhotocopierCOLOR LASER COPIER
D660U July 2000Scannerflatbed image scanner
DIGITAL IXUS C83-1005 2000CameraDigital Camera
EF 500mm 1:4.0L IS (ULTRASONIC) CameraLens
EF 70-200mm 1:2.8L IS USM CameraLens
EOS 20D 2004Digital camera
EOS 300D DIGITAL 2003Camera
EOS 350D DIGITAL Digital camera
EOS KISS DIGITAL N Digital camera
EOS-1D Digital camera
FAU-S11 April 2000ScannerFilm adapter unit
FAX-L350 December 1999Fax
FB1210U April 2000ScannerFlatbed image scanner
i320 04 September 2002Printer
i450 May 2003PrinterBubble Jet Printer
i550 2002PrinterColor ink Jet Printer
i6100 24 October 2003Printer
i6500 24 October 2003Printer
i850 2002PrinterColor ink Jet Printer
i9100 25 July 2003Printer
i950 2002PrinterColor ink Jet Printer
IP4300 25 July 2006PrinterColor inkjet printer
IXY DIGITAL C83-1006 2000CameraDigital Camera
LBP-1000 January 2000PrinterLaser beam printer
LBP-1760 May 1998Printer
LBP-2000 August 2001PrinterLaser beam printer
LBP-2460 December 1997PrinterLaser Printer
LBP-800 August 1999Printerlaser beam printer
NP1550 1992Photocopier
NP6012 July 1995Photocopier
NP6330 May 1997Photocopier
PC860 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC880 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC890 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC920 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC921 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC940 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC941 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC950 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC960 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC980 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PC981 August 1999PhotocopierPersonal Copier
PIXMA iP3000 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA iP4000 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA iP4000R 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA iP4200 2005Printer
PIXMA iP5000 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA IP5200 2005Printer
PIXMA IP5200R 2005Printer
PIXMA iP6000D 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA iP8500 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA MP750 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA MP760 14 June 2005Printer
PIXMA MP780 14 June 2005Printer
Pixus 320i 04 September 2002Printer
PIXUS 6100i March 2003Printer
PIXUS 6500i March 2003Printer
PIXUS i6100 March 2003Printer
PIXUS i6500 March 2003Printer
PowerShot S100 DIGITAL ELPH C83-1001 2000CameraDigital Camera
S100 12 June 2001Printer
S500 24 October 2003Printer
S520 24 October 2003Printer
S520X 24 October 2003Printer
S530D 24 October 2003Printer
S600 24 October 2003Printer
S630 24 October 2003Printer
S6300 24 October 2003Printer
S750 24 October 2003Printer
SmartBase MPC400 November 2001All in one printer
SmartBase MPC600F November 2001All in one printer
UC-V200 1999Videocam8mm Video Camcorder
UC-V20HI 1999Videocam8mm Video Camcorder
UC-V300 1999Videocam8mm Video Camcorder
UC-V30HI 1999Videocam8mm Video Camcorder

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 Solar CB


 Grundig ELEGANCE 63 ST 63-300/8 DOLBY


 JBL 5549A

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