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Model Date Group Description
067-0500-00 01 January 1970CalibratorCalibration Fixture
067-0523-00 CalibratorCalibration Fixture
067-0587-02 01 January 1982CalibratorCalibration Fixture Signal Standardizer
067-0596-00 CALIBRATION FIXTURE 01 January 1969CalibratorChopped Voltage Reference
106 01 January 1966GeneratorSquare-Wave Generator
111 1960GeneratorPretrigger Pulse Generator
1121 01 January 1960Amplifier
115 01 January 1968GeneratorPulse Generator
11801C OscilloscopeDigital Sampling Oscilloscope
11A71 AmplifierSingle Trace Plugin
1241 1985OtherLogic Analyzer
127 1961Power supplyPreamplifier Power Supply
134 March 1969OtherCurrent Probe Amplifier
1503C Level MeterMetallic Time-Domain Reflectometer
1725 1995OscilloscopePAL/NTSC Vectorscope
178 August 1977Test SetLinear IC Test Fixture Plugin
1A6 July 1966OscilloscopeDifferential Amplifier
1L10 September 1965OscilloscopeSpectrum Analyzer plug-in
1L30 February 1968OscilloscopeSpectrum Analyzer plug-in
1L40 October 1968Spectrum analyzerSpectrum Analyzer Plugin
205-2 Scopemobile April 1967OtherScopemobile
211 August 1982Oscilloscope
214 1973OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
2205 01 April 1988Oscilloscope
2212 01 December 1992OscilloscopeDigital Storage & Analog Oscilloscope
2213 Oscilloscope
2213A 1983Oscilloscope
2215 May 1982Oscilloscope
2215A December 1983OscilloscopeDual Channel 60MHz Oscilloscope
2221A 01 June 1992OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
2230 1985OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
2232 April 1990OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
2235 May 1983OscilloscopeDual Channel 100MHz Oscilloscope
2236 November 1983Oscilloscope
2236 YA 01 October 1983OscilloscopeDual-Channel, 100-MHz Oscilloscope
2240 July 1988OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
2246 1Y June 1989OscilloscopePORTABLE OSCILLOSCOPE
2246 2R June 1989OscilloscopePORTABLE OSCILLOSCOPE
2246 A June 1989OscilloscopePORTABLE OSCILLOSCOPE
2246 MOD A 01 October 1991OscilloscopePortable Oscilloscope
2402A 01 September 1991OtherTekmate
2430 May 1986OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
2440 July 1993Oscilloscope
2445 1982Oscilloscope
2445/2465 OPTION 05 October 1983Plug-InTV Option
2445/2465 OPTION 06 March 1985Plug-InCounter/Timer/Trigger
2445/2465 OPTION 09 March 1985Plug-InCounter/ Timer/Trigger with Word Recognizer
2445A June 1986Oscilloscope
2455A June 1986Oscilloscope
2465 1982OscilloscopeAnalog Oscilloscope
2465A June 1986Oscilloscope
2465B May 1988Oscilloscope
2467 1986Oscilloscope
2467B May 1988Oscilloscope
308 01 January 1980AnalyzerData Analyzer
314 Oscilloscope10-MHz Dual-Trace, Long-Term Storage Oscilloscop
323 01 January 1968OscilloscopePortable Oscilloscope
422 Oscilloscope
465 December 1972Oscilloscope
465B 1979Oscilloscope
465M 15 March 1977Oscilloscope100MHz Oscilloscope
475A 1976Oscilloscope
492 1979Spectrum analyzer
492A August 1989Spectrum analyzer
492AP 1985Spectrum analyzer
492B August 1989Spectrum analyzer
492BP 1985Spectrum analyzer
492P 1979Spectrum analyzer
492PGM June 1989Spectrum analyzer
494P March 1985Spectrum analyzer
496 01 January 1981Spectrum analyzer
496P 01 January 1981Spectrum analyzer
5006 1981OtherPower Module
511A 01 January 1950OscilloscopeCathode Ray Oscilloscope
511AD 01 January 1950OscilloscopeCathode Ray Oscilloscope
513 OscilloscopeCathode-Ray Oscilloscope
533 01 January 1961Oscilloscope
533A 01 January 1961Oscilloscope
535 1965OscilloscopeCathode-Ray Oscilloscope
