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ADC Corporation 6243 Power supply
DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor


The 6243.44 is a DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor featuring a wide source and measurement range as indicated below. 6243: Voltage 0 to ±110 V; Current 0 to ±2 A 6244: Voltage 0 to ±20 V; Current 0 to ±10 A The 6243.44 features high accuracy with a source resolution of 4-1/2 digits and a measurement resolution of 5-1/2 digits. As well as various types of sweeping functions and a capacity for measuring pulses with a minimum width of 1 ms. These features make the product a highly suitable power source, for characteristic testing systems testing characteristics and for evaluation in the research and development fields for semiconductors and other electronic components. The features of this product are indicated below. • Source, measurement range(6243: ±2 A up to ±32 V ±1 A up to ±64 V ±0.5 A up to ±110 V 6244: ±10 A up to ±7 V ±4 A up to ±20 V See Figure 1-1. • Voltage source/measurement range(6243: 320 mV-110 V 6244: 320 mV-20 V • Current source/measurement range(6243: 32 μA-2 A 6244: 320 μA-10 A • Voltage digits/measurement digits(6243: Source 4-1/2 digits/Measurement 5-1/2 digits 6244: Source 4-1/2 digits/Measurement 5-1/2 digits • Voltage source/measurement resolution(6243: Source 10 μV/Measurement 1 μV 6244: Source 10 μV/Measurement 1 μV • Current source/measurement resolution(6243: Source 1 nA/Measurement 100 pA 6244: Source 10 nA/Measurement 1 nA • Voltage Source current measurement (VSIM)/Current source voltage measurement (ISVM) • Voltage Source voltage measurement (VSVM)/Current source current measurement (ISIM) • Sink-enabled bipolar output • Minimum pulse width: 1 ms • Linear, log, random sweep functions for characteristic tests • Limiter (compliance), oscillation, overload, overheat detections • Synchronized operation by integrating 2 or more units of the 6243.44 • GPIB for integrating an automated measurement system as standard

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User Manual
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User Manual
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2007 03 30
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2017 02 05


This document describes the operations, functions and remote programming of 6243.44 DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor operations. This document refers the 6243.44 ROM version B00 or later. (To confirm the ROM version, refer to Section 1.5, “Operational Check.”) The following functions are not available for the 6243.44 ROM version A02 or earlier. • Function for switching the pulse width for external single-line output The default is always set to 20 μs. • TR6143 Mode 2 function Only the Original Mode and TR6143 Mode 1 functions are available. 1. Contents of this Manual This document consists of the following chapters: Safety Summary Read before using the 6243.44 1. INTRODUCTION Describes the supplied Accessories, operating environment, and how to check the 6243.44 correctly. 2. OPERATION Describes the front and rear panel operation. Basic operation and measurement examples are given. 3. REFERENCE The buttons and keys on the front panel, parameter groups, parameter items, and functions are explained. 4. PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR MEASUREMENTS Explains, in detail, functions used to perform measurements accurately. 5. REMOTE PROGRAMMING Explains the GPIB Interface, hardware connections, the GPIB setup, and lists GPIB commands and programming examples. 6. COMPATIBILITY WITH TR6143 Explains the TR6143 compatibility. 7. PERFORMANCE TESTS Explains operations used to confirm that the 6243.44 is operating correctly within acceptable limits. 8. CALIBRATION Explains how to calibrate the 6243.44 to ensure operation within acceptable limits. 9. SPECIFICATIONS Describes the 6243.44s specifications. A.1 When Problems Occur (Before Requesting Repairs) Troubleshooting. A.2 Error Message List Error messages are explained here. DIMENSIONAL OUTLINE DRAWING External dimensions: Describes the external dimensions.

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