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Advantest Corporation Q8383 Spectrum analyzer


The Q8381A Q8383/is an optical spectrum Analyzer of the decentralized spectrum method employing diffraction lattice monochrometor. its main features are given below. Features Φ Wide dynamic range Wide dynamic range in the Q8381A is obtained by an optical design to suppress an internal stray light level. The range of 40 dB in a state 1 nm away from peak wavelength. The range of 50 dB in a state 5 nm away from peak wavelength. Wide dynamic range in the Q8383 is obtained by the adoption of doubie-pass monochrometor. The range of 55 dB in a state 0.5 nm away from peak wavelength. The range of 65 dB in a state 1 nm away from peak wavelength. 0 High-speed measurement High-speed measurement can be done by the adoption of the high-speed drive system which controls the rotation of the diffraction lattice. (SWEEP-MODE: NORMAL) 0.8 seconds or less in 200 nm span. 1.5 seconds or less in 500 nm span. Puise fight measurement The Q8381A/G8383 incorporates the AMP system for high-speed measurement of light pulse under te s t By synchronizing measurement by the external TTL signal, more stable spectrum can be obtained. @ Easy operation and abundant functions Various aspects have been taken into consideration to make measurement easier. The panel key arrangement, softkey menus and basic key functions can be specified in the first hierarchy. They include four types of spectral width measurement functions, power monitor function, cursor function, and various display (3-dimensional data, dual screen, and super-impose). (§) Built-in high-speed printer Measurement data can be easily output using a high-speed thermal printer having a printing speed of less than 8 seconds. © Enhanced memory function 3.5 inch floppy disks in accordance with MS-DOS* form at in addition to 32 data memories (battery backup) are equipped normally. The measurement data by an outside computer can be easily analyzed.

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User Manual
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User Manual
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01 January 1997
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10 August 2016


This manual consists of ten chapters and two appendixes. If you are about to use the Q8381A Q8383/for the first time, you should not skip any of the chapters. W hen you come across an unknown term, refer to the glossary at the end of the manual. Those who have used the G8381A Q8383/more than once or who are familiar with optical spectrum analyzers should have no difficulty finding the appropriate section or paragraph. 1. General Be sure to read this chapter before using the Q8381A/Q8383. Chapter 1 explains the outline of the Q8381A/Q8383, precautions when using it and the procedure before starting measurement. 2. Panels Chapter 2 provides brief information on the panel configurations along with the names and functions of switches. 3. Basic operation Chapter 3 explains the preparations for starting measurement up to data o u tp u t Those using the G8381A/G8383 for the first time should become familiar with the outline of the operation. 4. Panel operation Chapter 4 explains the seven panel sections, including the function .and operation of each one. 5. Key functions Chapter 5 briefly explains the softkey menus functions. 6. GP-IB Interface Chapter 6 explains the program code and data output format when the G8381A/G8383 is controlled via the GP-iB Interface, giving some program examples. 7. How to use floppy disk Chapter 7 explains handling the floppy disk and reproducing the data by the computer. 8. Examples of measurement Chapter 8 offers some typicai measurement examples using the G8381 A. 9. Principle of operation Chapter 9 shows the internal blocks and briefly explains their operation. 10. Specifications Chapter 10 lists the specifications of the G8381A/G8383. Appendix 1, 2 Lists of the softkey menus and glossary of technical terms are explained. Refer to this as required. External view External dimensions are shown on the drawings. Illustrations of the front and rear panels are enlarged.

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