535A 01 January 1959Oscilloscope
545 1965OscilloscopeCathode-Ray Oscilloscope
547 01 January 1964Oscilloscope
551 01 January 1960OscilloscopeDual Beam Oscilloscope
561S 01 January 1964OscilloscopeOscilloscope system
564B 01 January 1968Oscilloscope
577-177 D1 1981Test SetCurve tracer
577-177 D2 1981Test SetCurve tracer
5A14N October 1987Plug-InFour Channel Amplifier
5B42 March 1973OtherDelaying Time Base
647 November 1963Oscilloscope
661 26 April 1962Oscilloscope
7104 November 1978Oscilloscope
7403N 1971Oscilloscope
7603 1972Oscilloscope
7613 September 1972OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
7623 1973OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
7623A 1974OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
7633 March 1974OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
7704 1970Oscilloscope
7834 December 1984OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
7844 1974OscilloscopeDual Beam Oscilloscope
7854 1980OscilloscopeOscilloscope with Waveform Calculator
7904 May 1983Oscilloscope
7934 May 1986Oscilloscope
7A11 December 1969OscilloscopeAmplifier plug-in
7A12 AmplifierDual Trace Amplifier Plugin
7A13 October 1969OscilloscopeAmplifier plug-in
7A15A August 1971OscilloscopeAmplifier plug-in
7A15AN August 1971OscilloscopeAmplifier plug-in
7A16P 1978OscilloscopeProgrammable amplifier plug-in
7A18 1971OscilloscopeDUAL TRACE AMPLIFIER plug-in
7A19 May 1976OscilloscopeAmplifier plug-in
7A21N 1972OscilloscopeDirect Access plug-in
7B50 October 1969OscilloscopeTime Base plug-in
7B52 June 1970OscilloscopeDual Time Base Plugin
7B53A 1972OscilloscopeDUAL TIME BASE plug-in
7B53AN 1972OscilloscopeDUAL TIME BASE plug-in
7B80 01 December 1975GeneratorTime Base
7B87 01 January 1986GeneratorTime Base Unit
7B90P 01 January 1978GeneratorProgrammable Time Base
7B92 June 1978Oscilloscope
7B92A June 1978OscilloscopeDual Time Base Plugin Unit
7CT1N December 1971OscilloscopeCurve Tracer plug-in
7D01 1976OtherLogic Analyzer
7D11 April 1978OscilloscopeDigital Delay plug-in
7D110 July 1976OscilloscopeDigital Events Delay
7D12 June 1974OscilloscopeA-D Converter plug-in
7D13 01 January 1971Digital multimeterDigital Multimeter plug in unit
7D14 01 March 1971CounterDigital Counter plug in unit
7D20 July 1985OscilloscopeProgrammable Digitizer Plugin
7L05 1976Spectrum analyzer
7L12 July 1972OscilloscopeSpectrum Analyzer plug-in
7L13 01 April 1974Spectrum analyzer
7L5 Spectrum analyzerSpectrum Analyzer Plugin
7M13 01 August 1980Control UnitReadout Unit
7S12 1971OscilloscopeTDR sampler plug-in
7S14 01 January 1973GeneratorDual Trace Delayed Sweep Sampler
7T11A June 1986OscilloscopeSampling Sweep plug-in Unit
84 CalibratorCalibration Fixture
AFG3000 Series GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3011 GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3021B GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3022B GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3101 GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3102 GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3251 GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AFG3252 GeneratorArbitrary/Function Generators
AG7 GeneratorAudio Generator Module
AGL7 GeneratorAnalog Genlock Module
AM 502 01 January 1973AmplifierDifferential Amplifier
ATG7 GeneratorAnalog Test Generator
AVG7 GeneratorAnalog Video Generator
AWVG7 GeneratorAnalog Wideband Video Generator
BG7 GeneratorBlack Generator
CSA 803A 01 January 1993Communications Test SetCommunications Signal Analyzer
