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Model Date Group Description
1001A April 1977GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
1002 April 1977GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
1003 April 1977GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
1004 April 1977GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
1004-1 April 1977GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
1005 April 1977GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
101 December 1964GeneratorFunction Generator
1018B Level MeterMicrowave Peak Power Meter
102 December 1964GeneratorFunction Generator
103 December 1964GeneratorFunction Generator
104 December 1964GeneratorVoltage Controlled Generator
105 December 1964GeneratorVoltage Controlled Generator
106 December 1964AmplifierTriggered Generators
1060 Series GeneratorSweep Signal Generator
1061 GeneratorSweep Signal Generator
1062 GeneratorSweep Signal Generator
1066 GeneratorSweep Signal Generator
1067 GeneratorSweep Signal Generator
107 December 1964GeneratorTriggered Generator
1080 01 January 1981GeneratorSweep Generator
1081 01 January 1981GeneratorSweep Generator
10XL 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
110 1966GeneratorFunction generator
110B January 1967GeneratorFunction generator
111 1966GeneratorVoltage controlled generator
112 January 1968GeneratorTriggered Voltage Controlled Generator
115 January 1968AmplifierPhase Lock/Trigger Voltage Controlled Generator
116 January 1968GeneratorMulti-Purpose Voltage Controlled Generator
1271 1997Digital multimeterSelfcal Digital Multimeters
1281 1997Digital multimeterSelfcal Digital Multimeters
130 August 1972GeneratorFunction generator
131A 1973GeneratorVCG Generator
132 September 1978GeneratorVCG/Noise Generator
136 1969GeneratorVCG/VCA Generator
1385 01 August 1996Generator50 MHz VXIbus Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer
1391 01 September 1992Generator50 MHz VXI Pulse Generator
141 September 1968GeneratorVoltage controlled generator
142 February 1975GeneratorHF VCG Generator
143 Generator20 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
145 Generator20 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
145 S 1021 1983Generator
145 S 620 1983Generator
145 S 872 1983Generator
145-S-1021 1983Generator20 MHz Pulse /Function generator
145-S-620 1983Generator20 MHz Pulse /Function generator
145-S-872 1983Generator20 MHz Pulse /Function generator
146 01 March 1976GeneratorMultifunction Generator
147 October 1973GeneratorSweep Generator
148 November 1979Generator20 MHz AM/FM/PM generator
148A March 1981GeneratorAM/FM/PM Generator
150 August 1966GeneratorProgrammable voltage contolled generator
154 1980GeneratorProgrammable waveform generator
155 August 1966GeneratorProgrammable voltage contolled generato
158 July 1982GeneratorProgrammable waveform generator
159 July 1982GeneratorProgrammable waveform generator
159-005 Data July 1982GeneratorProgrammable waveform generator (option)
15XL 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
164 01 April 1988Generator30MHz Sweep Generator
166 1978Generator50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
16XL 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
171 May 1982GeneratorSynthesizer Function Generator
172B 1981GeneratorProgrammable signal source
175 01 January 1978GeneratorArbitrary Waveform Generator
178 GeneratorProgrammable Waveform Synthesizer
178-S-1324 1986Generator50 MHz programmable waveform synthesizer
180 June 1975GeneratorSweep/Function Generator
180 LF June 1975GeneratorSweep/Function Generator
1801B GeneratorVH F/UHF Sweep/Signal Generator
182 01 June 1979Generator2MHz Function Generator
182A 1982Generator4 MHz function generator
184 01 February 1980Generator5MHz Sweep Generator
185 1983Generator5 MHz Lin/Log sweep generator
190 1983Generator20 MHz function generator
191 1983GeneratorPulse/Function Generator
193 Generator20 MHz Sweep/ Modulation Generator
20 Generator2 MHz Function Generator
2001 GeneratorSweep/Signal Generator
2002A February 1980GeneratorSWEEP/SIGNAL GENERATOR
2015 01 July 2000Digital multimeterAutoranging Digital Multimeter
2020 01 August 1997Digital multimeterAutoranging Digital Multimeter
21 August 1983Generator11 MHz stabilized function generator
22 1984Generator11 MHz stabilized sweep generator
220 01 August 2000Digital multimeter
23 1986Generator12/32 MHz synthesized function generator
235 01 September 2000Digital multimeterAutoranging Digital Multimeter with PC Interface
23XT 01 August 2000Digital multimeter
2405 GeneratorRF Signal Generators
2407 October 1990GeneratorSIGNAL GENERATOR
2410 GeneratorRF Signal Generator
