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Dräger Medical

Model Date Group Description
8000 SC 01 January 1998Incubator
Babytherm 8000 OC 01 November 1997IncubatorResuscitation/Open Care Unit
Babytherm 8000 WB 01 April 1999IncubatorWarming Bed
Babytherm 8004 01 February 1999Incubator
Babytherm 8010 01 February 1999Incubator
Babytherm® 8000 LDR 01 January 1998IncubatorWarming Bed
Babytherm® 8000 WB 01 July 2001IncubatorWarming Bed
Babytherm® 8004 IncubatorOpen Care Unit
Babytherm® 8010 IncubatorOpen Care Unit
Caleo Incubator
Caleo® 01 October 2001IncubatorNeonatal incubator
Isolette C2000 01 October 2004IncubatorInfant Incubator
Isolette C2000e 01 October 2004IncubatorInfant Incubator
Isolette C400 QT 01 August 2005IncubatorInfant Incubator
Isolette C450 QT 01 August 2005IncubatorInfant Incubator

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