CSA 803C Communications Test SetCommunications Signal Analyzer
CSA7000B Series Communications Test SetCommunication Signal Analyzers
CSA7404B Communications Test SetCommunication Signal Analyzers
CSA8000 Communications Test SetCommunications Signal Analyzer
CSA8000 Series Communications Test SetCommunications Signal Analyzers
DC 501 01 June 1972Counter100MHz Counter
DC 504 01 December 1984CounterCounter/Timer
DC 505 01 July 1974CounterUniversal Counter/Timer
DC 505A 01 April 1975CounterUniversal Counter/Timer
DC 508A 01 July 1982Counter1.3 GHz Counter
DC 510 01 October 1981CounterUniversal Counter/Timer
DD 501 01 January 1974OtherDigital Delay
DF 1 01 December 1976AnalyzerDisplay Formatter
DF2 01 January 1978AnalyzerDisplay Formatter
DM 501 01 April 1977Digital multimeter
DM 502A 01 February 1979Digital multimeterAutoranging Digital Multimeter
DMM44 July 1976Digital multimeter
DPO2012 15 August 2004Oscilloscope
DPO2014 15 August 2004Oscilloscope
DPO2024 15 August 2004Oscilloscope
DPO4000 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
DPO4032 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4034 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4054 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4104 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DVG7 GeneratorDigital Video Generator
FG 503 01 April 1974GeneratorFunction Generator
FG 504 01 January 1979Generator40MHz Function Generator
HDVG7 GeneratorHDTV Digital Video Generator
L3 April 1978Spectrum analyzerPlug-In
MSO2012 15 August 2004Oscilloscope
MSO2014 15 August 2004Oscilloscope
MSO2024 15 August 2004Oscilloscope
MSO4000 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
Option 01 June 1987OscilloscopeDMM Option
Option 01 DMM (for 2445, 2465) 1984Digital multimeter
Option 05 June 1987OscilloscopeTV Option
Option 06 June 1987OscilloscopeCTT Option
Option 09 June 1987OscilloscopeCTT and WR Option
Option 10 June 1987OscilloscopeGPIB Option
OS-245(P) February 1976Oscilloscope
OS-245U February 1976Oscilloscope
P2200 01 January 2002ProbePassive 1X/10X Voltage Probe
P2220 01 January 2004ProbePassive 1X/10X Voltage Probe
P3010 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P5050 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P5100 01 January 2004ProbePassive High Voltage Probes
P5102 01 January 1997ProbeHigh Voltage Passive Probe
P5120 01 January 2004ProbePassive High Voltage Probes
P5200 ProbeHigh Voltage Differential Probe
P6015A 01 January 2004ProbePassive High Voltage Probes
P6021 Probe60 MHz Current Probe
P6101B ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6109B ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6111B ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6112 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6114B ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6117 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6131 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6133 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6136 ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6137 Probe10X Passive Probe for 2400 Series Oscilloscopes
P6138A ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6139A ProbePassive Voltage Probe
P6201 Probe900 MHz FET Probe
PG 505 01 January 1973GeneratorPulse Generator
PG 508 01 November 1975Generator50MHz Pulse Generator
PG 509 01 October 1989GeneratorPulse Generator
Phaser 360 1997PrinterColor Printer
Phaser 380 October 1997PrinterColor Printer
Phaser 480X May 1995PrinterColor Printer
Phaser 540 Plus February 1995Printercolor laser printer.
