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Advantest Corporation R3767BG Network Analyzer


R3765/67G series is the 3.8GHz/8GHz vector network Analyzer, which has newly been designed based on a concept “an optimum tool for each application”. We have fully pursued high throughput such as 0.15ms/points high-speed measurement at a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of 20kHz, 10OdB wide dynamic-range measurement, and two-device simultaneous measurement with four-channel/eight-trace display. Also, we have added the program sweeping function that can freely change the resolution bandwidth (RBW) and output level during sweep operation for each segment. With the built-in BASIC controller, a high-speed ATE system can be easily configured with no external controller for processes from adjustment to inspection. <Features> (1) High throughput • (2) Wide dynamic range • (3) 100dB wide dynamic range. Program sweeping function. • (4) For the С type, four S parameters can be displayed simultaneously using a high-speed frequency sweep of 0.15 ms/point and the 4ch/8 trace. For each segment, allows setting of frequency, output level, RBW and settling time. MS-DOS formatted disk • • By using an MS-DOS personal computer, it is possible to easily create programs and analyze data because of the disk conformed to MS-DOS format standard. Three modes of storage capacity available (DD 720KB, HD 1,2MB, HD 1.4MB).

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User Manual
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Preface For the first use. Confirmation of the products and the attachments. Read before first use. Contents Table of Contents, Figures, Tables The configuration and the page of the description. Use to find necessary information easily. 1. GETTING STARTED From setting to setup, cautions, cleaning, transportation and storage. Read before first use. 2. Explanation of panel side and display screen Name of each device, function and operation. Description of display screen. 3. Basic operating guidelines Actual example of operation. How to look at the display screen. 4. Basic operation Description of the basic items. 5. Measurement method example Concrete examples and operational procedures. 6. Record and output Saving to floppy disk and replaying. 7· Chapters of practice. Description of the functions Detailed explanation of each block. 8. In abnormal Diagnostics and error message. 9. Operating principles Basic operation and flow chart. 10. Performance test 11. Specifications Technical information and general information. Appendix Usage of the R3765/ 67G series can be understood by reading it through. Refer if necessary. Relation of data between each function Initial setting. Soft key menu list. Other information. Others DIMENSIONAL OUTLINE DRAWING Use to find the outer dimensions. Index Main words and the description page. Use to find necessary information easily.

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