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Model Date Group Description
HD148 1995OtherGraphic Printer
HM 1005 Oscilloscope100MHz Oscilloscope
HM 1500-2 2007OscilloscopeAnalog Oscilloscope
HM 307-3 Oscilloscope
HM1008-2 2007Oscilloscope
HM1508-2 10 October 2007OscilloscopeMixed Signal CombiScope
HM203 April 1981Oscilloscope
HM203-6 September 1987Oscilloscope
HM205-2 1987Oscilloscope
HM303-5 January 1999Oscilloscope
HM303-6 2001Oscilloscope
HM407-2 15 July 2003Oscilloscope40MHz Analog-/Digital-Scope
HM5010 09 June 1998AnalyzerSpectrum Analyzer
HM5011 09 June 1998AnalyzerSpectrum Analyzer
HM5012 Spectrum analyzer
HM5014 Spectrum analyzer
HM604 1988Oscilloscope
HM7042-3 Power supplyTriple power supply
HM7042-4 2004Power supply
HM7044 2004Power supply
HM8012 02 November 2005Digital multimeter4 3⁄4-DigitMultimeter
HM8018 01 October 2006LCR Meter31⁄2-DigitLCR-Meter
HM8035 Generator
HM806 Oscilloscope
HZ65-3 ProbeComponent Tester

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 Samsung CT331HBZX


 Sony KDE-37XS955

ME 23900

 Pentax ME 23900

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