Phaser 550 February 1996PrinterColor Printer
Phaser 560 February 1998PrinterColor Laser Printer
Phaser 740 1998PrinterCOLOR LASER PRINTER
Phaser 740L 1998PrinterColor Laser Printer
Phaser 780 1998PrinterCOLOR LASER PRINTER
Phaser 840 May 1998PrinterCOLOR LASER PRINTER
Phaser 850 October 1999PrinterColor Printer
R422 Oscilloscope
R485 01 January 1978Oscilloscope
R7603 1972Oscilloscope
R7613 September 1972OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
R7623 1973OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
R7623A 1974OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
R7633 March 1974OscilloscopeStorage Oscilloscope
R7844 1974OscilloscopeDual Beam Oscilloscope
R7903 November 1986Oscilloscope
RTM 506 01 November 1974Power supplyPower Module
SC502 April 1975Oscilloscope
SD-14 01 May 1993ProbeSampling Head
SD-20 01 January 1993ProbeSampling Head
SD-22 01 May 1993ProbeSampling Head
SD-24 May 1993OscilloscopeTDR/Sampling Head Plugin-Unit
SD-26 01 May 1993ProbeSampling Head
SG 503 01 January 1974GeneratorLeveled Sine-Wave Generator
SG 5030 July 1990GeneratorProgrammable Leveled Sine Wave Generator
SG 504 01 August 1981GeneratorLeveled Sine-Wave Generator
SG-503 01 May 1981GeneratorLeveled Sine-Wave Generator
SG502 November 1976OscilloscopeOscillator plug-in
Spectra 01 January 2005Communications Test SetNetwork Diagnostics
ST2400A 01 June 1999
SV970 01 January 2001OtherMPEG Transport Stream Monitor
SW503 01 January 1977GeneratorSweep Generator Plug-In
T921 01 July 1977Oscilloscope15MHz Portable Oscilloscope
T922 01 July 1977Oscilloscope15MHz Portable Oscilloscope
T922R 01 July 1977Oscilloscope15MHz Portable Oscilloscope
T932 01 January 1975OscilloscopePortable Oscilloscope
T935 01 January 1975OscilloscopePortable Oscilloscope
TAP1500 01 January 2005Probe1.5GHz Active Probe
TAP2500 01 January 2005Probe2.5 GHz Active Probe
TAS 455 1992OscilloscopeAnalog Oscilloscope
TAS 465 1992OscilloscopeAnalog Oscilloscope
TCA-1MEG 01 January 2002ProbeHigh Impedance Buffer Amplifer System
TCP0030 01 January 2005ProbeAC/DC Current Probe
TCP202 01 January 2004ProbeDC Coupled Current Probe
TDS 3012 01 January 2000OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS 3014 01 January 2000OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS 3032 01 January 2000OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS 3034 01 January 2000OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS 3052 01 January 2000OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS 3054 01 January 2000OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS 310 1993OscilloscopeTwo Channel Oscilloscope
TDS 320 1993OscilloscopeTwo Channel Oscilloscope
TDS 340A OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time Oscilloscope
TDS 350 1993OscilloscopeTwo Channel Oscilloscope
TDS 360 OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time Oscilloscope
TDS 380 OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time Oscilloscope
TDS 410 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 410A 1995OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 420 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 420A 1995OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 430A 01 January 1998OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 460 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 460A 1995OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 500C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 500D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 500D Series 01 January 1998OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS 510A OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope,
TDS 520A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 520B 1996OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 520C Oscilloscope
TDS 520D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 524A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 540A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 540C Oscilloscope
TDS 540D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 544A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 580D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 600B OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 600C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 620A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 620B Oscilloscope
TDS 640A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 644A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 644B Oscilloscope
TDS 654C May 1999OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time™ Oscilloscopes
TDS 680B Oscilloscope
TDS 680C May 1999OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time™ Oscilloscopes
TDS 684A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 684B Oscilloscope
TDS 684C May 1999OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time™ Oscilloscopes
TDS 694C May 1999OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time™ Oscilloscopes
TDS 700C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 700D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 700D Series 01 January 1998OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
TDS 714L OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 724C Oscilloscope
TDS 724D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 744A November 1994OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 754C Oscilloscope
TDS 754D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 784A 1993OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 784C Oscilloscope
TDS 784D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS 794D OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS-1000 OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS-200 OscilloscopeDigital Real-Time Oscilloscope
TDS-2000 OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS1000 Series OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS1000B Series OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
