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AsusTEK Computer P2B-F Motherboard


The ASUS P2B-F is carefully designed for the demanding PC user who wants advanced features processed by the fastest CPU. Specifications: •••••••••••••Multi-Speed: Supports Intel Pentium® III (450MHz and faster), Pentium® II (233MHz to 450MHz), and CeleronTM (266MHz and faster) processors. Intel AGPset: Features Intel’s 440BX AGPset with I/O subsystems and front-side bus (FSB) platform, which boosts the traditional 66MHz external bus speed to 100MHz. Multi-Cache: Supports processors with 512, 128, or 0KB Pipelined Burst Level 2 cache. PC100 Memory Support: Equipped with four DIMM sockets to support Intel PC100-compliant SDRAMs (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, or 256MB) up to 1024MB. These new SDRAMs are necessary to meet the critical enhanced 100MHz bus speed requirement. Peripheral Wake Up: Supports Modem wake up, keyboard wake up, and LAN card wake up functions from sleep or soft-off mode. Thermal Sensor Connector with Optional Sensor: Accurately detects the CPU temperature with the ASUS Smart Fan or the Intel boxed processor heatsink with fan when connected to an ASUS P2T-Cable. PC Health Monitoring (optional): Provides an easier way to examine and manage system status information, such as CPU and system voltages, temperatures, and fan status through the onboard hardware ASIC and the bundled LDCM by Intel or PC Probe from ASUS. AGP Slot: Supports an Accelerated Graphics Port card for high performance, component level interconnect targeted at 3D graphical display applications using a 1X or 2X mode bus. SB-LinkTM: Features Creative’s SB-LinkTM, allowing SB16 compatibility, using Intel’s PC-PCI DMA and serialized IRQ protocols, to AWE64D or compatible PCI audio cards. SMBus: Features the System Management Bus interface, which is used to physically transport commands and information between SMBus devices. PCI & ISA Expansion Slots: Provides five 32-bit PCI and two 16-bit ISA slots. One ISA slot is shared with a PCI slot. Multi-I/O: Provides two high-speed UART compatible serial ports and one parallel port with EPP and ECP capabilities. UART2 can also be directed from COM2 to the Infrared Module for wireless connections. UltraDMA/33 Bus Master IDE: Comes with an onboard PCI Bus Master IDE controller with two connectors that support four IDE devices in two channels, supports UltraDMA/33, PIO Modes 3 and 4 and Bus Master IDE DMA Mode 2, and supports Enhanced IDE devices, such as Tape Backup and CD-ROM, and LS-120 drives.

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User Manual
Manual type:
User Manual
1.95 Mbytes (2046641 Bytes)
1.03 E369
01 April 1999
Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
22 October 2017


How this Manual is Organized This manual is divided into the following sections: I. Introduction Manual information and checklist II. Features Information and specifications concerning this product III. Hardware Setup Instructions on setting up the Motherboard and jumpers IV. BIOS Setup Instructions on setting up the BIOS software V. Software Setup Instructions on setting up the included support software VI. Software Reference Reference material for the included support software VII. Appendix Optional items and general reference

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