2410R GeneratorRF Signal Generator
25XT 01 August 2000Digital multimeter
270 01 June 1982GeneratorProgrammable Function Generator
271 01 June 1982GeneratorProgrammable Function Generator
275 1984GeneratorArbitrary Function Generator
278 1983Generator12 MHz programmable synthesized function generat
27XT 01 August 2000Digital multimeter
280 Generator20 MHz Synthesized Function Generator
288 1988GeneratorSynthesized Function Generator
28XT 01 August 2000Digital multimeter
29 1997Generator10 MHz DDS Function Generator
295 01 September 1993GeneratorMultichannel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
3000 Analyzer1 GHz Programmable Waveform Analyzer
3001 01 January 1981Generator520MHz Signal Generator
3002 01 January 1981Generator520MHz Signal Generator
3003 October 1986GeneratorSignal generator
3004 October 1986GeneratorSignal generator
3005 October 1986GeneratorSignal generator
3006 October 1986GeneratorSignal generator
320B 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
3510 Generator1 GHz Programmable Signal Generator
3510B Generatort to 1040 MHz Signal Generator
35XL 01 July 2000Digital multimeterPocket Sized, Autoranging Digital Multimeter
38SW 01 December 2002SoftwareData Acquisition Software
39 June 1997Generator30 MS/s Universal Waveform Generator
395 April 2000Generator100 MHz Synthesized Arbitrary Waveform Generator
39A October 2005Generator40MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
4015 October 1994Test SetCommunication Monitor
4200S Series November 1999Test Set
452 01 October 1986OtherDual Hi/Lo Filter
52A 01 November 1990OtherDatalogger
5XL 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
650 01 May 1987Generator2MHz Variable Phase Synthesizer
750 01 January 1974Level MeterPhase Meter
80 01 January 1996Generator50MHz Modulated Function/Pulse Generator
801 Generator50 MHz PULSE GENERATOR
802 September 1978Generator50 MHz pulse generator
81 01 January 1996Generator50MHz Modulated Function/Pulse Generator
8500 Series Level GeneratorMicrowave Peak Power Meter
852 01 October 1986OtherDual Hi/Lo Filter
859 Generator50 MHz Pulse Generator
85XT 01 July 2000Digital multimeter4 1/2 Digital Multimeter
907 01 January 1983Generator7 to 11GHz Signal Generator
907A 01 January 1982Generator7 to 12.4 GHz Signal Generator
907AF 01 January 1982Generator7 to 12.4 GHz Signal Generator
9100 1994CalibratorUniversal Calibration System
960 Series 01 July 1986GeneratorMicro Sweep 1 to 18 GHz Generator
98 1992Generator1 MHZ audio frequency generator
AC38 August 2000Digital multimeterdigital clamp meter
AC40A 2000Digital multimeterDigital AC Current Clamp
AC60 July 2000Digital multimeterDigital Clamp-On Meter
AC65 July 2000Digital multimeterDigital Clamp-On Meter
AC68 July 2000GeneratorDigital Clamp-On Multimeter
AD105 01 March 2004Digital multimeterDigital Clamp-On Meter
AD40A 2000Digital multimeterDigital AC Current Clamp
AM8 July 2000Analog multimeterPocket-Sized Analog Multimeter
CR 50 01 July 2000Level MeterPocket-Sized Capacitance/Resistance Meter
CT-235 01 August 2000ProbeAC/DC Current Probe
CT-237 01 August 2000ProbeAC/DC Current Probe
CT-238 01 June 2000ProbeAC/DC Current Probe
CT231A 01 August 2000Digital multimeterCurrent Clamp
CT232A 01 August 2000Digital multimeterCurrent Clamp
CT234A 01 June 2000Digital multimeterCurrent Clamp
CT236 01 June 2000Digital multimeterCurrent Clamp
FG2C 01 August 2000GeneratorFunction Generator
FG3C 01 August 2000GeneratorFunction Generator
HD110 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
HD110B September 2000Digital multimeter
HD110T 01 July 2000Digital multimeter
HD115B September 2000Digital multimeter
HD160B July 2000Digital multimeterHeavy Duty Autoranging Digital Multimeter
LCR55 01 August 2000Test SetComponent Tester
LP10A 01 July 2000ProbeLogic Probe
LP25A 01 July 2000ProbeLogic Probe
Model 135 November 1969GeneratorLin/Log Sweep Generator
RF241 July 2000ProbeRF Probe
RMS225A 01 July 2000Digital multimeterAutoranging Digital Multimeter
SF10 July 2000OtherShort Finder Brush
SSI-3000B 1983Test SetService Monitor
Stabilock 4040 01 August 1994Communications Test SetCommunications Test Set
TC-253A August 2000ConverterTemperature Converter Temperature Converter
TM-SW 01 January 2004SoftwareRS232 Software and Cable
TMA10 01 October 2000Level MeterAnemometer
TMD90 01 September 2003ThermometerDual Input Digital Thermometer
TPP1-C 01 January 2004ThermometerDigital Thermometer
TPP1-F 01 January 2004ThermometerDigital Thermometer
TPP2-C 01 January 2004ThermometerDigital Thermometer
TPP2-F 01 January 2004ThermometerDigital Thermometer
TRH22 01 September 2003ThermometerRelative Humidity and Temperature Meter

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