TDS1002 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS1012 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS200 Series OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
TDS2000 Series OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2000B Series OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
TDS2002 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2012 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2014 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2022 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2024 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2CM OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
TDS2CMA OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
TDS2MEM OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
TDS2MM OscilloscopeExtension Module
TDS3000B Series 01 January 2006OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3012 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3012B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3014 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3014B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3024B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3032 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3032B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3034 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3034B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3044B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3052 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3052B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3054 OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3054B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS3064B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS5000B Series OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS520C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS540C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS620B OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS644B OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS680B OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS684B OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS684C 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS694C 01 January 2002OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS7000B Series July 2005OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS7154B Communications Test SetCommunication Signal Analyzers
TDS724C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS7254B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS7404B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS754C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS7704B OscilloscopeDigital Phosphor Oscilloscope
TDS784C OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope
TDS8000 OscilloscopeDigital Sampling Oscilloscope
TDS8000 Series OscilloscopeDigital Sampling Oscilloscope
TDSUSBF Test SetUSB 2.0 Compliance Test Fixture
TFP2A 01 April 1997Level MeterOptical Time-Domain Reflectometer
TG 501 01 January 1978GeneratorTime Mark Generator plug-in
TG 700 01 February 2004TV pattern generatorMultiformat Video Generator
TG501 February 1984GeneratorTIME MARK GENERATOR
TG700 TV pattern generatorTV Signal Generator Platform
THS 710 01 January 1995Oscilloscope
THS 720 01 January 1995Oscilloscope
THS700 Series February 2005OscilloscopeHandheld Battery Operated Oscilloscope/ DMM/Powe
THS710A 01 February 1998Oscilloscope
THS720A 01 February 1998Oscilloscope
THS720P 01 February 1998Oscilloscope
THS730A 01 February 1998Oscilloscope
TLA7D1 OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope Modules
TLA7D2 OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope Modules
TLA7E1 OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope Modules
TLA7E2 OscilloscopeDigitizing Oscilloscope Modules
TLA7PG2 TV pattern generatorPattern Generator and Probes
TLS 216 OscilloscopeLogic Scope
TM 5003 September 1981Power supplyPOWERMODULE
TM 5006 01 October 1987Power supplyPower Module
TM 504 01 June 1974Power supplyPower Module
TM 506 01 November 1974Power supplyPower Module
TM501 June 1985Power supply
TM504 June 1974Power supplyPower Module
TM506 November 1974Power supplyPower Module
TM515 September 1975Power supplyFive Compartment Portable Power Module
TPS1000 Series OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TPS2000 Series OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
TPS2012 April 2005OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscopes
TPS2014 April 2005OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscopes
TPS2024 April 2005OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscopes
TR 210 OtherHuntron Tracker
TR 502 01 January 1975GeneratorTracking Generator
TR 503 01 August 1980GeneratorTracking Generator
TR502 November 1975GeneratorTracking Generator Plugin
TR503 GeneratorTracking Generator Plugin
TSG 90 TV pattern generatorNTSC Signal Generator
TSG 95 TV pattern generatorPAL/NTSC Signal Generator
TSG-100 01 September 1994GeneratorNTSC Television Generator
TU-7 01 January 1964OtherPlug-In Test Unit
Type B AmplifierPlug-In Amplifier
Type W 01 October 1964ConverterHigh-Gain Differential Comparator
Type Z 01 January 1960AmplifierCalibrated Differential Comparator
VITS201 TV pattern generatorPAL Insertion Generator
VM700A 01 January 1995AnalyzerVideo Measurement Set
VM700T AnalyzerVideo Measurement Set
VX1410A Test SetIntelliFrame VXIbus Mainframe
VX1420A Test SetIntelliFrame VXIbus Mainframe
WFM 601A Wave AnalyzerSerial Digital Component Waveform Monitor
WFM 601E Wave AnalyzerSerial Digital Component Waveform Monitor
WFM 601M Wave AnalyzerSerial Digital Component Waveform Monitor
WFM 90
WFM 91
WVR500 AnalyzerWaveform/Vector Monitor
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