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Collins Telecommunications

Model Date Group Description
21 E/M Receiver
30L-1 01 January 1961AmplifierPortble RF Linear Power Amplifier
312B-4 01 January 1968OtherStation Control
312B-5 01 January 1968OtherStation Control
51J-4 15 September 1961ReceiverCommunications Receiver
51S-1 22 June 1964ReceiverCommunications Receiver
DL-1 01 January 1966Other100 Watt Resistor Load
KWM-380 01 October 1979Transceiver
R-390A/URR 01 January 1956ReceiverRadio Receiver
R390A/URR 17 August 1967ReceiverRadio Receiver

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MC 210 S

 Satorius MC 210 S

301 Series IV

 Bose 301 Series IV

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