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Acer Aspire 4315 Notebook
Aspire 4315


Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Platform

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Service Manual
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Service Manual
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Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
2016 07 03


System Specification 1 Features 1 Your Acer Notebook Tour 3 Front View 3 Closed Front View 4 Left View 4 Right View 5 Rear Panel 5 Bottom Panel 6 Indicators 7 Easy-launch Buttons 8 Touchpad 9 Touchpad Basics 9 Using the Keyboard 11 Lock Keys and Embedded Numeric Keypad 11 Windows Keys 12 Hotkeys 13 Special Keys 14 Using the System Utilities 15 Acer Empowering Technology 15 Empowering Technology Password 15 Acer eNet Management 16 Acer ePower Management 18 Acer ePresentation Management 20 Acer eDataSecurity Management (for selected models) 21 Acer eLock Management 22 Acer eRecovery Management 23 Acer eSettings Management 24 Windows Mobility Center 25 Acer GridVista (dual-display compatible) 26 Launch Manager 27 Norton Internet Security 27 Hardware Specifications and Configurations 28 System Utilities 35 BIOS Setup Utility 35 Entering BIOS Setup 35 BIOS Setup Primary Menus 35 BIOS Setup Navigation Keys 35 Information Menu 36 Main Menu 37 Security Menu 38 Clearing the Supervisor or User Password 39 Boot Menu 41 Exit Menu 42 BIOS Recovery 43 Machine Disassembly and Replacement 45 Disassembly Requirements 45 General Information 46 Pre-disassembly Instructions 46 Disassembly Process 47 External Module Disassembly Process 48 External Modules Disassembly Flowchart 48 Removing the Battery Pack 49 Removing the Express Dummy Card 49 Removing the Lower Cover 50 Removing the DIMM 51 Removing the WLAN Board Module 52 Removing the Hard disk Drive Module 53 Removing the Optical Drive Module 54 Main Unit Disassembly Process 56 Main Unit Disassembly Flowchart 56 Removing the CPU Heatsink Module 57 Removing the CPU 58 Removing the Keyboard 59 Removing the Middle Cover 60 Removing the LCD Module 61 Separating the Upper Case from the Lower Case 63 Removing the Speaker Modules 65 Removing the Launch Board Bracket 66 Removing the Touchpad Board Module 67 Removing the Audio Board 68 Removing the USB Board 70 Removing the Mainboard 71 Removing the Modem Board 72 Removing the RTC Battery 74 LCD Module Disassembly Process 76 LCD Module Disassembly Flowchart 76 Removing the LCD Bezel 77 Removing the Camera Board 78 Removing the Inverter Board 79 Removing the LCD with Brackets 80 Removing the LCD Brackets 83 Removing the LCD Module Hinges 83 Removing the Antenna 84 Removing the Microphone 85 Troubleshooting 87 System Check Procedures 88 External CD/DVD-ROM Drive Check 88 Keyboard or Auxiliary Input Device Check 88 Memory Check 88 Power System Check 89 Touchpad Check 90 Power-On Self-Test (POST) Error Message 91 Index of Error Messages 92 Phoenix BIOS Beep Codes 94 Index of Symptom-to-FRU Error Message 98 Intermittent Problems 102 Undetermined Problems 103 System Block Diagram and Connector Locations 105 System Block Diagram 105 Board Layout 106 Top View 106 Bottom View 107 Hardware Gap Setting 108 FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) List 109 Aspire 4715Z/4315 Exploded Diagram 110 Aspire 4715Z FRU List (No: LX.AL40C.013) 111 Aspire 4715Z FRU List (No: LX.AL10Y.001/003/015) 119 Aspire 4315 FRU List (No: LX.AKZ0C.007) 127 Model Definition and Configuration 136 Aspire 4715Z/4315 136 Test Compatible Components 137 Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ Compatibility Test 138 Online Support Information 143

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