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Model Date Group Description
1-A ReceiverSideband Receiver
2-C Receiver
2-NT TransmitterCW Transmitter
4-NB OtherNoise Blanker
AA-10 AmplifierPower Amplfier
DSR-1 Receiver
FS-4 GeneratorFrequency Synthesizer
L-4 AmplifierLinear Amplifier
L4-B AmplifierLinear Amplifier
MN-2000 01 January 1975OtherMatching Network
MN-4 OtherMatching Network
PS7 1502 01 January 1979Power Supply
Q-X'er ReceiverAttachment for Radio Receiver
R-4 ReceiverCommunication Receiver
R-4A ReceiverCommunication Receiver
R8B 01 January 1997ReceiverCommunication Receiver
RV-4C OtherRemote VFO
RV-7 MODEL 1338 OtherRemote VFO
SP75 OtherSpeech Processor
SPR-4 ReceiverCommunication Receiver
SW8 01 January 1997ReceiverWorld Band Shortwave Receiver
T-4B Transmitter
TR-4 TransceiverSingle Sideband Transceiver
W-4 01 January 1976Level MeterRF Wattmeter

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